Are Membrane Keyboards Linear or Tactile?

  • on November 17, 2022
Are Membrane Keyboards Linear or Tactile?

Hey guys so in this article, I am gonna be talking about whether or not a membrane keyboard is linear or tactile. So let’s get right into it.

Membrane Keyboard

So first off, what is a membrane keyboard? A membrane keyboard is a keyboard that does not have a lot of moving parts. When you think of a mechanical keyboard, you think of all the little keys having their switches and all the individual parts of the keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to mechanical keyboards all the keys are part of a long strand of pressure pads. So each key that you are pressing, is just you pressing down on those pressure pads. Comparison with the phone keyboard.

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The phone keyboard can be compared to this because it similarly works a lot so even though it is technically not a membrane keyboard, you are not pressing down any physical keys but rather a sensor behind the screen. In the case of a membrane keyboard, the pressure pad under the keys can be compared to a sensor of some sort.

Linear Keyboard

So what is a linear keyboard? A linear keyboard is a keyword that has consistent keys so no matter how hard or how light you push down on them, you will never meet more resistance on your keys. So to be technical with it, it means that the amount of force required to push the key down increases linearly hence the linear keyboard.

What makes a keyboard tactile?

If you have a keyboard that won’t register your key pressed until say halfway down, it is most likely a tactile keyboard. What makes a keyboard tactile is a little speed bump commonly that is a little resistance commonly referred to on the way down when you’re pressing your key.

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Laptop Keyboard

If you have a laptop keyboard chances are it is a membrane one to save room in your laptop but some keys will be made to feel more tactile. commonly the spacebar is a lot more you can hear; it is a lot louder you can feel when is being pressed down because it gives your brain that little hint that you are moving on to the next word in your sentence.


Many people prefer tactile for typing because they like to feel when the key is being pressed it gives them some sort of feedback when you are typing 80 plus words a minute and a third of them are wrong it is there is

no point. So tactile keyboards come in there because a common problem with typing on linear keyboards is that your hands are moving so fast that you accidentally press the right letters but in the wrong order. However, if you wanted a truly tactical keyboard tactile keyboard, then you probably want a mechanical keyboard.

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