Benq TH671ST VS Optoma GT1080HDR

  • on February 23, 2022
Benq TH671ST VS Optoma GT1080HDR

Investing in a projector is a terrific choice for those who enjoy playing video games and want to take their experience to the next level. In this post, we’ll look at the Optoma GT1080HDR vs BenQ THG71ST and see how they compare. Both projectors have established themselves as solid gaming projectors in the gaming community.

BenQ TH671ST (Benq TH671ST VS Optoma GT1080HDR):
BenQ TH671ST:


It is an enticing and gorgeous design that you may fall in love with at first glance. It has a slightly retro feel, but it is still sophisticated enough for a modern gaming projector.

A red circle in the lens’s outer layer adds attractiveness and youthfulness.

BenQ TH671ST Specifications:

BenQ TH671ST specifications ultimately provide the most acceptable value for money with this projector. To mention a few, it incorporates cutting-edge Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, which results in crisper and sharper photos.

With its 3200 ANSI Lumens, you may experience 1080p Full HD images while gaming.

The LumiExpert technology is another noteworthy feature of this BenQ THG71ST lamp. It can automatically adjust the luminance to a more comfortable level regardless of the lighting circumstances.

BenQ purposefully developed the BenQ Short-Throw projector 4k function similar to the competitor. You can experience a 100-inch display from a distance of only 1.5 meters. Additionally, a vertical keystone correction option allows you to project your video game more accurately onto the screen.

Oh, and do not be concerned about the audio quality. BenQ incorporates a 5-watt stereo speaker to ensure an immersive gaming experience with crisp, clear sound.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, BenQ states that this gaming projector has an input lag of 16.67 milliseconds. 


  1. A pleasurable gaming experience
  2. Supports the majority of media players
  3. Replay your favorite games on a life-sized monitor
  4. Simple installation


  1. A little bit longer in terms of projection distance
  2. The issue of heat

Optoma GT1080 HDR :
Optoma GT1080 HDR :


Reduce your expectations for Optoma’s design. The Optoma projector appears to be a very standard model on the market. It is uncomplicated and comes in a minimalist white hue that is timeless and ultra-chic.

As is customary, the navigation buttons are in the upper section. This banal design immediately acclimates you to it.

Optoma GT1080HDR Specifications:

It promises to feature an 8.4 millisecond response time and a 120Hz refresh rate as a gaming projector. In this manner, you can improve your game without incurring any delays.

Interestingly, the Optoma GT1080HDR specifications include Digital Light Processing (DLP) support. As a result, you’ll notice that this projector has a superb pixel structure. There is no issue with color degradation.

Additionally, it supports HDR-10, which enhances the vibrancy of the colors. Consider the dark hue becoming more profound while the brilliant color was becoming more cheerful. Expect to see images devoid of fuzziness and have incredibly realistic shades.

As a gamer, you should prioritize the short-throw feature. The Optoma GT1080HDR’s throw distance enables you to project 120-inch images from a distance of four feet. It’s advantageous to play in a small room or confined place.

Another critical characteristic of this device is the 3800 Lumens of illumination. This adaptability enables the projector to use for day and night activities.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can never be sure of its compatibility. It is compatible with all gaming consoles, personal computers, and other media players.


  1. Simple configuration and installation
  2. Versatile in a wide variety of settings
  3. Minimal upkeep


  1. An excessively loud fan
  2. Perhaps an external speaker is required.
  3. Possessing the rainbow effect
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