Best Mic Preamp Under $1000 in 2023

  • on September 18, 2022
Best Mic Preamp Under $1000

If you’re on the lookout for the best mic preamp under $1000, this guide will help you find exactly what you need at the right price point. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into recording, it’s important to choose your gear wisely, as it can make or break your final product. This comprehensive guide details what you should look for in an ideal mic preamp, as well as reviews of the top 10 mic preamps under $1000 currently on the market, so you can be sure to get your money’s worth!

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I’m so glad you asked this question! Yes, there are a lot of Best Mic Preamp Under $1000 out there to choose from for different needs and budgets. So, we’re going to break it down by the most important factors (i.e., channel count, audio input types) and recommend the best mic preamp under 1000$. In conclusion, remember that the only way to know which preamp is right for you is through extensive research on your own.

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PreSonus Faderport 8

PreSonus Faderport 8

The interface is intuitive and easy to use, which means that it’s one of the best-value options out there! You get two mono input channels and four stereo input channels, so this may be too limited if you have a large studio space or are recording drums in stereo. You can switch between five different input configurations with presets to suit any needs and make setting up new projects easier than ever.

Universal Audio Solo 610

Universal Audio Solo 610

For starters, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions: what will you be using the preamp for? What type of mic and/or instrument will you be recording? Are you OK with audio compression or do you need a lower noise floor?

Universal Audio Solo 610

Do you have a budget range in mind? From there, your search should be relatively straightforward. My first recommendation is the Universal Audio Solo 610. It’s an 11-channel mic preamp that comes with four input channels, which can be switched between microphone and line level inputs.

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The built-in console offers selectable phantom power (25 dB), high-pass filter (-12 dB/octave at 80 Hz), 20dB pad, phase reverse switch (-180°/+90°), 10dB input pad, plus analog VU meters on each channel.

Behringer XENYX Q802USB

Behringer XENYX Q802USB

At a price of under $100, the Behringer XENYX Q802USB is an affordable option that is well-equipped to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professionals. It has 8 inputs (7 XLR and 1/4), along with 2 stereo RCA inputs, which makes it perfect for home or project studios.

Behringer XENYX Q802USB

The Xenyx also features MIDI connectivity, 3-band EQs on every channel, phantom power, low cut filters, 20 dB pads on channels 7 and 8, 100Hz high pass filter on channels 7 and 8. The best thing about this preamp is that all these features are packed into a small package weighing less than 12 pounds!

RØDE SmartMix

The RØDE SmartMix is the perfect mic pre for anyone looking to get started with digital mixing. It offers exceptional sound quality and very high headroom, which translates to a more dynamic range.

This means that recordings have better sound quality. The mic pre’s EQ is simple yet functional, and you can be sure that your microphones will be getting the attention they deserve with this great preamplifier.

All in all, the RØDE SmartMix makes a fantastic buy for any home studio! It’s small enough to fit on just about any desk, offers excellent audio quality, and has plenty of features for even professional needs. Plus it has a very low price point! If you want an inexpensive way to upgrade your studio or start one from scratch, the RØDE SmartMix is an awesome choice.

Focusrite ISA One

Focusrite ISA One

The Focusrite ISA One is a favorite among audio engineers because it’s versatile, compact, and easy to use. This preamp has switchable phantom power and hi-Z instrument inputs.

Focusrite ISA One

It also has switchable input gains of 1dB, 10dB, or 40dB so you can cater to a variety of different audio sources. We have this on our list because it provides so many functions at an affordable price.

Apogee Duet

Apogee Duet

The Apogee Duet is a great option if you’re looking for a mic pre-amp that’s affordable and of great quality. This budget-friendly pre-amp offers two microphone inputs with phantom power, instrument input, line input, recording output, and headphone jack.

Apogee Duet

The 3-position low-cut filter on the microphone inputs helps ensure your vocal recordings sound clean without any extraneous noise.

Universal Audio LA610 MkII

Universal Audio LA610 MkII

If you’re looking for a great mic pre, I have good news for you. There are many good options available for under 1000 dollars, not to mention if you can stretch your budget to the 1500 dollar mark. Universal Audio LA610 MkII

For those working on a tight budget, the Universal Audio LA610 MkII is an excellent option. The input impedance is set at 100kΩ and will easily handle low-impedance sources. On the output side of things, there’s a switchable pad (-10dB) which allows you to use this as a DI box or attenuate it for recording loud guitars or drums without distortion. You also get up to +20dB of clean gain available so that you can track quieter sources or crank it up when needed.


Microphone preamps and compressors are two of the most important pieces of equipment for a studio engineer. Without them, it would be impossible to produce a dynamic and accurate mix.

This is why this guide will focus on the best mic preamps under $1000 on the market. The prices vary drastically, so we’ve broken them down into tiers to make things more manageable, the lower tier starts at just over $200 while the higher tier goes up past $3000. Hopefully, you can find something in your price range!

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