Best Short Throw Projector Under 1000 – 2023 reviewed

  • on March 22, 2021
Best Short Throw Projector Under 1000

This might be the right time to get rid of traditional projectors in your home theatre, which requires a proper setting and darkroom and lots of room to adjust. Switch to ultra-short throw projectors, which do not require such adjustment and fulfill your dream to have a big image at home. Projectors like Optoma, View Sonic M1, Yaber Y30, BenQ and, ViewSonic. Why should we buy ultra-short-throw projector instead of regular projectors in the market? These projectors have innovative lenses and mirrors that can create an image on the screen from a short distance. The UST projectors work best on the tabletop and it does not need to be placed on the ceiling.

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Ultra-Short-throw projectors were once uncommon and costly. But not any longer, due to advancements in projector’s technology over, the last few years. Today, there are far more types of projectors available at fair rates, including ultra-short-throw projectors. It can be difficult to find a new projector for your home theater because there are so many options available in the market. Not to mention the various factors to consider, such as how bright it is or what the maximum resolution is. Well, we have made a list of the best ultra-short-throw projectors for you to choose from.

Best Short Throw Projector Under 1000:

(Professional Gaming Partner)

Optoma UST projectors are built for gamers and for those people who want to have a theatrical experience at home. This projector comes with a short-throw for easy set-up and functionality.

Optoma projects 1080p HDR quality of the image. This projector delivers a spectacularly colorful image with high contrast thanks to its brightness mode of 38000 Lumens.  How its short-throw lens benefits over a regular projector? Its short-throw enables it to deliver a clear big image when placed closer to the screen. Moreover, color accuracy occurs because of the sRGB AND REC709 color profile. A short-throw lens enables this to deliver a 120-inch image.

This projector works fast and is equipped with gaming mode with allows this projector to give a quick response.  A contrast ratio of 50000:1 enables you to have a clear image that will be visible in all corners of the room.  Keystone correction of 40± degrees allows you to easily set-up images according to your need. Optoma projector provides multiple connectivity facilities to various media players, gaming consoles, etc.


  • Super sharp and eye-catching video result.
  • Enriches the details in video games.
  • The cooling fan is quiet and doesn’t affect the audio quality.
  • Optoma projectors are easy to place because they are portable.
  • Capable of supporting HDR.


  • The Remote is of poor quality and is difficult to operate/use.
  • The image doesn’t fit on the screen.
  • Projector gets over-heated.

Optoma will fulfill your expectations when you are looking for the best ultra-short-throw projector.

(Sonic-Speed Projector)

As a mini projector, this projector doesn’t fail to provide compatibility to your MacBook Air. This projector will stand out in your room theatre or your conference room. Very good for presentations.

This projector is considered one of the best mini projector out there in the market.  ViewSonic will surely make your movie or gaming plans more entertaining and adventurous. This projector comes along with a built-in battery of 30,000 hours and will never fail to entertain you at home. Wi-Fi connection allows you to watch videos from Youtube.

This is innovatively designed with a stand that maintains its balance and helps with the 360-degrees set-up. Built-in safety features allow this projector’s lens to automatically turn off when an object is closer to its lens. But does this projector delivers a good sound quality? Dual speakers provide clear sound for video content and can be heard in all corners of your room. With a contrast ratio of 120,000:1, this portable projector will successfully deliver an accurately bright image with all the details.


  • Long battery life allows you to binge-watch series or play video games for more than 5 hours.
  • Stylish design with amazing audio quality.
  • Portable size allows you to carry this projector anywhere.
  • This projector can support mobile devices, MacBook with the help of HDMI, USB TYPE-A, and many other options.


  • Equipped with the fixed zooming lens.
  • The low resolution of the image.

(King of  Sound)

The projectors mentioned above provide a brighter screen. Well, this projector stands out because of its projection size of 200 inches which allows you to save money on buying tickets to the cinema and enjoy the same privilege at home.

But does this projection fulfill the need for a clear brighter screen? Of course, this projector has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 and five-layered lenses deliver HD results. The brightness mode of this projector is 7200 lumens and a contrast ratio of 10000:1 for a brighter, sharper, and crystal clear image. This projector is highly compatible with laptops, tablets, android phones, iPad, iPhones, Play Station, etc. because of 2 HDMI ports, 2USB ports, AV port and, VGA ports.

