Top 5 Best Laptops For MBA Students to Buy

  • on October 28, 2021
Top 5 Best Laptops For MBA Students to Buy

The MBA degree is a prestigious and highly sought-after qualification. It opens the door to new opportunities in business, finance, management, marketing, and more. But what laptop should you buy for your MBA studies? Here I have discussed 5 best laptops for MBA students. The answer depends on the type of MBA program that you are enrolled in.

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There are two main types of MBA programs: full-time or part-time. For full-time MBAs, it’s important to get a powerful machine with enough battery life for all-day use, while part-timers need something slim and lightweight that will last 6 hours or more per charge (depending on how many classes they take). Regardless of which program you’re pursuing, there’s an excellent selection of laptops out there for every budget – so don’t.

Dell XPS 15(Best Laptops for MBA students:
Dell XPS 15(Best Laptops for MBA students in 2021):


The Dell XPS 15 is probably the only laptop in its class that can call itself a Mac Book killer. The product comes with specifications and features to make it stand out from others, not just for what’s on display but also because of how many different ways users have been able to customize their machines, thanks largely due to this powerful machine’s customizable design elements such as an expansive screen size range between 13-inch all way up through 17-inch displays depending upon user preference or need at any given time.

In addition, if you’re looking into buying yourself something nice, then don’t worry about spending too much either since under-$500 deals abound during Cyber Monday 2017 promotions happening now until tomorrow evening?

The processor is second to none with a 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750h that can provide you with impeccable performance. Its memory and storage space is 16GB, 256GB SSD – the perfect amount for all your files stored effortlessly! The graphics card comes at Vida George GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5 (which also makes this laptop an excellent choice for students or professionals alike).

From what we’ve seen, this is the perfect unit for any MBA student who’s looking to study and complete projects. The performance doesn’t slow down even when you open 40 tabs or more! You’ll be surprised that your browser can handle images like a pro with opulent quality: it has also been saying about Dell products being durable, but our review found many flaws such as storage space and battery duration could have been improved upon too much without detracting from its great design features which include robust chassis construction.


  • The product has a robust and durable built. 
  • Comes with a dedicated GPU. 
  • It has an OLED screen display providing you with rich visuals.
  • It comes with extreme performance. 
  • The keyboard response was sublime.


  • The storage was a dampener.

ASUS Zen Book 13:
ASUS Zen Book 13:


The Asus Zen Book 13 is a fantastic laptop for MBA students. It’s affordable, reliable, and lightweight – perfect if you’re always on the go! The ultra-book design comes with nana bezels that provide more space to view your content without any loss in the crispness of resolution thanks to its full HD screen, which belongs in this category of computers known as “ultrabooks.”

The ultra-slim performance of this laptop makes it perfect for the demands of an MBA student. It has a memory capacity of up to 16GB and comes with a 1060 discrete graphics card, which will allow you to game without lag.

The display offers bright colors that are vivid on-screen; plus, there is plenty more space left over after installing programs because its 512GB solid-state drive means no waiting around at boot time or reduced battery life (SSD). That said, if speed matters most, then check out our list today–we always carry something fast enough when needed most.

The battery life of the device is what makes it so great for students and working professionals. With an incredible 14 hours in a row, you can finally have peace when on the go! It also weighs only 2 pounds which makes this laptop perfect for traveling with ease.

Thanks to its elegant design combined with high-quality sound output from Harmon Chardon speakers, gamers will love using their rig during gaming sessions or anything else they might do where audio power matters most.

The Zen Book is a sleek, lightweight laptop that’s perfect for the price-sensitive MBA student. This computer will be able to keep up with any schoolwork thrown its way, thanks in large part because you can get it delivered on time if opting for next-day shipping.


The metallic case is sublime and ideal for the laptop. 
It offers IPS high-quality visuals.
The battery life is terrific in this category. 
It offers you a spectacular audio system. 
The product is affordable. 


  • It does not have a thunderbolt 3.

HP SPECTRE x360 Best laptops for MBA Students:
HP SPECTRE x360 Best laptops for MBA Students:


HP Specter x360 is the best laptop for MBA students. Over the years, HP hasn’t failed its fans! They have managed to bring out some outstanding devices, and this one deserves mention because it can be used as both tablet or conventional notebook which makes life easier while traveling back at school with just your carry-on bag in hand – you won’t need anything else other than what’s already on board if there are accidents happen along the way ๐Ÿ˜‰ The design has an aluminum case that ensures durability against falls.

