Does Mobile Data Drain Battery More Than WiFi?

  • on December 6, 2022
Does Mobile Data Drain Battery More Than WiFi?

It is a one-liner answer. But I can always share more than asked; I mean, why not? So as for the one-liner answer, yes, mobile data does drain the battery more than wifi. What’s recommended is to switch to wifi instead of your mobile network whenever you can. That is all for the answer, but why not take this chance to talk about what drains the battery even more than both mobile data and wifi? So this drains more of iPhone battery life than anything else. What is it?  Geofencing.

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What is geofencing?

It means that your iPhone keeps track of where you are. Whether you’re entering a place or leaving a place so that it can do something. So a lot of apps use this, for instance, you know, the alarm app sometimes. The Apple apps that use it are okay, but other apps that say, Okay, I want an alert whenever I go to this place; your iPhone always has to be tracking where you are to do that. And at the Apple Store, this was the number one reason why people couldn’t get through a full day of iPhone battery life. 

It is the only exception people would say, like, what am I supposed to do?

I would say just don’t use it like turn off Location Services for that app. Find some other way. Let’s go back to one page, tap the upper left-hand corner of the screen and let’s just pretend for example that the Ballpark app had a hollow purple arrow.

What do we do here?

I would just say only “While using the app” is when you would want to have that work, not all the time. Right. Nothing should be on always. Pretty, I mean, yeah, but the Ballpark app… Nah. Nah! Who needs it? Who needs it? You don’t if you go to a ballpark. We found that out. Now, not everyone’s iPhone is the same, and you might not be impacted by geofencing if your apps are set up well. Right. I’m going back to the main page of Settings. Then, tap on the battery.

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Look out for anything abnormal.

One thing I used to notice is that the covid exposure notifications were using a ton; a ton of battery life to the point where after I got both my shots, I was like, okay enough of that. That’s enough of the notifications also. But yeah, we’re still vaccinated though! Look out for anything abnormal. Look out for geofencing. I guess I have said more than what was needed in this article. I will stop here.

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