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  • on February 25, 2022
Outdoor Projector 1080P Native, XOPPOX Video Projector Full HD:

Projectors have long been the butt of jokes. They’re big and bulky, difficult to move, and require much electricity. But projectors have transformed in the last few years. The best native 1080p projectors are a fraction of the size of older projectors and are about as easy to move as a laptop.

You’ve probably heard that 4K is the future of home theatre. But unless you have a huge budget, that future is probably still a few years away. Instead, the best home theatre projectors today are some of the best native 1080p projectors on the market. 

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The most excellent projectors provide the highest quality picture. A native 1080p projector can produce a full HD image and is the best option if you have a movie theatre-style experience in mind. The best native 1080p projectors can produce even better image quality – and some can even be used for virtual reality. They are an excellent investment if you want to make the most of your movies, games, and TV shows.

Here is the detail of the best Native 1080p Projectors. Let us take a look;

1. DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector (Best Native 1080p Projector):
DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector:

DBPOWER is a new name when talking about projectors. However, they have been around for years and have proven to be a solid brand. They are known for having excellent image quality, brightness, and audio quality. They have recently entered the Native 1080P WiFi projector market, which is their latest model.

It is our DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector. It has a native resolution of 1080P, which is higher than most projectors. It can also connect to your phone or laptop via WiFi which allows you to use it for presentations or videos. We’re going to show you how to connect it to your phone, and we have some sample videos that you can watch to demonstrate its quality.

DBPOWER is a small team of product designers, engineers, and geeks who dream of making the world’s most advanced and most innovative portable projector. Our goal is to create a breakthrough product that is simple to use yet has endless possibilities for your daily life.

The Native is the first product we’ve ever developed, and it’s the result of our combined talents, experiences, and knowledge. We’re thrilled to share it with the world finally, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!


  1. Projection Technology: LCD, 
  2. Native Resolution: 1080P,
  3. Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9,
  4. Projection Distance: 1.5-3m, 
  5. Projection Image Size: 50-100in, 
  6. Projection Lens: Focal Length 3.7-23.4in, 
  7. Projection Distance: 1m-4.5m, 
  8. Projection Image Size: 60-100in, 
  9. Focal Length: 3.7-23.4in, 


  • Native 1080P, 
  • 3D and HDMI connectivity Native WiFi connectivity for easy projection from mobile devices, 
  • Laptops and gaming systems are Affordable and easy to use. 


  • The projection size is a bit small.

2. Outdoor Projector 1080P Native, XOPPOX Video Projector Full HD:
Outdoor Projector 1080P Native, XOPPOX Video Projector Full HD:

XOPPOX is a premium video projector brand built on the belief that great technology doesn’t have to be complicated. XOPPOX Video Projectors bring the highest quality, most precise image and best performance to your home or business space. From small spaces to large, XOPPOX has the right projector for you. But that’s not all.

The XOPPOX is a 1080p outdoor projector with the latest video projection technology to deliver sharp, high-quality images. But it doesn’t stop there! The XOPPOX also comes with a built-in speaker system, so you can watch movies in the park, on your patio, or wherever you want. The XOPPOX is great for events like weddings, parties, and conferences.

Projection screens are one of the best ways to enhance your movie nights, presentations and fun outings. The image projected by our screens is crisp and clear and is great for watching your favourite content on the go.

Our screens are great for tailgating, camping, and more, and they’re entirely portable so that you can bring the fun with you. Our screens are also an excellent option for home and office use, particularly in commercial and industrial spaces where an image projection screen can make a difference.

Main Features:

  1. Projector screen size: 10-30 Inch 
  2. (Projection Distance: 5-75 Inch) 
  3. 1080P Native Resolution (2K-4K) XOPPOX Video Projector Full HD The Only is the latest video projector from XOPPOX, the world’s premier projector brand, and comes with a host of impressive features that allow the user to project images on a large scale. 
  4. The Only is built with the latest technology and comes with a host of impressive features that allow the user to project images on a large scale. 
  5. The Only is your ultimate video projector for home and office use. The Only is the latest video projector from XOPPOX, which brings you.


  • Capable of projecting videos and images in sharp, crisp and high-quality. 
  • It is also compatible with the XOPPOX Media Player, the official multimedia player for XO, allowing you to watch videos and listen to music on your XO Projector. 
  • It is perfect for use in your home or office.


  • The most obvious disadvantage of using an outdoor projector has to place it outside.

