Best 4K Projector Under $1500 In 2023

  • on May 27, 2022
Best 4K Projector Under $1500

The best 4k projector under $1500 is a hot search. That’s why I thought why don’t I pick the best for you so keep reading and hope you will get one for yourself. The top 4K projectors in this price range have excellent picture quality, making them suitable for watching movies and playing games in 4K resolution.

These projectors are also perfect for projecting onto a wide screen in a home theatre setting. However, you shouldn’t expect them to provide the same level of quality as models that are significantly more expensive. There are a lot of low-cost projectors on the market that struggle to display images that are both clear and bright.

The most advanced 4K projectors available are not inexpensive. The greatest ones will set you back thousands of dollars, and even then, they aren’t the most powerful projectors you can find on the market today. Fortunately for you, I’ve already done the research and testing, so you don’t have to worry about it. Throughout this article, I’ll be discussing the best 4k projector under $1500.

Best 4K Projector Under $1500

Before buying the projection system, there are a few things you should think about.

The following criteria will assist you in choosing the ideal projector to enjoy true UHD (ultra-high definition) on a larger screen that is often larger than 100 inches.


The projector’s size is an important consideration. A high pixel density is ideal for removing the “screen-door” effect. Since smaller projectors have fewer pixels, seeing the actual 4K on the screen will be challenging. Projectors with short or ultra-short throws are available. A short-throw projector can project an image with a minimum size of 100 inches from a distance of around 3 feet. With an ultra-short-throw projector, you can give a 120′′-inch image as little as 2 feet from the screen. In conclusion, make sure you have the correct calculation of the wall or screen size where you will project the photos before choosing to go with your preferred 4K model.

Lumen Value

An essential consideration is the projector’s lumen value. You require a certain amount of light output or lumen to display your image on a screen. The image on the screen or wall will appear brighter the higher the lumens. Choose a lamp with a higher or more powerful lumen rating to experience a clearer and brighter image even under ambient lighting. Depending on your room’s dark and whether you plan to project the unit in darker conditions, you can choose a 2000–3000 lumen power level. However, you will need to project in daylight if you use it in a bright room to open the curtains. Therefore, you need to have at least 4000 lumens of electricity.

Pixel Resolution

The second element you need to take into account is pixel resolution. You can use this to determine if your 4K projector is genuine or only capable of upscaling. For full 4k outstanding picture quality, there should be at least 8 million pixels.

Lag Time of Projector

The projector’s lag time is the last but not least factor. This is crucial since it will enable you to enjoy videos with high frame rates and quick action. To view the full 60 frames per second on your screen without experiencing input lag, the lesser the latency, the better.

Milliseconds, or ms, are the units of latency timing, and they indicate how quickly your projector produces improved image clarity without lagging. The lag time is typically most noticeable when utilizing your 4k projector for gaming. Accordingly, depending on the sort of game you are playing, choose a unit in the range of 6ms up to 18ms if you consider yourself an avid player and want lag-free audio quality.

HD Projector Types.

There are numerous varieties of projectors on the market. DLP, LCD, and LCoS display technologies are the most widely used. How these three varieties handle the light reflected on the screen is their primary distinction. A single color wheel is used by DLP projectors, three (RGB) are used by LCDs, and LCoSs uses three separate light modulators. Three separate colors are produced by rotating a color wheel in front of the light source in DLP projectors.

With nearly no input lag time, these projectors are quick but have the lowest contrast ratios of the three display technologies. Colors are created in LCD and DLP projectors using a color wheel and several dichroic mirrors. These feature greater contrast ratios than DLP projectors but significantly longer lag times. Three independent light modulators, one for each main color, are present in LCoS projectors. These have the shortest lag times and the best contrast ratios.


When choosing the ideal projector for your living room or primary bedroom, price is just as crucial as the projector itself. If you buy a cheap projector under $1500, your options for a full UHD experience will be limited. However, if you spend less than $3,000, you will have access to various real UHD 4K projectors for your outdoor, business meeting, or home entertainment projector needs.

1. Optoma True 4K UHD Gaming Projector:

Optoma True 4K UHD Projector

First on our list of the best 4k projectors under $1500 is the Optoma True Projector. In my humble opinion, the Optoma UHD35 is an excellent budget-friendly 4K projector that is sure to please anyone looking for extra detail in their movies and games without having to pay a considerable premium over an equivalent 1080p model.


As it weighs only 8.6 pounds and measures 4.6 x 12.4 x 10.6 inches, the UHD35 is easy to handle. There are two HDMI 2.0 ports and a USB Type-A port for powering HDMI streaming sticks. Physical setup involves positioning the projector, connecting a video source, and adjusting the manual zoom and focus.