The laptop is sleek and stylish. The Bang & Loosen speakers provide aural bliss, while the Intel Core i7 processor keeps your data safe with its fast speeds to boot! It comes in at 13 lbs., so don’t worry if you need something lightweight for school or work.

And since this PC packs such incredible power under an inch thin body (or less!), we’re not surprised that users report 4 hours of battery life when watching videos on Netflix before needing their charger again–you’ll be able to stay up late without fear of running out juice thanks to these impressive specifications from Acer.”

The laptop is top-notch and lightweight for students to carry around. It has an affordable price, but it could have been improved by not making it so close to your budget, which would make some think twice before buying this product or others with prices below $1000 might be able to attract more customers into their stores.

In addition, though, I can’t say anything bad about its sleek design because aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the MSI CX62 represents durability while remaining light enough that you’ll feel like walking home instead of taking public transportation after using one all day at school.”


  • The design is lightweight and straightforward to move with.  
  • It comes with staggering performance.  
  • It has a stunning visual capability. 
  • The unit has a laptop sleeve and an active pen.
  • It is reasonably priced for premium looks. 


  • The battery life could have been more. 

Acer Predator Helios 300(Best Laptops For MBA Students to buy from Amazon):
Acer Predator Helios 300(Best Laptops For MBA Students to buy from Amazon)::


If you are looking for a powerful gaming laptop and not too pricey, Acer has the perfect device in their Helios 300. It can effortlessly compete with most high-end devices on the market due to its amazing processor – an Intel Core i7 3770K Quad-Core processor.

The MBA is a powerful and versatile machine that will run seamlessly with the number of tabs you have open. With its whopping 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage space for all your files in there (and they’re super fast!), high-resolution 15.6″ monitor which has lush features like full HD 1920×1080 resolution – this thing can take care of any work or gaming session! Plus, it comes equipped with George GTX1660Ti graphics card efficiency at such amazing prices today.

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The i7 processor gives us mobile professionals plenty of control over what we do on our computers without sacrificing power; plus, don’t forget about NVidia George RTX 2080 Ti.

The laptop is a little heavy, but you can enjoy longer battery life and 4GB of memory with your purchase.

The product may seem like its drawbacks, such as mediocre performance during use or no 1080p resolution displays available for gaming purposes. However, if these flaws don’t bother you, then this new branded variant might be perfect.


  • The unit comes with a sturdy design. 
  • It offers you excellent performance.
  • The keyboard has a backlight feature. 
  • Its graphics card feature is sublime.
  • The product is priced affordably.  


  • Unlike most laptops in the segment, this is quite heavy. 

Mac Book Air(Best Laptops For MBA Students):
Mac Book Air(Best Laptops For MBA Students):


The 2020 Apple Mac Book Air is a stunning device with eloquent features. It’s powerful enough to handle anything thrown its way and the latest from the company that brought you over two million iPods in just four months! A business student or professional must consider owning one of these beautiful laptops available today thanks to their reliability, power capacity for whatever task at hand–and they’re backed by an extensive warranty service network nationwide should something go wrong along the way.

The updated model comes with a change in the design, display, battery life, and performance. The product has an Intel 8th Gen Core i5 processor for phenomenal power that will last you 12 hours or more on one charge! You also get 16GB of RAM & 1TB SSD storage, so your files are fast enough to work without constantly being interrupted by loading times like most people experience today when using their computers/ laptops.

It is due largely thanks to its combination, which features Windows 10 Pro ( offers several benefits over Home such as greater control panel options) coupled up against Linux; we’re not sure what exactly goes inside, but either way, this allows users complete customization Freedom – something few other operating systems can offer nowadays at least according.

The Mac Book Air is a beautiful, well-made device that offers the features of an expensive Apple product at almost no cost. The battery life can last up to 10 hours on one charge. Even novice users will enjoy its flashy design with Retina Display quality images for professionals who need both pretty AND powerful devices.


  • The laptop has a robust build and elegant appearance. 
  • It comes with a peerless Intel Core i5 processor.
  • The product has stunning image production. 
  • It has exceptional connectivity features. 
  • The battery duration of 12 hours is second to none. 


  • It is quite expensive though half the rate of the Mac Book Pro

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