3. Native 1080P Projector, Crenova 6800 Lux Home Movie Projector (Best Native 1080p Projector:
Native 1080P Projector, Crenova 6800 Lux Home Movie Projector:

Crenova is synonymous with movie theatre-quality projection at a fraction of the cost. The Crenova 6800 Lux Home Movie Projector is no exception to the rule. Whether you want to watch the latest blockbuster on the most giant screen in the house or enjoy a quiet night in with a Netflix Original, the 6800 Lux is the perfect companion.

The best home movie projectors can help you turn your living room into a theatre on the cheap. And while they won’t offer the same picture quality as their theatre counterparts, they’ll still provide a better viewing experience than the typical TV or smartphone screen.

The Crenova 6800 Lux is a native 1080P projector that can project almost anything: movies, video games, PowerPoint presentations, and more. It’s great for watching movies indoors, but it can also use it to watch movies on the go. You can set up the projector in your backyard and watch the latest blockbuster on a 100-inch screen. ~~~

Main Features:

  1. The Crenova 6800 Lux is a high-quality, 1080p projector that delivers clear images from anywhere in your home.
  2. This incredibly lightweight and portable projector can easily use for various purposes, from watching movies at home to projecting business presentations in the conference room. 
  3. The Crenova 6800 Lux is equipped with a native resolution of 1080p and a brightness of 6800 lumens, allowing it to project clear images even in the darkest of rooms. 
  4. This projector is powered by a long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows for up to 1.5 hours of playback time on a single charge, making it ideal for use at home.


  • It is also one of the brightest projectors on the market today, with a brightness of 6,800 lumens.
  • One of the quietest projectors on the market today, with a noise level of just 28 decibels.
  • It delivers a cinema-quality picture, 
  • Fully-portable device, 


  • Short battery life,

4. TENKER Native 1080P Projector:
TENKER Native 1080P Projector:

TENKER is a Native 1080P projector designed to deliver bright and crisp images with true-to-life colours. The native resolution gives you the highest quality images possible without other projectors’ grainy photos.

TENKER is also the most compact projector of its kind, measuring just 7.9 inches in length and only 1.7 inches in diameter, which makes it incredibly easy to install. No matter where you need to place your projector, TENKER has got you covered.

TENKER is the world’s smallest and lightest 1080p portable projector. But don’t let its size fool you because it packs some awe-inspiring features. It quickly slipped into a backpack or luggage at only 2.6 pounds and just over 12.5 inches tall. It’s also straightforward to use and can project crisp, clear images up to 150 feet away.

TENKER is a native 1080P projector that delivers breathtaking visual quality so that you can share your world in crisp detail. The compact design is easy to take with you to share your thoughts and ideas anywhere.

TENKER is the first native 1080P projector, so you’ll get the best image quality and picture performance available. The built-in speaker lets you experience your movies and games the way the director intended, without the need for external speakers.

Main Features:

  1. The Tenker 1080P LED Projector is an excellent option for people who want a high-quality projector without having to break the bank.
  2. In addition to its superb image quality, the Tenker Native 1080P Projector offers a wide variety of other features that make it a great value. 
  3. For example, it includes an HDMI port, so you can connect it to your laptop or Blu-ray player and use it for entertainment purposes. 
  4. Also be used for business purposes, such as giving presentations or showing PowerPoint slides to your clients.


  • Designed for ease of use and versatility,
  • Perfect choice for a variety of services, 
  • The picture you see will be crisp and clear,
  • The contrast ratio of the TENKER Native 1080P Projector is 35,000,000:1.


  • It weighs around 14 pounds
  • Fan noise coming from the projector is a bit loud.

5. ETOE Native 1080P Full HD Mini Projector (Best Native 1080p Projector):
ETOE Native 1080P Full HD Mini Projector:

The lightweight of the ETOE Mini projector makes it easy to carry and move around. A single ETOE Mini offers much better picture quality than most projectors available on the market. With a resolution of 1080p, ETOE Mini produces perfect colour and contrast with a maximum brightness level of 300 Lumens, allowing you to enjoy a crisp, clear picture at an affordable price.

It’s time to turn on the projector. We’ve had this mini projector for almost two years now. It doesn’t have an HDMI output, but it works with HDMI input devices. The input is on the back to use any HDMI-CEC receiver.

Main Features:

  1. Durable and compact design.
  2. This mini projector can withstand the outdoor environment and provide you with clear images for hours without any hassle. 
  3. It is also portable and lightweight, making it easy to bring with you wherever you want to. – Native 1080P Full HD – The native resolution is 1080P, providing you with clear images without any pixelation. – 2.2-inch Touchscreen – The 2.2-inch touchscreen LCD allows you to use your phone or tablet as a remote control for the projector.


  • It is about the size of a DVD player. 
  • Weighing around 14 pounds,
  • It’s compact, 
  • Easy to use.


  • The screen is a bit dark. 

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