Best projector for home theater under 500 – 2023 Reviewed

  • on March 8, 2021
Best projector for home theater under 500 - 2021 Reviewed

Watching your favorite movie and playing video games with a theatrical and first-class experience is what everyone wishes for. In today’s modern life, home theatre is a way of entertainment, and projectors are there to enhance your experience. Projectors offer a bigger image than a TV at cheap rates. Home theatre projectors offer a unique experience of projected videos. Unlike the TV that flashes your eyes with color, a projector simply reflects the brighter colors. One of the best benefits of buying a projector instead of a TV is that it truly enhances your home theatre and dominates it.

If you are looking for a projector in 2023 then this is the right place to look for high-class projectors. There are vast options with aesthetic features that come in your budget. So without further due, we have made a list of the best projectors in 2023.

Best projector for home theater under $500:

1. Epson Home Cinema 880

(Master of High-Quality Movie Experience)

On top of our list are a hi-tech projector that delivers amazing image quality, stunningly realistic 1080p images, and quick data processing. Epson Home Cinema is specially designed for gaming, sports, and much more.

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When it comes to picture quality Epson Home Cinema gives you an authentic reason to buy this and let this projector stand out in your home theatre. When you are watching your favorite movie this projector allows you to experience the virtual world at home. Why this projector will upgrade your experience of home theatre? Answers lie in its high-definition images with 3300 lumens of color.

The white brightness feature delivers high-quality results in different kinds of light conditions. Buying this projector will allow you to have an HD experience by simply plugging in the projector. 3 LCD has mind-blowing advantages. These features result in the best quality color accuracy along with perfect brightness. The Feature-list of these projectors doesn’t stop here. It is easy to set up – unified with speakers. Skew sensor feature- allows to analyze the image and immediately corrects for a square picture.


  • Easy to set-up with an HDMI cable.
  • The projector comes with a good-quality of speakers.
  • Lenses have 3 modes that allow you to position an image on the wall. The quality of the image is amazing and accurate.
  • Projectors operate quickly and give the best result at cheap rates.


  • Poor video streaming quality.
  • Gets heat up and requires time to cool down.

Grab this innovative compatible projector at a reasonable price and enter a 2023 way of entertainment.

 2. Yaber Y31 Native

(Mesmerizing Screen Quality)

Innovative Yaber Y31 Native is a must projector to have at home. This projector is equipped with 4-dimensional auto vertical and horizontal correction and comes along with brightness correction. We all know that the main purpose of projectors is their picture quality and this projector is here to clear your doubts.

Image via Amazon

Yaber Y31 has phenomenal picture quality. It provides full HD 1920x1080p definition.  It also delivers a high-quality sound which is the core feature of good-quality projectors. This one is equipped with all the reasons, ‘why you should not waste more time and purchase Yabe Y31.’ Moreover, this one is equipped with 3 fans which control the heating mechanism by minimizing the usage of a lamp.

Yaber Y31 has a 7200L brightness and has the best contrast ratio. With 7200 lumens and 10000:1 contrast allow you to have an amazingly clear, sharp, and bright image on the screen. Experience full HD quality while watching movies or playing video games at home. But its screen quality is not the only feature. Yaber Y31 Native can connect to other devices like Mac or Windows (laptops), game consoles, iPhone, iPad, DVD, Blue-Ray Player, pen drive, Android Smart Phones, game consoles, and Chromecast, thanks to its multimedia ports. Good quality.


  • Compatible and easy to set-up.
  • Yabe Y31 has 3 fans which silently cools down the temperature of this projector.
  • Perfect brightness without any buffering or glitch.
  • Wall color does not affect the quality of the image.


  • Lack of focus on the whole image.
  • The image gets blurry in-between the video.

This projector is a tiny box packed with a variety of features and home entertainment. Instead of spending money on buying tickets, you should highly prefer buying Yaber Y31 and set 1080p projector anywhere at home and enjoy at cheap rates with good quality.

3. VANKYO Leisure 3

(Classy Display Projection)

This mini portable movie projector is unique in its way. VANKYO is a remarkable projector and is the best addition to your home theatre. It is compatible thus can fit in any place by giving high projection video quality of 1920×1080 resolution and 800×480 brightness resolution. What makes this projector different from the rest?

Image via Amazon

Well, this one is backed-up by MStar’s advanced color engine which gives a superior entertainment experience. It is equipped with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. Moreover, its LED lighting provides more brightness than any other projector.

These multimedia projectors are made for watching high-quality 170-inch display projection. You can enjoy and take a break from your hectic routine by binge-watching series on big-screen. VANKYO Leisure 3 is not only easy to use but it also connects with your smartphones, plays stations 3 and 4, and X-Box to enjoy all sorts of games and movies. This projector’s heating mechanism is noiseless due to innovative fans. So there is no need to worry about the machine getting over-heated. If we look into its audio feature. This device has built-in dual speakers for better sound quality.


