How to Connect Subwoofer to Amp Without Sub Out

  • on September 16, 2021
How to Connect Subwoofer to Amp Without Sub Out

Do you enjoy bass? If so, then how do you think your music would sound if the subwoofer were disconnected from the amplifier? It would be much less enjoyable. This question has been asked many times on how to connect subwoofer to amp without sub out. This article will show how you can do this.

A subwoofer mainly enhances your system’s audio quality. By anticipating and reproducing low-frequency sound, they help you enjoy fantastic home theater audio. Subwoofers can boost audio levels much better than most speakers.

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Subwoofers and amplifiers are usually easy to connect and require little expertise.

It’s just a matter of plugging the sub into the amplifier’s input. There are, however, amplifiers without dedicated subwoofer outputs. Is it possible to connect amps without sub out to subs? The answer is yes. The method you can use depends on the model and features of your subwoofer.

Let’s look at these solutions.

Method 1: Use a Y-splitter cable and preamp output.

  • Check Pre-out or preamp output

If you don’t see the sub out on your amplifier, check behind the amplifier to see if it has ‘pre-out,’ otherwise known as the preamp output.

  • Confirmation

Confirm whether the subwoofer’s ‘Line In’ can use RCA cables if the amplifier has this feature.

  • Connect RCA cables

Then connect the RCA cables between the amp and the subwoofer if the ports for ‘Line In’ and ‘Pre-out’ are functional.

Some amplifiers only offer line output, which may not be a handy feature. 

  • Connection

You can simply plug in the L and R ports of the RCA cable if it has a Y-cable, Y-splitter, or “Y” connector on either side of the channels.

Make sure the amp also has both rights and left RCA plugs. If it does, ensure you plug in both as well.

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  • In brief

In brief, you can connect your subwoofer to the amp using RCA connectors by following these steps:

  1. Connect a subwoofer cable or an RCA cable to the amplifier output.
  2. Choose either the Right or Left port of the subwoofer.
  3. Plugin both y-cables if you have a split y-cable for the right and left subwoofer ports. Make sure the male side comes out of the “pre-out.”
  4. The last step is to connect both female ends of the “Y” connector to “main-in.” Connect the subwoofer to the other side of the “Y.” Extensions for RCA cables are sometimes needed.

Method 2: Set the “Main + LFE” on your subwoofer

Setting your left and right main speakers to large is the most effective way of doing this. Make sure your amp is set to subwoofer mode. The ‘bass out’ feature of your AC amp helps you realize when and how to operate your subwoofer. You should then set the ‘mains + LFE’ to allow your subwoofer to play when the front speakers are too big.

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Additionally, some amplifiers have bass management facilities for two channels. The software lets you set independent crossover levels, slow ups and downs, and so forth. Moreover, you can decide whether the subwoofer needs to be activated for two-channel audio sources.


It is not easy to connect a subwoofer to an amp without sub out. However, if you follow this article carefully, it will be straightforward. All of my points were covered quickly, so you need to follow them step by step. 

I hope that you understand that not every amplifier is equipped with a subwoofer input. In that case, you wouldn’t need a sub input on your active subwoofer. It’s essential to connect the subwoofer to the amp without sub out. 

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I hope that this article gives you a better understanding of how to connect your subwoofer to your amp without a subwoofer output.


Question: With a speaker wire, can you connect the subwoofer?

Answer: Yes, the subwoofer is designed to use their custom wire. Additionally, you can use regular speaker wires with them. In spite of this, it will likely not be as effective as the first. 

Question: Can I connect a subwoofer to an AUX port?

Answer: Yes, it can be hooked up this way. In the case of non-powered speakers, they would be connected to the sub.

Question: Are subwoofers capable of working without an amplifier?

Answer: Yes, but it won’t provide the deeper sound and ranges you want. 

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