Best Chromebook For Zoom

  • on October 15, 2021
Acer Chrome Book R 11

Chrome books are adjustable; you can make them work with your lifestyle. You can buy one that is lightweight and portable or one that has a lot of power packed into its small frame. If you’re looking for the best chromebook for zoom, here’s what to look for.

Best Chromebook For Zoom

HP Chrome Book x360:
HP Chrome Book x360


The HP Chrome book x360 is a sleek, sophisticated device that looks like a Mac Book. It has an aluminium frame and contrasted keyboard with silver accents to give it an even more premium feel in your hands or on your lap when you use the tablet mode for serious work sessions.

The laptop also features two top-facing speakers underneath its chrome hinges, so sound quality can be improved without having them muffled by other materials around.

The Chrome book x360 HD Touch screen is a stunningly beautiful laptop that can be transformed into a tablet. This transformation happens with hinges, which you rotate around 360 degrees and attach to give the device its tent-like appearance for presentations or to watch movies without any obstruction from pesky keys on your keyboard when in “tent mode.” The backlit keyboard allows you to continue typing even if there’s little light as it illuminates exactly where each key sits.

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HP’s new Chrome book is the perfect laptop for anyone who wants to stay ahead of trends and be able to work anywhere. With features like Bluetooth 5.0, wireless (Wi-Fi 6) connectivity capabilities as well as an SD card slot on either side, you’ll never have any trouble connecting your device with all your devices, whether they’re Windshield Certified or not.

The HP Chrome book x360 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get their work done from any place, at any time. The laptop features a fingerprint reader that’ll automatically log in when you’re trying unlocking the taskbar menu and makes logging into accounts much easier than typing out passwords. It is among the Best Chromebook For Zoom.

The trackpad on this device has great responsiveness, so it will feel smooth if using two fingers only while performing actions like scrolling or tapping – not just touching buttons which sometimes happens with other laptops. Additionally, there’s also good tactility feedback thanks to its rubberized surface, which means touch inputs can be made naturally without feeling confused about where pressure needs to go because they always seem connected no matter what angle one holds them.


  • Thin and lightweight construction
  • Best Chromebook For Zoom
  • Backlit keyboard for good monitoring
  • Fast performance in elegant design
  • Very impressive battery life


  • Price may be high
  • Display needs improvements

HP 14 – Inch HD Laptop:
HP 14 – Inch HD Laptop


The HP 14-Inch HD Laptop is a great fit for zoom meetings. It has an inexpensive price and comes with a plastic case, but we faced flex and creak while adjusting the screen or picking it up with one hand. On the other hand, this wouldn’t be an issue since there are no exposed screws that eliminate any tension on your loose display.

This monitor is surprisingly light and portable. It comes in a variety of colours to match your taste, as well! In addition, it has 1366 x 768 resolutions which you can’t get at this price range – but then again, nothing’s perfect, right?

The HP 14-Inch HD Laptop is the perfect blend of form and function. With its Intel HD Graphics 400, you can stream videos from Netflix or YouTube in addition to running simple video games with ease.

Furthermore, it produces up 81% surge colour gamut, which adds flair on top of an already great design, all while keeping battery life at bay through energy efficiency measures taken by incorporating low power processors into this high definition screen technology that takes advantage of HDR Video streaming capabilities too making sure colours don’t get washed out when watching HDR content like Amazon Prime TV shows & movies alongside regular displays made sense due to natural contrast enhancement, so everything looks clearer than ever before.

The HP 14-Inch Laptop is an amazing device for students. With plenty of input options, it’s no wonder that this Chrome book lasts around 7 hours and 0 minutes on a single charge! Not only does the provided power-sipping processor help stretch out battery life by up to 31% in comparison with previous models – making web surfing smoother than ever before without Wi-Fi assistance or cables attached-, but also two USB 2.0 ports provide enough versatility when transferring data from removable devices like flash drives onto your computer screen so you can get work done quickly without worrying about running low before class starts again tomorrow morning (or anytime soon).

The HP 14-Inch HD Laptop is the perfect workhorse for those who need a high performance, portable device. Not only does it have an advanced cooling system that prevents overheating even during extensive use, but it also lasts up to 8 hours on one charge.


  • Attractive colourful design
  • Speedy and responsive in the longer run
  • Crisp, and wider screen
  • Best Chromebook For Zoom
  • Quite excellent battery life


  • The display is quite dim
  • Performance isn’t ideal

Acer Chrome Book 314:
Acer Chrome Book 314


Acer Chrome book 314 is a budget-conscious laptop perfect for those on the go. The 14 Inches display screen provides ample space to do most things while still being portable enough that you can take it anywhere! It’s also encased in lightweight plastic, which makes this product durable yet elegant at the same time – not too heavy or bulky like other laptops with Flagship models priced similarly but lack exciting features such as touch screens and high-resolution displays. Lastly, there was a tint offered by Acer, which produces an appropriate illusion making users believe they are holding something valuable even though it’s made out of cheap materials.

