What Not To Do After RF Treatment?

  • on December 21, 2022
What Not To Do After RF Treatment?

I’m first going to be writing about what not to do after getting RF treatment and things you should avoid, especially within one week after the micro-needling treatment.

Sweating activities and Sunlight exposure

Well, you first have to avoid any excessive sweating activities, including sauna, intensive exercise, definitely no, and you should avoid any direct sunlight.

No alcohol or smoking

No alcohol or smoking for at least 1 week after the microneedling procedure.

Use of Makeup

It is best to avoid any skin makeup for at least 2 to 3 days after the microneedling. After microneedling treatment, your skin is still wounded and still healing, so it is best to avoid any chemicals or artificial colors getting into your skin. It will be a little bit hard, but best to avoid skin makeup for 2 to 3 days.

Skincare ingredients

And there are certain skincare ingredients you should avoid for a week after doing the micro-needling, which includes certain active ingredients like retinol, and vitamin C because your skin is already irritated from the treatment. So it is best not to use any active ingredients that could increase the irritation.


And secondly, avoid any exfoliators for the same reason. You don’t want to cause any additional irritation after the microneedling treatment.

Strong sunlight

And the last tip, I think I mentioned it above, but I am gonna write it again because it is very important. You should avoid any direct sunlight, especially strong sunlight. Try to wear a hat, or sunglasses, wear a mask, and apply stronger SPF, probably every 2 to 3 hours because sunlight is bad, especially when your skin is still healing from all the wounds from microneedling.

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What to do?

And let’s talk about what to do after the microneedling treatment. You spent a lot of money and time on the procedure, and you want to heal faster and maintain the effects as long as possible.

Aloe vera extract

So the first recommended ingredient is aloe vera extract. After you go outside and have a sunburn or something, you always put aloe vera on your face and it’s supposed to soothe and heal the skin. So there is skincare, like sheet masks, or some gels that are formulated with aloe vera. And they are supposed to soothe and calm all the irritation caused by the treatment, so that is the first recommended ingredient.

Sheet masks

In terms of product, the sheet masks are formulated mainly with aloe vera extract. The Your fit Custom Ampoule & Sheet Mask Kit includes those sheet masks formulated with high-quality aloe vera extract. They are supposed to heal your skin and calm down all the irritation and make your skin heal faster.

Collagen stimulating peptides

The second ingredient you can use after microneedling is collagen-stimulating peptides. Remember how I said that your skin is still healing from the wounds? So the microneedle creates certain wounds in your skin, which means whatever skincare ingredients you put on while your skin is healing, it is gonna absorb faster and get deeper into your skin.

So you will want to use the time and leverage that time to put all the good skincare ingredients into your skin, and collagen-stimulating peptides not only help to heal your skin faster but also create extra collagen boost and anti-aging effects, and general skin rejuvenation.

Other products for the peptides

And some of the good products to use for the peptides will also be Your fit Ampoule, especially the Relieve N Power (green bottle) and Revitalizing (orange bottle) ampoules. It contains various types of good collagen-stimulating peptides, as well as OxygenCeuticals’ Couperose Fluid and Couperose Cream. It includes not only the peptides but also the aloe vera extract that I just talked about.

Hyaluronic acid

And the last skincare ingredient after microneedling is hyaluronic acid. Remember your skin is still healing from the wounds and it’s supposed to absorb all the ingredients faster and deeper. Hyaluronic acid will not only hydrate your skin but also helps you achieve very glowy, dewy, aqua shiny skin.

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Important recommendation

Now, what’s important is, if you apply pure hyaluronic acid, it might be too aggressive for irritated skin after treatment, so I’d rather recommend some products that contain hyaluronic acid. For example, OxygenCeuticals’ Moisture Aqua Serum contains high levels of hyaluronic acid, and it is a lightweight serum that is very gentle and mild on your skin. So it will be very nice to use that after the microneedling treatment.

To summarize, some of the good ingredients after microneedling include aloe vera extract for soothing and healing, collagen-stimulating peptides, as well as hyaluronic acid. Hopefully, this article helped you become familiar with not just what not to do after the RF treatment but what to do as well.

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