If we review its sound system, this projector is equipped with a built-in speaker with an SRS sound system to provide the best audio experience without the need for external speakers. This innovative technology saves you money from buying expensive speakers available in the market. Yaber Y30 Native projector is upgraded with 3 fans and with a lamp life of 100000. To set up a perfectly rectangular image this HD projector has 50 degrees vertical and horizontal keystone.


  • Lightweight projector and is easy to mount.
  • HD quality of movies and video games with a detailed image.
  • Impressive audio quality with crystal clear sound.
  • Easy to adjust the image according to your need.
  • Noiseless cooling system.


  • Absence of optical zoom.
  • The blurry image in a slightly bright room and thus need a completely dark room to achieve a clear image.

So get up and buy this projector for a never-ending fun movie and gaming experience.

(Master of Visuals)

Upgrade your style and way of entertainment by buying BenQ TH671ST projectors that provide a gaming or movie experience on the big screen with a cinematic experience.

Everyone wants to have a clear, brighter screen and amazing audio quality by staying within budget. These projectors fulfill your desire to have all that at a reasonable price range. For super-smooth gaming experiences free of unnecessary motion blur and picture lag, the TH671ST brings exciting gaming action to your theatre room.

Enjoy the brilliance of the TH671ST’s Full HD visuals, with incredible detail resolution of 1920 x 1080 and crispness for the best in-home movie experience. This projector has a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and an aspect ratio of 16:9 which gives life to your gaming experience with amazing contrast. The image is brilliantly bright because of 3000 lumens of brightness. BenQ projector supports PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and gaming consoles with the help of options like HDMI, USB, and much more. This projector also has various video modes with color processing of 10-bit.


  • Perfect levels of color, accuracy, and best focus on the screen for a clear image.
  • The short-throw of 100″ screen when placed 5 feet away.
  • Compact and lightweight which makes it easy to place.
  • Best input lag for video games.
  • The clear picture even in the daytime.


  • This projector is not suitable when mounted to the ceiling.
  • BenQ projector has no lens shift feature.
  • Gets overheated after some time.

With style and features level-up your plans of entertainment with a BenQ projector.

(3D Gaming Experience)

ViewSonic- an eye-catching projector-is is best known for its short throw lens which delivers a perfectly huge image in compact places.

This projector being the ultra-short-throw one provides an ease to place it few feet away from the wall. This projector amazingly delivers an image of 100″ with a brightness mode of 3000 lumens. All these qualities are quite convincing and are perfect for entertainment whether you want to watch a movie or play video games on the big screen.

 But what makes this projector different from others? This projector supports Full HD 3D picture quality which allows you to have a 3D experience at home. Another amazing quality about this projector is its speakers. These built-in speakers are designed to deliver clear audio in all parts of the rooms. ViewSonic projector delivers a crystal clear uniform image because of its contrast ratio of 22,000:1 and aspect ratio of 16:9.


  • The bright image even in dim light or during the day.
  • No need for external speakers because of the projector’s powerful built-in speakers.
  • Projector has a silent cooling system.
  • Ultra-short-throw projector is easy to place on tabletops, few feet away from the screen


  • Rainbow effects on screen.
  • Quite noisy when the projector is operated.

With vertical keystone projection, it is quite easy to set an image. This projector has decreased input latency which is suitable for gaming.


Ultra-short-throw projector is convenient than TV when it comes to space and set-up. But when you decide to buy a short-throw projector you have to look for certain features like brightness mode, resolution, etc. to fulfill your expectation for a quality image. Above mentioned projectors stand-out in that price range and deliver a spectacular result. If you are looking for a projector with the 3D result then Viewsonic px706hd is highly recommended for a spectacular gaming experience. For the best-balanced projector which can be conveniently used then go for Yaber Y30 Native and ViewSonic M1 portable projectors. You should spend your money on Optoma GT 1080HDR and BenQ projector if your main priority is a crisp, clear, and uniform image.

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