How Can You Tell If a Speaker is Waterproof?

  • on August 25, 2022
How Can You Tell If a Speaker is Waterproof?

People claim to be someone but turn out to be someone else. After experiencing betrayal over and over again in life, it gets harder to trust; I can relate. It does not only apply to people- the same goes for products. Well, even in the case of products, we people are responsible for describing them.

Is the product really what it affirms to be? (Inner voice of most of the buyers)

The question of how you can tell if a speaker is waterproof might sound silly to some who can’t relate to you and me. They will probably say that you’ll find the details in the specs section if it is waterproof or not. Or throw it in the water, and you will know. (They are not wrong, but some people need more details). I am writing this article for that particular reason.

How can you trust me?

Now you might be wondering how you can trust my words. I am also just another person to you, after all. ( I feel like a total stranger now. So, I better greet you at least. Welcome to this very technical article of mine. Nice to see you here, although I can’t see you. But you know what I mean).

Experiment with a waterproof speaker

Rest assured- I won’t just say what is and what’s not. I will enlighten you on how to believe and check for yourself and tell if a speaker is waterproof or not.

A speaker thoroughly analyzed and tested will be the main lead of this article today. Just saying that someone used it and told me that it was waterproof won’t be enough.I will specify the technical details required to make a speaker waterproof. You can too check them yourself for further satisfaction. However, I hope this article will be enough.

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The speaker claims it can be submerged underwater for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It’s time to reveal how you can trust that. Or in other words, what is it in a speaker that makes it waterproof and reliable concerning safety and other features? Starting with the outer materials- you will find a combination of metal speaker grills, a plastic frame, and a dense rubber layer around the exterior.

First barrier against water

The first observable shield against water is the exceptionally thick charging port flap. Luckily, there is another waterproof coat around the ports on the interior.

How can screws help in waterproofing?

On the plastic front plate against the metal grill, you can locate four Philips screws. The waterproofing starts below this layer. When uncovered, you will find four additional screws with a dense rubber layer over the tip dripped on top of the screw to plug the screw holes. That is a pretty ingenious way to obstruct water entry.

What happens when you remove the screws?

After you remove the screws; and the speaker lifts off from the body, you’ll notice a rubber washer along the lip. The screws tighten the plastic top against the rubber ring to create a water-tight seal with the remainder of the body.

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If you go far enough to detach the two speaker wires, you will observe three screws holding the speaker into the grill.

What is the name of the tested product?

Before I get any further, I want to highlight that the speaker tested is the J&L Speaker. There can be minor changes in other products claiming to be waterproof. But in the end, they follow the same procedure to coat them. I am just letting you know what makes a speaker waterproof for your satisfaction.

Ok, time to get back to your question. Once all the screws and seal is gone, the speaker will freely fall out from the plastic frame. The metal grill has apparent holes, so air and water can enter. The speaker ought to do all the work to keep the water out.

What’s different from other speakers?

In some speakers, the cone, or diaphragm, is made of thick paper, cloth, or another material.

The role of Plastic

The actual speaker component in the case of the one tested as a reference for this article- the one you might be curious about is plastic. Plastic will not let water pass through it. And the rubber surround or ‘suspension’ is also impenetrable. Water will never soak through the plastic cone (NEVER). Thumbs up for that ;)You won’t find the tested speaker’s (The J&L Speaker) board coated with a hydrophobic spray. If some water manages to penetrate inside your speaker, it will get roasted. The rest of the water barriers will do their job, though.

And you’ll be just fine.

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