How Can I Make My Door Speakers Sound Better?

  • on October 12, 2022
How Can I Make My Door Speakers Sound Better?

In today’s article, I’m going to be going over some easy, free ways to make your speakers sound better, and a few things that people do all the time that makes their speaker sound a lot worse when they think they are making it sound better. Let’s get started with the article, and I hope you guys enjoy it. A lot of the time they think it sounds really good, they think it sounds better than it usually does but in reality, if you compare it to a good set of speakers, it does not sound good usually it sounds broken and usually, it hurts your ears.

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What people are doing wrong?

So people go into the settings and they go straight to the settings where you can adjust the bass, the mid, and the treble. And usually is up to 6 and the treble is up to 6 just like this.

The right way to adjust the settings.

If your speakers don’t sound as good as you think they should, just go into your settings, go to where you can adjust the treble and the bass, and just check to make sure they are not up to the highest they can go.

What about bass?

The same thing with the bass, go check your bass and it should be maybe plus 1 plus 2 but usually at 0.


Something that helps with your audio is having subwoofers in the back of your car which compensates for the lack of bass that your speakers put out.

Factory speakers are not subwoofers.

Don’t think that your factory speakers are subwoofers because whenever you put too much bass onto them they sound shaky and distorted.

Aftermarket head unit

Now another way especially if you have an aftermarket head unit is to go to the presets that it has and this will let you change between the settings that it automatically has when you buy the head unit and each of these has a specific amount of treble, mid, and bass that it puts in for you that sounds better with these different genres but just go through these and find whichever you think sounds the best and that’s another way that you can make your speakers sound a lot better.

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Fader setting

Now another simple setting to change to make your speakers sound a little bit better is going to the fader setting a lot of you with an aftermarket head unit will have this in your settings.

Go to your fader, and sometimes it sounds better if you have it 1 or 2 clicks to the rear, it makes sit sound a little bit deeper and it makes more sound come from the rear which sometimes sounds better for some people. Go to the fader and just kind of play around with it, see which sounds the best in your car, and that should help with making your speakers sound a little bit better.

It costs some money.

Now obviously there are a lot of ways to make your speakers sound better that cost a little bit of money.

Pull off the panels that hide your speakers.

One way would be to get some sound deadening and put them behind your speakers so just pull off the panels that hide your speakers.

How will that help?

So pulling those panels off and putting some sound deadening behind those speakers will keep the sound from getting trapped underneath those panels and will instead make the sound push out towards the inside of your car.

It is worth your money.

It is a little bit expensive sometimes to get some sound deadening but it does make a difference.

A cheaper way

Another little bit cheaper way to make your speakers sound better is to get what’s called Poly-fil. That is it for now. Try those tips out and see if it makes your speakers sound a little bit better.

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