Acer’s Chrome book 314 is a versatile laptop with more connectivity options than other similarly priced models. It has two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports, an audio jack, and a micros slot for future storage needs! The device also supports 2 X 2 MU-MIMO Wife connections to make speedy high-end connections even faster on this Acer machine.

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The spacious layout and crisp typing action on the touchpad mean that this Chrome book is excellent for zoom meetings. While we were testing, we examined both spaces as well as the movement of keyboard/touchpad’s to ensure a smooth user experience throughout all areas related to input devices in our lab’s environment where they’re used by conference attendees who need ample room but also some physical distance from their laptop screen while still maintaining clear visibility at key moments during presentations or sessions.

Hence, there are no missed deadlines due to a lack of attention span. Someone had too far upfront been able to participate fully through using one device instead of splitting time between two different screens, such as what might typically happen if people tried sharing Google docs.

We were excited to try out the webcam on Acer Chrome book 314. It’s in HD and produces light base tones with slight echo, which is great for making calls on Skype! The audio has no distortion when tested during our performance but does have some static coming from it after turning off all lights around us near an open window where we recorded this video at night time.”

The battery of Acer Chrome book 314 stands out among other tested chrome books. It can last for five hours while watching HD YouTube videos at moderate brightness and volume, which is more than enough time when you’re on the go.


  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Good battery life
  • Best Chromebook For Zoom
  • Insertion of advanced ports
  • Ample storage to access files offline


  • The screen isn’t touch screen
  • Occasional streaming glitches

Acer Chrome Book R 11:
Acer Chrome Book R 11


To be at crossroads, Acer Chrome book R 11 Laptop is the perfect device for any traveller looking to take their work with them anywhere. With its convertible design and long battery life that can last an entire day on a charge (or two), this versatile chrome book will have you ready no matter where your journey takes place.

The sleek white casing features diamond patterning on both sides of the lid and top/bottom surfaces–a unique touch that adds character without being flashy or overstated.

The most amazing feature of this Chrome book is a 360-degree hinge which allows you to switch it into 4 different modes, including laptop, tent, table and display with the screen facing outward.

Acer Chrome book R 11 is a fantastic laptop for extensive users. The keys are well-spaced and require only average force to press them down, so typing 100 words per minute was quite tireless with this device–not too shabby considering what other laptops sell at similar price points! Additionally, I found the display quality of Acer’s newest model satisfactory even though it doesn’t have bright enough colours or high pixel density compared to competitors’ products on the market right now.

The final verdict? If you’re looking specifically into getting your work done while utilizing cloud storage services like Dropbox, then go ahead; however, if not, don’t worry because these features won’t affect day-to our long usage significantly.

The Acer Chrome book R 11 sounds clear and loud, making it perfect for zoom meetings. But place the device on any solid surface to avoid muffling its audio quality.


  • Stay fast over time
  • Sturdy, convertible design
  • Long battery life in a sturdy case
  • Best Chromebook For Zoom
  • Full-size ports with speedy performance


  • The trackpad isn’t too good
  • Lid can flex

Google Pixel book Go:
Google Pixel book Go


Toeing carefully, Google Pixel book GO Chrome book is crafted in a thin and lightweight construction. In design terms, it’s known as the best classy laptop on today’s market.

Furthermore, this computer frame has been made from magnesium alloy painted with a matte finish to match its rippled base perfectly while gripping. You can move between workspaces without lags or hesitation thanks to 8GB RAM that allows users to run multiple programs at once without experiencing any lag when multitasking.

Inching forward, the Google Pixel book GO Chrome book comes with comfortably spaced keys and high-end speakers. Although the small size of these speakers can cause a bit more difficulty in multimedia activities such as music playback or video watching due to its deficiency in sound quality when compared against similarly priced models on today’s market; however this lightweight laptop offers an impressive battery life which we were able to test during our 12-hour video playback period without any issues whatsoever.

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The keyboard is an excellent combination of silence and forceful feedback. We experienced that this one silenced the sound while still giving you strong feelings when typing on it.

We were excited to try out the Google Pixel book GO Chrome book because it had two USB C ports and a headphone jack, but we found that its performance was only average. It can run android games as well as 1080p playback videos without any trouble or bagginess when playing them on this laptop for basic needs like schoolwork; however, since there’s no dedicated graphics card inside of it (like what you would find in a Vida Before GTX 1070), they’ll be lower quality compared with those from other laptops which do have higher-end parts installed into their system boards – such Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Pro consoles among others.

We were impressed by how well the device handles multiple browser tabs. We opened almost a dozen of them without any issues due to memory shortage, which is possible because this laptop has 8GB RAM.


  • Brilliant, high-end keyboard
  • Lightweight and attractive design
  • Incredible battery life
  • Best Chromebook For Zoom
  • Decent performance with solid performance


  • No biometric login
  • The viewing angle isn’t great

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