In addition to grayscale adjustment, videophiles can adjust hue, saturation, and brightness for each primary and secondary color (red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, and magenta). The default settings should, however, be sufficient for most people.

Designed for the Family Room:

TI’s XPR fast-switching pixel shifting, used in 4K DLP projectors, produces 3,840 x 2,160 pixels on screen using a 1080p chip as is typical for 4K DLP projectors. A very unique feature of this product is that it offers an eight-segment color wheel that consists of red-green-blue-white-red-green-blue-white (RGBWRGBW).

In DLP projectors designed for ambient light, the white panels are a standard feature to enhance the projector’s brightness. Furthermore, they tend to hurt color accuracy, but the UHD35 still delivers perfect colors.

Audio System:

Additionally, the UHD35 boasts a robust audio system. A separate sound system won’t be necessary if you want to bring your projector to a friend’s house for gaming with immersive sound or set it up for a backyard movie night.

A 10-watt mono speaker can fill a mid-to-large family room with enough volume and quality to be highly usable. You can connect an external sound system to the 3.5mm or S/PDIF outputs if you want stereo or higher quality.

Looks Good in the Dark:

With the UHD35, you can expect a large picture resistant to ambient light. Additionally, the black level and shadow detail are good enough for viewing with the lights off. The picture quality isn’t perfect, but it’s fine for most purposes.


  1. It is brighter than most 4K projectors in its price range
  2. Crisp and sharp 4K detail with all content
  3. Up to 240Hz refresh rate for games (in 1080p)


  1. Average contrast
  2. Some blurring with 3D content

2. ViewSonic (X10-4KE) 4K UHD Projector:

The second most exciting item in my assessment of the best projector under 1500 is now available. The ViewSonic X10-5KE True 4K Home Theater is what it’s called. The ViewSonic PX701-4K projector is an excellent option for home entertainment. Let’s find out more about this item!

Superb Viewing Experience:

It provides outstanding UHD resolution at an affordable price. Furthermore, the HDR compatibility and true 4k quality make this projector ideal for watching your favorite shows. As a result, gamers will value the 4.2ms interface latency and 240Hz frame rate.

It also boasts 3200 brightness, high-quality audio, and stunning images. All of this makes this projector more adaptable to any environment. You will also benefit from the convenience of automated vertical and horizontal cornerstone adjustments.

Breathtaking visuals:

A four-corner correction also delivers spectacular graphics on a 300-inch monitor. The bulb has a life of 20,000 hours, which implies it will last much longer if used frequently.

The ViewSonic X10-4KE projector allows you to watch movies from anywhere in your home. It is feasible because of its exceptional 4K resolution, innovative broadcast features, and transportable design.

Simple to transport:

This projector is easy to transport from room to room and even outside your patio. Because of its lightweight construction, handy carry grip, and short-throw optics, it is easy to transport.

Its functions will astound you in terms of quality and production. It has a brightness of 2,400 LEDs and a stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution. It ensures that the visuals remain vivid and crisp regardless of where they are seen.

Effects with a Bang:

This little 4K projector provides an entertaining, big-screen home viewing experience. It has built-in Harmon Kardon Bluetooth headphones and displays panels larger than 120″.

You may feel the sharp richness of true 4K Ultra HD with 4x the brightness of HD Quality, so what else are you looking for?


  1. Excellent and high definition quality
  2. Handles for easy transport
  3. A very lightweight and small structure that is easy to move and carry around
  4. Stunning luminosity


  1. Does not have a casting YouTube

3. BenQ TK800 True Best 4k Projector Under $1500 In 2023:

The BenQ TK800 True HDR Home Theater is the following item, which is known for its quality and performance. I believe the BenQ TK800M is the best under $1500 living room projector for various reasons.

Rating for High Brightness:

The light in the room has relatively little effect on the visual depiction. Its high brightness rating and color calibration are to blame. The projector will take on an amber tint if the drapes are left open.

Colors remain commonly realistic, and if you have a living room, your viewing experience will be unaffected. It is awe-inspiring given that the projection is certified at 3000 lights.

The operation is simple:

The buttons are haptic and straightforward to operate. Because of the smooth-functioning moveable tripod, you can rapidly adjust the height of your projector. The two hind legs are also moveable, allowing you to fine-tune the projection direction.

The entire structure is incredible. And the projectors have all of the hookups you’ll need to watch your digital content. The projector can display 4K media at 60 frames per second.

