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  • on July 22, 2022
Best Cam For 5.7 Hemi Ram

An engine’s camshaft is a fundamental component. This device controls the valves. By calibrating the amount of air and fuel that enters the chamber and maintaining how efficiently the burned exhaust gas can exit, the room is prepared for the next ignition cycle.

An engine’s camshaft significantly affects its performance and is essential to its operation. With a timing chain or belt, the camshaft is connected to the crankshaft and controls the crankshaft’s movement, which is mostly moving the pistons.


Choosing the parts for a powerful engine has a hierarchy from the most critical to the least vital. There was a philosophy among enthusiasts not too long ago, “the bigger, the better.”.

In the end, we had an over-cammed engine that sounded great and could crank ridiculous power but could not idle and wasn’t very street-friendly. Cylinder heads determine the engine’s power potential, and camshafts determine how well they work on any engine combination.

Engines depend on the camshaft they use. A machine can be made or broken by the right camshaft. A high cylinder head airflow won’t matter if the camshaft isn’t opening the valves at the right time, for the correct amount of time, or in the optimal relation to one another.

We must consider a few factors when purchasing a camshaft for the 5.7 Hemi Ram. The following are some of them.


When we learn how mouth-watering a camshaft’s performance is, we should check whether it is compatible with our vehicle before purchasing. Buying an incompatible came would be a waste of money.

Our camshaft must be compatible with our vehicle before we purchase it. From the specifications of our car and the information on the product’s detail page, we can do so.


If we are looking for a specific build, we can check the camshaft’s performance rating to know the horsepower and torque it will provide. A high-end cam offers more torque, better performance, and a more comprehensive range of RPMs.


The term refers to the displacement of the valve from its seat in the cylinder. The height of a lift is measured in inches. A lift can be classified as a Gross lift or a 

Lobe lift.

A rocker ratio multiplied by a lobe lift yields a gross charge. This gives us a good ride for the valve.

At the nose of the lobe, the lobe lift is the size of the original lobe on the camshaft.


Lifts refer to valve displacement, while durations refer to how long the cam is open in degrees of crank rotation. A duration of 0.50 inches is measured, and an advertised time is measured.

7 Best cam for 5.7 Hemi Ram


Even among our extensive list, this top-tier product from Geluoxi stands out. Give this product a try if you’re looking for the Best cam for 5.7 Hemi Ram.

This product retains the appearance and weight of the factory 5.7 Hemi set, but it is more economical.

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A groove has been machined into the barrel of this cam in front of its journal. This camshaft is compatible with Dodges with automatic transmissions.


This camshaft increases the engine’s power and drivability while keeping our wallets happy by improving the engine’s fuel economy. As one of the most popular camshafts for 5.7 Remi hammers, its up-front sale price is comparatively much lower.


Our grade for this camshaft would be an ‘A’ because it offers the highest performance while maintaining a low cost. Both of these are medium-term projects. You should use this camshaft for your engine, as it fits your car.


Due to its incredible drivability, Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Cam is an intelligent choice for those who want a touch of fun while driving around town. In addition to providing supreme drivability, it has a strong mid-range that allows us to operate in the streets at higher RPMs. In other words, this is a top-of-the-finest camshaft for 5.7 Hemi rams.

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EFI applications require a camshaft explicitly tuned for them. As a result, the airflow signal to the carburetor does not have to be sent through it. The engine also performs better as a result. There is a wider separation between the lobes on this camshaft. This camshaft creates more vacuum because of its additional width.


With 1.6:1 rocker arms, its lifts are improved without much change to the cam. This results in a broader powerband and an increase in torque, which improves the handling and drivability of the vehicle.


The roller camshaft has low idle stalling. Modifications to the tuning will be moderate.

 COMP CAMS 201-300-17 NSR HRT 

The Comp cams HRT hydraulic roller camshafts are explicitly designed for HEMI engines from Gen III and IV. Due to its exclusive features, this camshaft is in the top two most effective for 5.7 Hemi Ram in our list of the finest camshafts.

