Best Mouse for osu 

  • on June 10, 2022
Best Mouse for osu 

Osu! was developed by Dean Herbert. It is a rhythm game for free. 

Your hand-eye coordination is put to the ultimate test. 

There are four different game modes in OSU’s beat maps. There are four game modes: Osu! Standard, Osu! Taiko, Osu! catch, and Osu! mania. 

All beat maps have playable songs, and on the map, there are “hit objects” or “circles” that you have to hit repeatedly to earn points.    

Let’s talk about the practical side of the game, Osu! A mouse or graphics tablet is needed to play, as well as a keyboard or a mini keyboard. 

A computer mouse is recommended due to the movement required in the game, and because you are accustomed to using a keyboard and a mouse, your hand-eye coordination improves.  

Buying Guide For The Best Mouse For Osu 

It is convenient to use a mouse. Using a mouse with your OSU tablet, desktop, or laptop will be one of the most vital accessories you will need. 

There are several factors that you need to consider if you want to buy the right mouse. We’ve outlined them below. Additionally, while looking for the most suitable drawing tablet, you can take notes from other recent posts.  

The reasons for their departure are numerous. These are the ones we believe are most significant.  

Wired Or Wireless 

A mouse buyer’s first concern is whether to use wired or wireless mice. We will first point out that both wired and wireless keyboards are helpful.  

You’re mistaken if you don’t think your wired keyboard is worth the money. You will need to decide each second if you want to pursue a career in professional gaming.  

It is always better to use a wired keyboard.  

Casual gamers and multipurpose users can benefit from wireless mice. Mechanical switches have high latency and are easy to operate, making them unsuitable for professional gamers. 


Mouse sensitivity is determined by the number of dots per inch (DPI). In the long run, a low DPI mouse will be detrimental.  

When your mouse has a low DPI, registering your movements will take a long time.  

A click. Additionally, clicking multiple times might not register your clicks. 

The DPI of a typical mouse should be between 800 and 1000. It would help if you aimed for a high DPI value when playing games with your mouse. Gaming requires a mouse with a high DPI, which a super-sensitivity mouse can only provide. Mouse DPI is usually determined by individual preference. 

Latency And Response Time 

Latency refers to the time it takes for the action to register in your brain. Also included is the time required for you to press your button and watch the action take place. 

Latency is the human brain’s response time. A response time, on the other hand, is the amount of time it takes for your input to be registered when you click a mouse button. 


Mouse shapes don’t have to be restricted to one form without benefits. Engineers design the body of mice to carry a wide range of functions that there are so many different sizes and shapes of mice.  

Ergonomic mice are the most suitable choice for people who use a mouse for an extended period. Designed to fit perfectly in your hand without causing fatigue in your fingers, these mice are intended to be held correctly. The most reliable mice for gaming have excellent claw grips.   

Tips When Buying A Mouse 

When choosing a mouse, there are several factors to consider. Besides these factors, you might also want to take note of some tips that will be helpful to you when purchasing the Best Mouse for osu  

  • When choosing a mouse, consider your preferences and needs. 
  • Ergonomic mice are highly recommended if you are a heavy user. 
  • In addition to the DPI, consider the response time and latency.  
  • Some people may not require a high polling rate. 
  • Choose an optical or laser mouse accordingly. 

So, let’s dig in and find the Best Mouse for osu 

Seed Wireless Mouse


Suppose You are looking for a mouse with many color options and an appealing shaper. You might enjoy using this mouse with an outgoing and social personality. 

Its unique design allows it to be stored in bags without any issues while traveling. It uses silent button technology, so you don’t have to worry about noise.  

In addition, the system requires no drivers or wires to operate. Connecting the USB to your computer is all you need. Additionally, 2.4 GHz wireless transmission provides a robust and reliable connection. 


  • Reduced noise pollution with silent technology. 
  • It Uses less energy. 
  • Compatibility with most operating systems. 
  • It has Up to 33 feet of reliable connectivity.   


  • Latency is low. 
  • Sometimes there may be lags. 

AmazonBasics Wireless Wireless Computer Mouse 

The most appealing thing about this mouse is that it is affordable, so you do not have to worry about spending a fortune on it. There’s even a low energy consumption rate, so the battery doesn’t need to be changed often.  

Despite being incredibly basic without any fancy features, the mouse performs pretty well for a mouse of its price.  

Despite the lack of Bluetooth support, it does come with a 2.4 GHz wireless USB plug-and-play mechanism. Furthermore, the mouse is highly portable and easy to use. You can use the mouse from any device with a USB port since no drivers need to be installed beforehand. Only a few devices are compatible with this program, including Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.  


  • The price is lower than most wireless mice. 
  • There is no driver installation required.  
  • It is a plug-and-play device. 
  • The device is energy efficient.  


  • Very basic. It doesn’t have many features.  
  • Some might find the design a bit dull. 

Logitech GH05 HERO High-Performance Gaming Mouse 

With its gaming keyboards and mice, Logitech is a brand that will always satisfy you. Wireless mice like this feature RGB lights of various colors and MX keys. 

Because it has more than 400 IPS and a 100-25,600 DPS rating, it’s an advanced mouse. The 1:1 track ratio is built-in.  