  • Superb picture quality- high definition 1080p video quality.
  • Cooling system with no fan noise.
  • Adapted with smartphone connection and no need for any app.


  • The picture quality is good but only in the darkroom. Otherwise, this projector has a poor brightness feature.
  • Absence of optical zoom feature.
  •  Bad option for PowerPoint presentation.

According to the features and compatibility of this device discussed above this projector should be your go-to if you’re looking for a home theatre projector for under 500 dollars.

4. Yaber 30 Native

(Top Class Screen Result)

A sharp and detailed image on a big screen is now possible at home at cheap rates. Yaber Y30 Native projector has a 1920×1080 resolution which allows you to have a crystal clear image result.

It is not just this projector’s resolution that makes it special. It’s Yaber Y30’s 7200lumens bright mode and a contrast ratio of 10000:1 which give a spectacular result. This projector is best for movie nights at home or sets this up in your backyard.

But why this projector is the right option to spend money on? This projector has extra features that are a worthy addition. The lens of this projector protected by a zoom ring protects it from scratches. Lens are 5 layered high-refraction glass. This lens is 190mm and is capable of producing 1080p Ultra HD resolution.  This projector is not only easy to set-up but also comes with a booster HDMI cord and a VGA cable. Yaber Y30 also has USB ports and HDMI ports. Yaber Y30 is also equipped with an advanced innovative cooling system with 3 fans. Its cooling system also works silently. With smart ecosystem technology, this projector minimizes the use of lamps and saves power.

Now let’s look into one of the core features of this projector which is a sound system. Now this one has built-in dual sound speakers which provide clear sound in your room, to give you a theatrical experience.


  • Lightweight and easy to place in the mounted position.
  • The cooling system is quiet.
  • Clear view even in the daytime.


  • No zooming system
  • The picture is blurry around the edges of the screen.

All you need to do is to buy Yaber Y30 instead of spending money on gas and tickets to go to watch a movie.

5. DBPower L21 LCD Video Projector

(Powerful Sound System)

For a spectacular movie experience, DBPower L21 is here to grab your attention with its 1080 full HD resolution of 1920x1080p. This mini projector is brighter than any other projector. This product comes with 6000 lumen bright mode, and a 3000:1 contrast ratio.

DBPower L21 home theater under 500
Image via Amazon

This one is easy to set up but there are few things that you need to know. For a better sharp view, it’s best to place this projector at a distance of 1.8 to 2.0m. It displays images between 40 inches to 200 inches.

It has 1280x720p of native resolution. DBPower can be used with other devices such as Pcs, Laptops, speakers, tablets, DVD players, USB Flash Drives, etc. However, remember that when you connect your smartphone an HDMI adapter is required. Will this projector turn off on getting overheated? No, because DBPower has a spectacular sound system with an advanced speaker system along with innovative cooling system lamp life extends to 50,000 hours.


  • Perfect sound quality with bright screen projection.
  • Easy to use with various connectors like HDMI or USB.
  • The cooling system is fairly quiet.


  • Not suitable for PowerPoint, MS Word, or a class presentation.
  • Difficult to focus the entire image on the screen.

This projector has a three-year warranty which gives you another reason to spend your money on this one.

6. GooDee Movie Projector YG600

(Fantastic Cinematic Experience)

Last on our list would be the best 2023 addition in your home. The innovatively styled projector is compatible and around 80% brighter than other projectors. Why?

Image via Amazon

Its 3000:1 contrast ratio provides sharper, brighter cleaner visuals on the screen which will add fun to your movie or gaming plans.  This mini projector projects 1080p full HD along with a native resolution of 1280x768p which results in an ultra-high-definition image.

If we look at its display then this provides you with a big screen of 230 inches along with two built-in speakers for good quality of sound. Moreover, this one is also equipped with two HDMI and two USB ports. This projector can be used with a TV box, USB stick, PC, laptops, etc. So for a spectacular cinematic experience in your backyard or carrying this mini portable projector for camping is best to spend your money on.


  • Best audio and video quality.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • The sharp image even in a bright room.


  • Poor quality of the lamp.
  • Heats-up quickly and the cooling system is slow and noisy.


All of the projectors mentioned above are unique in their own way when it comes to the reasonable price range. If you want great audio and video quality then projectors like Epson and Yaber Y30 are the best ones. While others like DBPower and Yaber Y30 Native have the best cooling system for long-term use with a bright and sharp image. All of the above-mentioned projectors have their pros and cons but they are on our list for their warranty and best quality. These projectors will surely make your gaming or movie plans memorable.

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