Best Home Projector Under $400

  • on April 11, 2022
XNoogo Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector Best Home Projector Under $400 in 2022

Home theaters are the epitome of comfort and luxury. The smell of buttered popcorn fills the air; the soft, smooth feel of velvet curtains caresses your skin; and the sounds of a blockbuster film echo through the room. But not everyone can afford a home theater. If you’re on a budget, there’s still a way to enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home: home projectors.

The best home projectors aren’t just for the cinema. They let you watch movies and TV shows in the comfort of your own home, in almost any room. Projectors can be expensive, but you can find best home projector under $400. They’re easy to set up and offer a lot of bang for your buck.

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1. Anker Nebula Apollo, Wi-Fi Mini Projector Best Home Projector Under $400:
Anker Nebula Apollo, Wi-Fi Mini Projector Best Home Projector Under $400

It is a fantastic all-around projector model at a reasonable price. This Anker provides excellent image quality, but it is also incredibly portable, allowing customers to satisfy their needs in various settings.

You will notice that the manufacturer has raised the image quality to a new level when you use it, thanks to the high MTF lens and full HD resolution.

If you watch HD movies, you will be pleased with the performance of this projector. The 2000:1 contrast ratio is paired with Apollo’s 200 ANSI lumen DLP lamp life, which offers clear, bright images on screens up to 100 inches in size.

The features listed above are far too conspicuous for any little portable projector. While it performs well in daylight, Apollo’s 200 ANSI lumen DLP lamp life is best suited for dim lighting.

In addition to greater portability, the business built the device to be compact overall and weigh only roughly 0.75 kg, making it easy to transport. It also contains a 9750mAH battery that allows you to watch movies or do similar things for approximately 4 hours.


  • Compact design
  • High mobility
  • Support multiple ports
  • Good picture quality
  • Very good in dim light


  • Battery life is not so impressive

2. NEBULA Anker Capsule Best Home Projector Under $400:
 NEBULA Anker Capsule Best Home Projector Under $400 in 2022

The Anker brand’s Nebula version has a tiny form, making it a functional home solution for less than 400 dollars.

The image quality and outstanding contrast of this model stand out. The company used DLP’s robust IntelliBright algorithm.

As a result, the product produces a picture with a brightness of 100 ANSI lumens. However, we recommend utilizing the projector in low-light conditions for improved picture quality.

Yaber comes with excellent omnidirectional speakers in this edition. It rotates 360 degrees, so it emits sound in all directions.

Simultaneously, the screen size can reach up to 100 inches, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movie or entertainment freely. It is more convenient to utilize in every housing area due to its compact form.

This small projector performs as expected. It flawlessly runs streaming and multimedia programs, so you have nothing to complain about.

Furthermore, the ability to fluidly show content contributes to a complete entertainment experience.


  • Using advanced IntelliBright algorithm
  • Omnidirectional speaker
  • large screen size
  • Convenient design
  • Seamless display technology of content


  • Not support Chromecast

3. DBPOWER Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector:
DBPOWER Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector

The DBPOWER model is the next item on our shopping list. Consider including a flexible projector under 400 in your pick because it is a cost-effective projector that also employs the most up-to-date LCD technology in your search for a projector.

To create its product model, the company has included contemporary LCD screen technology with 8500 lumens brightness and a 10000:1 contrast ratio.

It results in 60 percent brighter and crisper images than those produced by comparable projectors in the same price range as this model.

A USB presentation option is also included with DBPOWER. It is the first LCD projector with a USB connection that can instantly play Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files on the market. While most projectors support text, DBPOWER goes further by supporting images.

Furthermore, because the machine uses the most up-to-date sarcoma technology, its power consumption is minimal, allowing you to save a large amount of money.


  • Full HD images
  • Vibrant picture colors
  • Convenient wireless connection
  • Keystone editing support 4D


  • Fast hot

4. ONOAYO 5G Wi-Fi Projector Best Home Projector Under $400:
ONOAYO 5G Wi-Fi Projector Best Home Projector Under $400

If you’re looking to purchase a home projector for less than $400, the Onoayo is an excellent option. Even though this version of 5g Wi-Fi is a low-cost home projector, it can completely meet the needs of a high-end home projector thanks to the newest Bluetooth 2-way technology and seamless 5g Wi-Fi connectivity.

The first thing to point out is the advanced two-way Bluetooth connection technology that has been used. It enables users to connect to other devices and simultaneously utilize it as a speaker.

In addition, the brand has included dual 10w Hi-Fi stereo speakers that produce exceptional music quality, according to the company.

This machine can open the large projection screen up to 300 inches, allowing for an excellent movie viewing experience.

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Despite this, the Onoayo projector has a remarkable contrast ratio of 12000:1 and a brightness of 9500 lumens. These properties assure color fidelity and the capacity to reproduce every detail in the image displayed on the screen.

It’s a tremendous pleasure to see outstanding picture quality on a large screen, but it’s not enough. As a result, the manufacturer has included a proper 4-point keystone correction function. You can readily customize vertical and horizontal angles with simple taps on your device’s screen.

In addition, Onoayo has equipped the machine’s sealed mechanical motor with anti-streak technology to reduce the appearance of black streaks on the screen. It completely encloses the lens and prevents dust from entering. As a result, users can enjoy a superb movie-watching experience while immersing themselves in sports contests or playing games.


  • Intrusion prevention optical engine
  • 5g Wi-Fi connection
  • Good sound quality
  • The convenient keystone correction function


  • Easy to heat

5. XNoogo Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector Best Home Projector Under $400:
XNoogo Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector Best Home Projector Under $400 in 2022

On our list of the best projectors under $400, the XNoogo is one of the top choices. Thanks to its LED technology, it has a brightness of 7500L and a high contrast ratio of 10000:1. It means that the images produced by the device will provide an excellent viewing experience.

The convenience of using XNoogo is the most prominent advantage. Because of its wireless nature, the device is highly portable and lightweight. Furthermore, the Bluetooth connection between the projector and your smartphone is simple, allowing you to play videos and photographs on the big screen effortlessly. Moreover, you will not have to deal with any adapters or cords.

Standard 4K video capability has been added to the XNoogo platform to increase the overall quality of the user experience. At the same time, the machine’s connection ports, which include AV, VGA, HDMI, SD CARD, USB, and Audio out, ensure that it is highly compatible with a wide range of devices.


  • Highly portable
  • Good picture quality
  • Suitable for outdoor
  • Durable


  • Quite noisy
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