Why Are People switching from DSLR to Mirrorless?

  • on December 25, 2022
Why Are People switching from DSLR to mirrorless?

Are they? I mean maybe some people did because why not? Whenever something new is introduced you have to check it out to calm your curiosity right. But it does not imply that we should generalize it and say that everyone is switching from DSLR to mirrorless because I know a lot of people who still are using DSLR. If your question is why some of them are switching to mirrorless nowadays or maybe most of them, I get it.

Well, again, it’s something new in the market and secondly, our needs and requirements differ. You have to pick what suits you. Now you might be wondering how you can know that one is better for you than the other. I can help you with that so don’t worry and read till the end.

What about professionals?

There are a lot of professionals still using DSLRs over mirrorless. Mirrorless has been a huge huge thing and it has been just growing year over year right but it is still not grown fully. Let’s just say there are still a lot of professionals using them.

How to decide?

Let’s blast away some of the myths and misinformation that are out there regarding DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

DSLRs have larger sensors than mirrorless cameras.


Sure when mirrorless cameras came out years ago the best full-frame centers could only be found in larger heavier old-school DSLR bodies. Not anymore. Sony’s awesome Alfa a7 line packs one of the best full-frame sensors available into an interchangeable lens camera.

Mirrorless cameras deliver less battery life.


When you reduce the size, you reduce the amount of space you have for batteries. In the case of a mirrorless because the idea is to create a much smaller camera body with that beautiful full-frame sensor you will often find as much as 50% less battery time. Top-end mirrorless cameras come with two batteries and look, it is pretty easy to change out of battery but we wanted to give you the heads up so you will know to keep it with you when you are on that once-in-a-lifetime nature adventure or just shooting the kids in the park.

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Mirrorless autofocus is inferior

This is another hotly debated topic that’s been raging on internet forums since mirrorless cameras were first introduced. The key difference is that DSLR auto-focusing directs light using a mirror to a dedicated AF sensor or autofocus sensor for quick focus locks. In mirrorless, the light passes directly to a sensor that processes both imaging and autofocus. Now in the past years, beardless cameras have caught up with technologies.

Mirrorless cameras don’t have great lenses

I gotta say false for this one

A bigger camera is a better camera


If you got a great sensor in a camera that has lots of lens options for a great class, there is no benefit to having a larger camera that flanges back distance or the distance from the lens mount to the sensor is larger for DSLRs because they have to stuff the mechanical mirror assembly between the lens and the sensor. Mirrorless cameras can be smaller, lighter, and easier to carry because they don’t have to pack that moving mirror.

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