Yaber Y31 Projector Review

  • on November 5, 2021
Yaber Y31 Projector Review

The YABER Y31 projector is an inexpensive 1080P device that’s known for its power. With the right money, you can find a more high-end model with all sorts of cool features, but if your budget isn’t up there, then this one will do just fine at providing quality images onscreen.

A recent Chinese electronics company with a few projector models to date, YABER is known for its high-quality audio-visual equipment. They were founded in the 2010s and only offered an updated model of an earlier one named after it – The New 2019 version now supports Dolby Sound.

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The YABER Y31 has a lot of bright for its price. While not necessarily the highest-end model on the market, it’s serviceable enough to make an option if you require basic brightness and affordability from your device.

The compact design with plenty going inside can provide great performance without breaking your budget or status symbol allowance.

Who Need YABER Y31 (yaber y31 review):

The YABER Y31 projector is a budget projector that provides an entertaining home theater experience. The small size and durability make it perfect for hobbyists who want to try out the theater effect without breaking their bank while still having good features such as top-of-the-line color accuracy or sharpness, thanks to its 1080p resolution.

The YABER Y31 was perfect for outdoor movie nights, where there is plenty of ambient light. It handled the extra visual noise well, and we agree that it would make an excellent choice if you need to frequently transport your portable viewing area indoors or outdoors.

If you’re looking for a projector that can handle videos and presentations alike, this may be the right choice. It has good contrast ratios to compensate for ambient light in large spaces- perfect if your living room or office is often lit by windows far away from where they are aimed.

The Portable Video Projector also makes it easy to tousle on the go. Even those who travel frequently have access to quality visual aids without taking heavy home equipment with them wherever life takes us.

Features (yaber y30 vs y31):

The YABER Y31 is a projector that not only reflects its price point but some other remarkable features. With an overall simple design and straightforward functionality – you won’t need to worry about this one getting in your way of viewing. Here are some of the top features of YABER Y31:

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  • v Native SVGA 1920 x 1080P resolution (Supported 4k UHD)
  • v High Brightness: 7200 lumens
  • v Lamp Type: LCD LED
  • v Lamp Life: 100000 hours
  • v Aspect Ratio 4:3 / 16: 9
  • v Displays from 50″ to 300″
  • v Projection Distance 5 to 25 ft
  • v High Contrast 1000: 1
  • v Digital Zoom Range -25%
  • v Digital Keystone: Horizontal and Vertical Correction
  • v One-Click Restore Function: Easy to restore
  • v One-Click to Brighten: +15% Brightness Reduce
  • v Power consumption 120W
  • v Integrated 3.0 Watt Stereo Speaker with SRS sound system
  • v Projector Dimensions: 4.1″ (H) x 12″ (W) x 9″ (D)
  • v Weight: 5.7 LB

Connections (yaber y31 native):

The Y31 is a baseline projector with fairly standard connector ports, including 2x HDMI, 2 USB, and AV/VGA. Its compact size makes it easy to take along on any adventure.

Digital Keystone Correction (yaber y31 throw distance):

The Keystone correction of the device is one unique feature. It offers vertical keystone adjustment, but not many brands offer horizontal, especially considering that it reaches up around 40 degrees (compared to 15 for other projectors). The automatic vertical correction will help you get your best viewing experience every time.

LED Lamp / Superior Lamp Life (Are yaber projectors good):

The YABER Y31 comes with an LED light source. It’s incredibly bright in just about any room, but the benefits don’t stop there! Not only does this projector emit powerful rays of illumination that are sure to make your day brighter, but it also has a lamp life so long they’ll outlast you – or at least most viewers’ lives. If true (and I’m inclined to believe what’s being said here), then these lamps might last centuries before needing replacement too.


  • The YABER Y31 projector is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get a great screen at an affordable price.
  • The brightness of the YABER Y31 projector makes it a great device for spaces that have ambient light. With 7200 lumens, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows under any conditions.
  • YABER Y31 is one of the projectors which is very easy to set up.
  • For the size of this projector, the 3-watt speakers put out decent audio quality! The dual stereo speakers have an SRS sound system and support Dolby Digital(AC3)


  • Now that we’ve pointed out all the reasons to purchase the YABER Y31 let’s talk about some of the issues you might want to consider before you commit.
  • The projector has a short lifespan, but it’s still worth the money if you can get one for under $100. It’s also great because many other brands are too expensive or have durability issues like overheating and hardware malfunctions.
  • The projector’s lens may not be able to focus, which could cause blurry edges and prevent subtitles or close captioning from working. It is a big problem for those who rely on these features when watching media such as presentations since no one wants to squint at the screen while paying attention.
  • The YABER Y31 is a portable but little machine. It does not have an HDMI or Display Port input, so you will need to purchase additional accessories if you want to use this projector to play games on your TV while also getting MHL functionality out of the box.
  • YABER doesn’t list noise output for any of their machines, but reviewers have taken note of the distracting noise this machine puts out. If you are in a small space, this might become an issue.
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