Are JBL Speakers Waterproof?

  • on September 10, 2022
Are JBL speakers waterproof?

Something popular is called popular for a reason. It is either liked by people or extremely disliked by people. Luckily, the JBL speakers fall in the first category. I wrote another article related to waterproof speakers, in general, that as people who claim to be someone else and turn out to be someone else, the same applies to products, devices, and technology of any kind.

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Yep, that is me. Hey there. How is it going with speakers? Or are you yet to buy one and are still confused as to what your next step should be? So, JBL speakers come up with the tag saying waterproof but are they? Without any delay, let me answer your question.

Are JBL speakers waterproof?

All except one JBL speaker are waterproof. Before telling you which one that is, I want to highlight why to go for JBL speakers when other speakers also claim to be waterproof. And I want to answer that because your being here suggests that you are not sure if you should trust JBL. I will let you know which single one not to trust concerning its waterproof capability. There are other aspects to consider, too; being waterproof is one of them, and it does not equip solely one JBL speaker.

Multiple options to pick from for buyers with different needs and budgets

If you are examining a unique waterproof speaker, JBL is what you need to choose from; they contain multiple choices for individuals with distinct budgets and requirements. Today, I will split down some JBL speakers to make sense of how you can trust JBL speakers are what to look out for when buying a JBL speaker.

Increased in price

So first off, I do want to point out that JBL speakers have risen in price over the last few months. Clip 3 is the smallest and cheapest speaker retailing at $70. Then it is the flip 5, which retails for $120, the charge 4 retails for $180, the pulse 4 retails for $250, the Xtreme 2 retails for $350, and the JBL Boombox 2 retails for $500. Also, remember that JBL constantly puts these speakers on quote-unquote sale.

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What do JBL speakers have in common?

Now, something that these speakers have in common is that they are all meant to be ultra-portable and durable. All these speakers have an IPX7 rating, meaning that they are waterproof, and almost all of them have a fabric body so that they can stand up to constant bumps and scrapes whenever you are lugging any of these speakers around. So if you are looking for a speaker to use at home and take on a camping trip, any of these speakers will be perfectly fine.

The Pulse 4 is the only one that is not waterproof

Except for the Pulse 4, the pulse 4 is a great at-home speaker, but it is not the greatest outdoors for a few reasons. First off, from my experience, even though JBL claims that this speaker is waterproof… I would not change it because my first pulse 4 died the first time it touched water.

Also, this speaker has an acrylic body, so you can scratch or crack it if you are too rough on it. And also, the battery life on the Pulse 4 is not the greatest cause it has that built-in light feature to power.

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