How to Get Moisture Out of Tv Screen?

  • on April 13, 2023
How to Get Moisture Out of Tv Screen?

How to get moisture out of tv screen? Electronics and water don’t mix, as we all know. When televisions are exposed to water, repairs can be very costly. While most LCD panels will need to be completely replaced, other parts, such as the circuit board or wires, might still be usable if the damage is discovered in time. There are a few options for saving a damp television. This essay will discuss the potential costs of the damage, what you can do on your own, and how to dry out a TV screen.

Can Water Damage to a TV Be Repaired?

After coming into touch with water, a TV can be fixed in part, but not entirely. For instance, water damage to most LCD and LED television displays quickly results in destruction. Drying the water trapped between the copper-comb teeth or the layers of a liquid crystal display can be quite challenging. The circuit board can corrode and rust very quickly in water using the TV’s energy.

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Circuit boards, however, can be fixed if discovered fast enough, and wires are simple to swap out. When fixing a TV that has come into touch with water, time is the most crucial component. It is probably not recoverable if the parts were submerged while the TV was on or plugged in.

What will the price be?

The degree of the damage, the brand and type of your TV, and the location where you have it repaired will all affect the price. The average cost of a TV repair in the country is $200. However, the range is between $100 to $300.  The cost of water damage might range from $150 to $400.

Parts and labor are included in this price. The repairer may need to disassemble everything, dry it off, and then reassemble everything depending on the severity of the damage. They might need to order new parts if something cannot be salvaged.  If the TV is quite old and has moisture inside, you should buy a new one to save money and time.

What Should You Do if Your TV Rains?

How to get moisture out of tv screen? If your TV is plugged into a power source, unplug it and turn it off immediately. Your TV requires power even when it is completely off, which is why unplugging it is crucial since water damages the electrical components of your TV when electricity is present. It is additionally lowering the risk of shocks or electrocution by unplugging it. 

Next, it would help if you detached the LCD TV’s case to reach the circuit boards. Depending on the brand and type of your TV, a Phillips head or a flat-head screwdriver may be required. Put the circuit board into silica gel packets or rice, then carefully detach it from the rest of the TV (believe me, it works; I did the same thing with a phone that got wet in the pool). Pour out any remaining water in the TV casing while still sitting.

Before putting everything back together, you should make sure it is thoroughly dry.n The ideal time to wait before removing the circuit board from the desiccant is 48 hours, but an overnight delay can be sufficient.  Use isopropyl alcohol to dampen a toothbrush before scrubbing the circuit board. The objective is to eliminate rust or corrosion without harming the board.

How Can Moisture Be Removed from a TV Screen?

The first technique I suggest is the time-tested one we’ve all heard of: put it in rice (we discussed that in the section before). This strategy could be more practical with bigger flat-screen TVs, but it can be used with smaller monitors.

You’ll require a storage container with enough rice to submerge the screen completely. If rice is not an option, don’t worry. If the water damage behind the screen is not too severe and you don’t want to disassemble it, you can put it in a warm, dry location with a dehumidifier.

The machine will suck the water from the screen and collect it over two or three days.  Placing a box fan below the screen and letting it run for many hours while maintaining a warm environment is another technique for repairing minor moisture damage. Since TV screens are porous, water may occasionally evaporate off, posing less of a problem. 


How to get moisture out of tv screen? When your TV is submerged in water, and you are confused about what to do, it aggravates. To avoid a water and electrical reaction, turn it off and disconnect it. Once the circuit board has been carefully removed, examine it for interior water damage. You can place a fan on your screen and wait a few days if water is caught between the layers.

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