Top 5 Best Optoma Projectors Under 1000 To Buy

  • on November 11, 2021
Optoma HD28HDR Home Theater Projector:

In today’s day and age, it is easier than ever to get a good deal on any product that you might want. With the Internet and online shopping at your disposal, it is easy to find great deals on everything from electronics like projectors to clothing or even groceries.

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If you are looking for the best optoma projectors under 1000 but don’t want all the hassle of going through hundreds of different models to make sure you choose the best one, then check out this list below that we have put together for our readers! We hope that these projectors will help guide you in choosing what type of projector will work best for you and help save some time when doing so! Check them out below: 

Optoma HD28HDR Home Theater Projector(Best Optoma Projectors Under 1000):
Optoma HD28HDR Home Theater Projector:

The Optoma Home Theater 4K projector is our top pick for the best under 1000 projectors. With highly efficient performance and quality display technology, this product can cast sharp images on any screen it’s used with–perfect if you’re looking to create a home cinema in your bedroom.

The 1080p resolution also makes it an excellent choice as one of those “affordable” options we talked about earlier: not only will viewers be able to see every detail. But they won’t feel like something is missing because their screens don’t have high enough resolutions yet.

The 4000ANSI lumen provides a bright and detailed experience to viewers. It won’t need any dimming for the best viewing due to its high colour profile that produces accurate colours while still being able to contrast ratio keeps things interesting! Dynamic Black Technology enhances dark scenes by increasing blacks, so you can see what’s beneath them without losing detail in general lighting conditions – either bright or low keyed lights are perfectly readable with this screen technology.


It is incredible the multifaceted features that this TV offers. It has HDMI and USB connectivity options, a refresh rate of 120Hz for high-quality picture quality with fast response times, 3D compatibility to keep you entertained in any room or space–think about taking it on vacation!

The zoom ability will allow viewers without glasses to see crystal clear images from different angles. At the same time, keystone correction ensures perfect tuning no matter where they’re sitting within your living area (or bedroom).

Four HDMI ports and two USB slots give this monitor an edge over others. It offers high refresh rates and 3D compatibility with short-throw distances, making it noteworthy for gamers who want the best of both worlds! The zoom feature ends up being what you debate most – whether or not it’s required to get your desired result when playing games on PC without hooking up anything else but just using our monitor built-in video receiver?


  • Crispy bright image quality
  • Easy to set up on ceiling and table
  • High image resolution
  • It can be a good choice for gaming enthusiasts (It works well with PS3 and PS4 through HDMI)
  • Gaming mode with high refresh rates
  • Powerful lamp
  • Best Optoma Projectors Under 1000


  • Not suitable for XBOX users (4K feature won’t work)
  • A bit noisy while starting up

Epson Home Cinema 2250 HD Projector: 
Epson Home Cinema 2250 HD Projector:

This home cinema projector is an excellent buy for those who want to enhance their movie-watching experience. It can help you watch YouTube videos, Hula shows and even Netflix in stunning detail.

The addition of Android TV makes this product stand out from others on the market today – not just as an improvement but also because it has all these fantastic features which other models don’t have at such competitive prices to boot, so do check them both before deciding what will work best with your needs whether big or small.

I hope this article helped give some insight into why owning one might make sense, considering how affordable they are now.

The 2700 ANSI lumens ensure that you’ll get high-quality images, but it is essential to find the right kind of light for your room. If there are no obstacles in front or behind this video screen, then ambient lighting shouldn’t be an issue since chrome gets rid of unwanted shadows cast by sources like windows and doorways on its surface.

However, suppose these factors aren’t considered. In that case, then higher levels may cause problems with visibility during daytime hours because direct sunlight can bounce off surfaces at angles unseen before, which would make blacks disappear into nothingness, leaving only pure white spaces where something should’ve been seen clearly as opposed to now being able to see anything unless one looks directly.