Picture Quality is Outstanding:

You will get a fantastic combination of image quality and a suitable balance of high contrast. It is feasible because it is relatively light. There is no color change when you move the projection screen, which is a good quality indicator.

Wearing 3D glasses is required to improve clarity and smoothness. With its excellent 4,200 brightness, this home theatre projector brings the theatrical experience to compact spaces.

Projection at a Low Angle:

A low throw angle projection delivers spectacular 100-inch images from only a few steps distant. Connect it to your PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch to play the games. The various color displays in video games can be a touch depressing. You can rectify these problems by changing the color to Vibrant.


  1. 4K output that is bright and vivid
  2. The image is unaffected by sunlight. It is a good choice for gaming and watching sports.
  3. Simple to transport
  4. High visual acuity


  1. Speakers can be improved

4. XGIMI Horizon 1080p FHD Projector:

In this article, I’m going to inform you about the best-selling product, the XGIMI Horizon 1080p FHD Projector. This high-quality projector is a high-end gadget that will wow you with its unique specifications.

More information is provided below, so keep reading!

The excitement of 3D Movies:

You may now enjoy your favorite 3D movies in the privacy of your own home. Horizon Pro’s innovative 3D feature brings the excitement and pleasure of 3D movies to any room in the house.

If you have this projector at home, you don’t need to go anyplace to view your favorite movie. You can rapidly transform your ideal movie nights with family and friends with a bit of effort.

HDMI support is built-in:

For your convenience, this Horizon projector includes an HDMI port. It displays your favorite videos, apps, and sports from your smartphone.

Horizon can also seamlessly change its screen to your environment. You can place the projector anywhere between 2.59 and 25.9ft from the projected space.

The Lowest Possible Delay Rate:

You can also watch action movies or play computer games. Horizon’s MEMC frame compression technology eliminates visual flickering and escorting. At 60Hz, you may expect a sharp screen with minimal delay.

The projector’s tiny size and lightweight make installation a breeze. Furthermore, because it operates quietly, it is observed rather than noticed. Image modification and setup are simplified thanks to auto trapezoidal and four-corner adjustments.

More Adaptable:

Connect your projector to a dependable Wi-Fi or Ethernet system using a dual-band if you want more flexibility. Horizon features two USB and HDMI ports, a LAN cable, and a 3.5mm connector.

You may watch sports or movies with crystal-clear clarity in light and dark environments. It is feasible because of the integrated HDR 10 technology, with a near-perfect dynamic range.


  1. Excellent picture quality in a decent lightroom
  2. Can cast a 200-inch screen without sacrificing quality
  3. Sport-specific modes


  1. Excellent pricing
  2. Not entirely dependable

5. Anker Nebula Cosmos Best 4k Projector Under $1500:

All experts agree that the Anker Nebula Cosmos Max 4k Projector is the best option. Furthermore, Anker is the industry-leading item in delivering very high-quality items for client happiness. You will receive outstanding features and specifications as well as a fair price. Do you wish to learn more about it? Then stick with me!

Highest Image Quality:

It is the highest quality projector to keep you entertained. Because of HDR10 and HLG, everything you see on this projector will be vivid and dazzling. Colors are brighter, and shadows are more affluent and deeper in larger-than-life films.

This projector is designed with high-quality functions and the most recent innovation. Chromecast allows you to project media from your smartphone to Cosmos Max remotely.

System of High-Speed Focusing:

It also serves as a high-speed focusing system. As soon as Cosmos Max is turned on, it produces a crystal-clear image. You can spend less time tinkering with the settings and more time viewing.

You will be able to use the incredible geometry adjustment function. Cosmos Max can be tailored to your existing house design. Even when Cosmos Max is angled, the image remains straight and stable.

Simple to connect and stream media:

With Cosmos Max’s optical zoom, there’s no need to manually adjust the projectors to change the size of the image. Sit down and use the offered control to adjust the image size to meet your environment.

You can connect and stream media from your USB and HDMI ports when it comes to connections. Because of these features, the projector is exceptionally user-friendly.

Simple to Connect:

You can also connect and view remotely by Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or mirrored casting. You can link in this direction in various ways with no problem or ambiguity.

In short, it is the best HD projector under $1500 because of the features it provides in a small and affordable package.


  1. At 3500 lumens, this projector is the brightest on the list. 3D synchronisation port
  2. Fan with low noise
  3. best 4k projector under $1500
  4. adequate for more brilliant rooms


  1. Very easy to transport and carry
  2. To connect, a 5K router is required.

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