Using a Projector Outside at Night

  • on January 26, 2023
Using a Projector Outside at Night

Using a projector outside at night? It’s springtime and soon to be summer! What could be more enjoyable than watching movies in your backyard with family and friends as the weather gets warmer? All you need is a fantastic outdoor projector, preferably one that is strong, practical, and portable and was created specifically for outdoor use.

It’s time to set up the projector after you decide which movies to watch and what kinds of snacks to serve at your backyard movie night. Since they have internal batteries (good for up to 2.5 hours) and even built-in Bluetooth speakers, good portable models can be used in under a minute. Suitable portable projectors are accurate all-in-one solutions that make your backyard movie night simple and enjoyable.

Backyard Movie Night: The 4-S Guide

A successful outdoor movie night requires several well-executed steps. Considerations range from technology to thunderstorms. The four major categories all begin with the letter S.

1. Sight


A large 4K TV can be taken outside and set up by anyone. However, that is different from the drive-in experience we’re after. Your backyard movie night will start with two essential elements, similar to movie theatres: a backyard projector and a screen to show onto. A projector has two essential features to have the finest outdoor viewing experience. Your make-or-break components are your lumens and resolution. The brightness the projector can produce is measured in lumens. Even if every backyard is unique, you must shine your movies in the dark. 

At night, outdoor projectors with 500 lumens perform incredibly well and can display movies flawlessly on virtually any surface.  A substantial full 1080p HD projector or a cinematic 4K projector are both options, although they may need to be more manageable to use outside and require a complicated setup. In a backyard, portable projectors perform considerably better.

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Undoubtedly, a masterful 4K HDR projector has incredible technology, but to be honest, it will only be helpful inside. Those projectors are made to provide an authentic home theatre experience. With a portable, you may still enjoy vistas of 100″ or more, and with support for native 1080p resolution, the image quality will be more than satisfactory at outdoor/backyard distances.

The faster you can set up, the quicker you can tend to those burgers and bratwurst. Light and portable projectors make setup a snap, with simple hinge adjustment, so you don’t need to place them on a stack of magazines to get the right angle. Watching a movie should be easier than launching a new mission to Mars.


Outdoor projection screens are available in various sizes, shapes, and deployment options; there are stand-mounted ones, ones you can mount on an exterior wall or backyard fence, and inflatable ones. The size and type of screen best for your backyard are determined by the area you want to cover.

Portable backyard projectors can be used on anything from the side of your garage to a brightly-colored blanket. However, you can, of course, also invest in a dedicated screen. You’ll need to study to discover the ideal outdoor screen for your backyard and budget or choose something practical like the wall of your home. There are a few choices, including foldable, inflatable screens for dynamic use.

2. Source 

If you have adequate Wi-Fi coverage, streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV, Roku Streaming Stick, and Apple TV are great, mainly since portable projectors feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Another thing to keep in mind when organizing a backyard movie night is the source of your programming. Does your projector have multiple input options? HDMI is the king of connectors and enables you to connect devices like a Blu-ray player or a game console.

You can utilize built-in apps like Netflix or Prime Video on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire to stream video, or you can use AirPlay to stream material from your iOS device and connect to your iTunes media library.

3. Sound

After discussing sights, it’s time to examine (or should that be listened to?) the other component of the equation, sound. Most backyard projectors come with built-in speakers that produce around 10 watts of sound, but if you need more sound, there are many external speakers available.

Some waterproof Bluetooth speakers produce decent sound and prevent people from tripping over cables (there’s always that person); portable projectors have convenient Bluetooth speakers and can operate as standalone speakers if you want music for a while.


Insect repellent, citronella candles, and foggers are suitable for keeping mosquitoes away. Have plenty of cold beverages on hand and lots of popcorn. Prepare a grill or fire pit. Finally, consider the neighbors. Don’t crank up a big bang. Shoot them up in the morning and rattle the windows next door. Plan and consider renting a movie theatre if your backyard is large enough.

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