Best Ultra Short Throw Projector 1080P In 2023

  • on May 22, 2022

A short throw projector 1080p is a projector that can project a large image from a short distance. These projectors are ideal for small spaces such as classrooms and offices. Short throw projectors typically have a resolution of 1080p or higher, so you can enjoy HD content with ease. This article will guide you about one of the best short throw projectors.

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1. Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw:
Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw

Due to its excellent image quality and quick response time, the Optoma GT1080HDR short throw projector is a fantastic choice for both movie buffs and gamers. It features an input lag time of 8.4ms and a motion handling rate of 120Hz.

With full HD resolution and a six-segment color wheel for more accurate colors, these capabilities make this the finest projector for golf simulators with a short throw distance. You only need four fast feet of space to construct displays with a corner-to-corner size of 120 inches. And Optoma is compact, at 12.4 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches, so that it won’t interfere with your golf equipment or home theatre furnishings.

Additionally, the GT1080HDR produces a remarkable 3,800 lumens of brightness. With this unit’s intense bulb brightness, you may use it in well-lit and dimly lit rooms without excessive fading. With an entire bulb life of 15,000 hours, you can use this projector for an extended period before purchasing a replacement.

The Optoma projector is exceptionally user-friendly, particularly in installation and adjustment. With 40 degrees of keystone correction and 1.3x optical zoom, you’ll be able to place objects with extreme precision.

They should improve the internal speakers, but this will not be an issue with an external speaker system. You may also want to investigate the best outdoor projector that is self-sufficient, so you can enjoy your outside watching party without connecting an external audio system.


  • Wide range of 40-degree keystone adjustment Bright,
  • lamp with a brightness of 3,800 lumens
  • Support for HDR10 for gorgeous colors


  • They could improve onboard audio
  • Display corners are somewhat hazy

2. Epson Home Cinema short throw projector in 2023:

The winning feature of the Epson Home Cinema 1060 short throw projector is its unique 3LCD bulb. This cutting-edge technology produces seamless action sequences and removes the rainbow appearance seen in color wheel projectors. In addition, 1060 has full HD resolution and excellent color reproduction, so you’ll enjoy a superior quality display. Even better, the Epson can generate displays as large as 300 inches.

Additionally, the Epson short-throw projector offers numerous connectivity possibilities. With two HDMI input connections, dual USB ports, and a VGA port, this projector allows you to connect several devices. The MHL-compatible HDMI connector on the Epson Home Cinema projector will enable you to connect streaming devices for an enhanced entertainment experience.

The projector’s brightness of 3,100 lumens makes it an ideal option for negative and well-lit spaces. It has been constructed well with user-friendly controls and robust construction for years. And if you’re searching for something with a smaller price tag, consider the best inexpensive projector.


  • No rainbow effects
  • Operates quietly on Eco Mode
  • Display size up to 300 inches


  • High input lag at 52ms
  • Some maintenance with lens dust filter

3. Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Projector:
Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Projector

The Optoma GT1090HDR short-throw projector provides many high-quality functions and design elements for your home entertainment and gaming requirements.

This unit is an excellent laser projector that produces the best and brightest illumination. With 4,200 lumens of brightness, you can watch movies in sunny and gloomy environments. The lens is also dustproof to IP6X standards, so you won’t have to worry about expensive and time-consuming maintenance in the future.

The Optoma has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, but it can accept 4K UHD input from compatible sources for image quality. Thus, you will not need to worry about your current-generation video game consoles and 4K Blu-ray players not functioning.

The GT1090HDR’s HDR compatibility, 300,000:1 contrast ratio, and vital laser light source offer a magnificent display. Numerous connectivity choices are available, including HDMI cable inputs, VGA in and out, 3D sync, and audio ports.

You will likely need to calibrate the monitor out of the box to achieve the correct colors, but this is a simple process thanks to the intuitive user interface. You may also like the most outstanding 3D projector with the most wonderfully detailed image, which delivers both 4K ultra HD and 1080p resolutions in 3D mode.


  • It works well in any lighting scenario
  • Compatible with 4K input
  • IP6X dust resistant lens


  • It needs some calibration out of the box
  • Awkward remote control design

4. BenQ HT2050A 1080P Best Budget Short Throw Projector:
BenQ HT2050A 1080P Best Budget Short Throw Projector

The BenQ HT2050A is an inexpensive, high-quality display ideal for home theatre fans and casual gamers. Its most tremendous advantage is its ability to create a massive display size with only a few feet separating the unit and the projection screen.

With display sizes of up to 300 inches, the BenQ is ideal for outdoor viewing parties and immersive home theatre experiences. In addition, the HT2050A’s full HD resolution, 96 percent Rec. 709 color gamut, and high contrast ratio produce excellent picture quality. With the projector’s built-in DLP and CinematiColor technologies, you’ll receive accurate color reproduction and sharp images.

This short-throw projector is very effective for video games. It features a 16ms response time, suitable for casual and fast-paced games. Installation of the BenQ 2050A is likewise relatively straightforward. It can be mounted onto the ceiling or on a shelf.

And with 2D keystone correction and a 1.3x optical zoom, you’ll easily be able to create sharp images. The BenQ’s inbuilt CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 speakers also impressed us. They generate clean, robust audio suitable for all types of films. Gamers will also be interested in the finest projector for gaming with a dynamic contrast ratio of at least 500,000:1 for enhanced separation between lights and darks.


  • Surprisingly good onboard audio
  • 16ms input lag is good for gaming
  • Produces accurate and realistic colors


  • Some rainbow effect
  • Struggles in bright rooms

5. LG HF65LG short throw Projector 1080p: 
LG HF65LG short throw Projector 1080p

The LG HF65LA UST projector is portable, lightweight, and highly adaptable. It needs only a few inches of space between it and the display screen to create a large and stunning image. Its lightweight design makes it very transportable, allowing you to take it virtually anywhere.

The LED illumination system in the LG short-throw projector lasts significantly longer than standard lamp systems and requires less maintenance. However, it is far less light than alternative possibilities. With a bulb brightness of 1,000 lumens, the LG HF65LA is only suitable for usage in gloomy rooms. However, it still performs exceptionally well in these lighting conditions.

The LG produces an exceptional display with a high level of detail and vibrant, accurate colors. It is the result of two LG-exclusive technologies: CineBeam and TruMotion. Together, they produce a high-definition image with seamless motion handling.

On this projector, sports and other high-action scenes appear fantastic. Additionally, we were impressed to find that the LG projector supports wireless networking. You may connect smartphones and computers to screencast content and connect additional speakers through Bluetooth for a more immersive audio experience.

This model will operate even better with the most fantastic projector screen, which comprises vinyl screen material that makes your colors sparkle in ways you never imagined.


  • Wireless video and audio connectivity
  • Compact and extra-portable design
  • TruMotion creates smooth picture quality


  • Disappointing brightness rating
  • Laggy web interface
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