The projector’s 4K enhancement technology with the lens shift option makes it easy to adjust your image without moving. The high brightness, contrast ratio, and colour smoothness are also noteworthy in that they provide you best results for viewing quality. Hence, the projector is excellent in terms of image quality and brightness. The slight noise that can be heard during cinema mode could cause some issues, but this device has many benefits, such as sharpness and clarity with crisp images.


  • High resolution and image quality
  • The capability of adding external speakers
  • Installed apps for convenience
  • Easy to install and use


  • Absence of digital output option on HDMI
  • A bit loud when shifting to cinema mode

Epson Pro EX9220 3LCD Projector:
Epson Pro EX9220 3LCD Projector:

The Epson projector is the best choice for those looking to buy an affordable, high-quality device used at home and inside offices. It features a lightweight design with easy mounting options, which allow you flexibility when it comes time to shift between different locations without having wires get tangled up in your clipboards.

Plus, this product doesn’t just offer Wireless Operation – it lets users take advantage of Full HD 1080p resolution so every detail will always stay crystal clear no matter where on-screen viewers are located.”

The projector can display WUXGA resolution, which works 4.5 times more efficiently than HDTVs and projects an image with 1080p clarity! It also has diverse connectivity options that allow it to work nicely with multiple devices such as laptops or smartphones – no matter what type you use. The picture will be bright because this device uses high-quality glass lenses, just like cinema projectors do when checking out films at one theatre chain near me.


The reason for standing out is the best use of business presentations. Whether you want to make a PowerPoint presentation or run high-quality videos relevant to your project, it will be good if they’re colourful and vivid in colour. The projector is perfect for daily business use, but the wireless function will require a lot of time in software.


  • High resolution and contrast ratio
  • Convenient to adjust angles
  • The fan does not produce noises
  • Best projection of intricate images
  • Price is not so high (Light on pocket)


  • The wireless function is a bit daunting to set up.

BenQ MH733 Business Projector:
BenQ MH733 Business Projector:

If your office has high ambient light, this BenQ projector is for you. Being another best projector under 1000, it’s excellent in large rooms and offices with bright lighting sources like windows or other fluorescent lights nearby that could interfere with the images projected onto walls at night time when needed most (such as presentations). They also come standard equipped with w/a ceiling mount, making them even more convenient than ever before.

The Keystone correction feature helps to avoid the distortion that can happen with an improper key stoning. You’ll be able to use built-in speakers inside of your laptop, as well as to conduct presentations anywhere you want! With zoom enabled, it’s easy for adjustments between positions and horizontally or vertically on-screen without worrying about any positioning hassles getting in your way.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

To make sure the projector’s image is projected clearly, it has 4000 lumens. This high luminance can light up a room with bright colours and details that are perfect for viewing in ambient environments where there won’t be any motion blur or angle correction needed when watching videos on your screen. Overall, the device is excellent for bright luminous office rooms, but it lacks movie playing options like HDCP. So better not to use this in your home theatre setup.


  • Best image display (In any environment)
  • No hassles of motion blur
  • Easy to use and install
  • Time saver due to VGA detector
  • It can be projected wirelessly


  • Not HDCP compatible (You’ll require an adapter)

XIAOYU Projector:
XIAOYU Projector:

For those looking to spend a little less but still get the most out of your dollar when it comes down to buying an outdoor projector. This one from Epson would be perfect as it has LED bulbs that can last 60k hours.

That means if you watch 3 hours worth every day with this bad boy, then by next year’s summer solstice (the longest day), you’ll have spent enough time watching movies for 55 whole years straight without even having turned off yet.

The ANSI 4000 lumen LED bulb inside this projector projects an evident video quality for such a small device; it can also remove dust and dirt.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the multiple connectivity options. It contains two HDMI ports on the front and one left side panel, and an SD card slot VGA slot AV jack headphone jack to hook up external speakers, which will improve sound quality in any event. Despite the volume change issue, this projector is considered one of the best buys because it has top-notch features at an affordable price.


  • High image quality on a projection
  • Can be mounted on ceiling and tripod
  • Two built-in speakers
  • Not noisy
  • Multiple connection options


  • Remote may not be able to reduce volume properly. (You can use buttons instead)
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