This model has outstanding fuel economy due to its stage 1 NSR camshaft. Overstock produces excellent horsepower and torque without wearing down the valve springs.

As a result, valve spring replacement is minimized. Pulling a heavy load gives the engine power. Therefore, heavier vehicles will benefit from it. In addition, it has an excellent throttle response thanks to its higher torque.

With similar lobe profiles, this camshaft from HRT increases horsepower to the limit while improving stability at higher RPMs. After months of rigorous testing, HRT camshaft profiles are designed to outperform their competitors and dominate the market.


You may want to use this camshaft if you have a more massive vehicle. It also has a very responsive throttle response, making it a competent driver. We placed it on our list for a high-performance camshaft for 5.7 Hemi because it ensures the most efficient performance regardless of engine displacement.


It is designed for vehicles with VVT and does not work with any MDS. Additionally, it does not suit racing.


You should look for the proper camshaft for a 5.7 Hemi if you want to convert an MDS engine into a non-MDS one while retaining the VVT counterpart. We have included it in our list of the highest quality cam for 5.7 Hemi ram even though it is not a ranked product.

The MDS applies oil pressure to disengage and engage valve lifters to keep the four cylinders shut off. Despite its ability to reduce oil consumption, it also has some downsides. MDS employment comes with misfires and mechanic noises. After some mileage on the system, one of the cylinders fails to deactivate. Some users can feel a transition from the regular mode to the powered-down mode, which reduces the sense of power they want.


It combines the outstanding advantages of variable valve timing with the disadvantages of multiple displacements in one camshaft.


To disable the MD system, we need to tune the ECU.


Geluoxi makes one of the most effective camshafts for 5.7 Hemi Rams. Despite bumpy roads, its robust construction ensures it performs well. It protects the engine well. Additionally, it will maintain compatibility with the Hemi Dodge car system while increasing torque and power.

Having been tried and tested, this camshaft is proven to perform well regularly. Thus, we have added this camshaft to our list of the most OK cams for7 Hemi Rams.


The engine power of this particular model is increased while fuel economy is improved.


This camshaft is designed specifically for Dodge vehicles and is one of the most reliable camshafts for the 5.7 Hemi Challenger.


Geluoxi has produced another top-tier product with this one. This product should be on the top of your list if you want to buy the proper camshaft for 5.7 Hemi ram.

There is a groove machined into the barrel of this cam in front of its journal. Jeeps, Chryslers, and Dodges with automatic transmissions can use this camshaft.

In addition, it fits the upcoming Dodge Durango, which is based on the Grand Cherokee Platform 2011.

This set’s components have been tried and tested and have been proven to meet even the strictest standards. The best cam for 5.7 Hemi Rams, this unit will make our car run like new and ensure a long lifespan.


Using this camshaft for our engine will improve our fuel economy and longevity, and it has been proven to work optimally.


There will be some noise for the first hour while this camshaft is being broken in.



Ans-A camshaft serves as a timing device. This valve controls the opening and closing of the exhaust and intake valves. Also, it determines when the valve overlaps at the top dead center (TDC) during the exhaust stroke.

Various journals are used in the construction of the shaft. Bearings within the engine support these journals. Valvetrain lobes are shaped like eggs, and these egg-shaped lobes actuate the valves. Lobes move pushrods and lifters or directly push on valve stems from actuating the valvetrain.


Ans-Cast iron or steel is used to make camshafts, while alloy steel is used to make crankshafts. The camshaft is located above the cylinder, and the crankshaft is located below it, on opposite sides of the cylinder.


Ans-Several signs can detect camshaft degradation. Below are some examples.Whenever there is an issue with the camshaft, the check engine light in our dashboard will come on. There may be other problems as well as a check engine light.

In summary

Having reached this article’s end, we hope you have gained a better understanding of camshafts and some of the Best cam for 5.7 Hemi Ram. When choosing the right product for your needs, we want to help you make an informed choice.

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