Most mice in the industry weigh more than twice as much as this mouse. Furthermore, it is very portable, so you can pack it into one corner of your bag and take it anywhere you want. 

Moreover, the mouse provides 11 onboard keys that you can customize according to your preference and five modes powered by RGB lighting. 


  • Perfect balancing of muscle memory. 
  • Requires no driver installation. 
  • It Uses plug-and-play technology. 
  • DPI rating is very high.  


  • Multipurpose mouse buttons are not equitable.  
  • Excessive complexity. 

Uiosmuph G12 Slim Rechargeable Wireless Mouse  

The Usiomuph G12 may be the most affordable deal you can find for a reasonable price if you’re looking for a high-tech mouse without excessive clicking noise.  

The package of this mouse also includes a type C charger that you can use to charge the batteries.  

Because the battery loses energy, you don’t need to change it every time. 

The mouse comes with LED breathing lights, making it a unique product and enabling you to use the mouse effectively, even at night.  

Additionally, you can select the color of the light from 7 different options. 

The mouse is compatible with older versions of macOS and Windows computers. 


  • Rechargeable when needed. 
  • Each mouse player can choose between seven attractive colors. 
  • Clicking and scrolling are noiseless. 
  • Portable and lightweight. 


  • Currently incompatible with modern macOS. 

Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse 

Best Mouse for osu.

For gamers, the Redragon M602 wired mouse is ideal. As high as 7200 DPI can bofA variety of 800/1200/1600/2400/7200 DPI options are available to users.  

In addition, the mouse features 10G acceleration, allowing players of rhythm games and OSU to move their cursor with high precision.  

High-Precision Sensor provides pin-point accuracy, while Gaming Grade Micro Switches ensure exceptional durability, and extreme responsiveness, giving you a competitive advantage.  

The RGB programmable backlight in the mouse is also available to the user. Depending on your preference, the MMO buttons have seven different backlight modes.  

The mouse comes in an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to use for long periods.  

Designed for comfort, it fits naturally in your hand, and its buttons are tuned to make clicking less tiring.  


  • Along with a mechanical keyboard, the mouse is tuned for the correct amount of balance for the appropriate skill set. 
  • It has anti-skid wheels with G hubs. 
  • A higher DPI option is available. 
  • The wireless gaming mouse features seven different RGB colors. 


  • It is high. 
  • The price is higher than most wireless mice available on the market. 

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse 

Best Mouse for osu.

Razer accessories are renowned for their quality. With Razer’s Viper Mini, users receive the same decent experience at a fraction of the cost of most Razer mice.  

There is no better way to enjoy playing games than with this miniature mouse that packs a monstrous 8500 DPI rate. The optical wire benefit lessens the most severe gamers since it is small and weighs less than most mice.  

A faster response time than most mechanical keyboards makes this one of the most effective mice for you. With light beam-based actuation, button presses are registered at the speed of light for absolute control. Additionally, it has six programmable buttons using the Razer Synapse 3 mechanism.  


  • High precision and low latency. 
  • Portable and lightweight. 
  • DPI rating of 8500. 
  • Clicks are registered with high-speed precision. 


  • It has a cord and is not wireless. 

Logitech B100 Corded Mouse 

Best Mouse for osu.

The majority of Logitech’s products are mice. Exceptional models, however, aren’t as luxurious as other Logitech models but cannot be avoided. Such is the case with the B100 corded mouse. You won’t find anything fancy about it. To keep costs low, Logitech removed many features. The B100 did not compromise on performance or effectiveness, however.  

800 DPI is a moderate DPI rating for the mouse. Despite not being the highest, this is still a decent level of sensitivity. The ambidextrous shape of the mouse was designed to be comfortable.  

If you hold the mouse in either hand, you feel more comfortable, which allows you to do your office work more efficiently. Despite its affordability, it delivers exemplary service with exceptional performance and is the Best Mouse for osu.


  • The device is light and comfortable to hold. 
  • Suitable for all devices, including Chromebooks. 
  • It Has instant zoom buttons. 
  • It Does not require external batteries. 


  • Cords make it unsuitable for travel. 


What Is a Mouse Pad? 

You will also have to buy a mouse pad to go with it whenever you buy a mouse. With the mouse pad’s low friction surface, you can use your mouse to its maximum potential. 

For gaming, what is the ideal mouse sensitivity? 

A DPI value of 1000 is more than adequate for casual gaming. HOWEVER, competitive gamers require a DPI value of at least 3000.  

Is it possible to play Osu with a dual mouse? 

Playing OSU with more than two mice connected to your computer is impossible. To play the game, you must use a regular mouse, regardless of its shape or type. It is also possible to use gamepads and touchpads, although they are not as popular.  

Do Dirty Mouse Pads Affect Gaming? 

A dirty mouse pad may affect your gaming experience. A mouse pad’s job is to reduce friction and provide a comfortable surface on which to use your mouse. A dirty mouse may also cause increased friction and reduced sensitivity.  


You should know what to look for when choosing the appropriate mouse for OSU. You can use the buying guide even if you decide not to follow our recommendation.  

One last piece of advice: don’t let your budget limit your creativity. You will get greater efficiency from your mouse if you spend more time with it.  

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