Best Earbuds for Daith Piercing

  • on June 9, 2022
Best Earbuds for Daith Piercing

Our top picks for the Earbuds for Daith piercing are suitable for those who want to listen to their music without being distracted by the outside world. 

Here are some of the most comfortable jewelry for pierced ears. 

As you search for the most delicate wireless earbuds or headphones for people with piercings, you will be getting close to many brands giving them access. Your comfortable, ideal earbuds allow you to listen to your favorite music without being disturbed by any external sounds. Let’s take a look at the suitable wireless earbuds for Daith piercing. 

Do Different Ear Piercings Prevent You From Wearing Earbuds? 

Body modifications such as ear piercings add style and appearance to your appearance. The different types of ear piercings on the market offer a stylish look. It is essential to remember that getting a piercing can be painful. 

The ear is an integral part of the body. Therefore, the area becomes more sensitive after getting a piercing, and it must have adequately cared for your ear piercing to heal. If you have pierced ears or plan to get one, you may be worried about whether or not you will be able to wear earbuds. 

Different Ear Piercings That Might Prevent You from Wearing Earbuds 

G piercing may affect your habit of wearing earbuds when listening to music. There’s a possibility that dirt from earbuds can infect the piercing or interfere with the healing process. 

You must consider the following points, depending on what type of piercing you get, if you are a music lover or someone who can’t live without their AirPods. Below is a list of different types of piercings you can have and whether they interfere with using earbuds. 

The Daith Piercing 

Daith piercings originated in Jewish culture and are relatively common now. This feature is a hoop-shaped piece of cartilage that connects the inner ear to the exterior. Compared to other piercings, Daith piercings are less painful. However, the level of discomfort is individual. The healing time for a Daith piercing varies from person to person but is usually between 6 and 9 months. 

Daith piercings are challenging to place in your ear due to their positioning. Hence, it’s wise not to wear earbuds after getting pierced. If you get your ear pierced one week after wearing silicone earbuds, you can still utilize them, but you should not wear AirPods. Apple’s wireless earphones use materials that interfere with healing, including a robust material. 

How Long Does It Take To Heal Before You Can Start Wearing Ear Buds? 

Healing times for ear piercings vary. Moreover, every person’s body heals at a different pace. For example, the Daith can take up to six months to heal, whereas the Tragus can take up to three months. 

But remember, your healing process does not have to match the time provided. Your aftercare routine is active in how quickly your ear piercing heals. During the healing process, you should remain patient. 

Sometimes, when your ear piercing doesn’t heal as quickly as you expected, you can become frustrated, but it will always be worth the wait. Our internal systems don’t accept piercings as a means of defense. Remember these factors and be patient until your piercing has fully healed. 

Having a cool ear piercing will allow you to enjoy the perks of wearing earbuds for as long as you want. Before you put your Earbuds in your ears, ensure they are clean. Your piercing is still susceptible to infection even after it has healed.

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones 

Daith piercing earbuds are the world’s first proven pair of best earbuds for Daith piercing. The ratings are all around 26db, which is the noise reduction form of rating. Additionally, they are included with the ISO tunes signature Safe-Sound technology to prevent any damage to the ear. 

Heat-activated Comply memory in the ear tips creates the perfect seal for noise isolation by creating an ideal seal. 

In addition, it has Bluetooth 4.1 and 8 mm to enhance the smooth bass and rich tenor. 


  • There is four-hour battery life. 
  • Prices are affordable.  
  • The sound quality is high. 


  • Battery timing is not enough. 

True Wireless Stereo Earbuds IPX8 Waterproof Bluetooth

This product is your best choice if you want high-quality headphones for Daith piercing. You will notice that the signature sound quality is much lighter in weight due to the solid aluminum body. It weighs just 40 grams and is scratch-resistant. 

Solid aluminum blocks make all of the body finishes. These provide the vibrant, captivating sound that captures all of your favorite tunes. 

The advantage of using Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is slightly set with its high quality. As a result, one gets the best acoustic experience. Its ANC will last up to 20 hours. Even if the battery dies, it will continue to function. 

As ANC becomes rechargeable, you will have complete control over the noise-canceling power and maintain control. 


  • As ANC becomes rechargeable 
  • full control over the noise-canceling power 


  • Too pricy

233621 Axel Hybrid Active

The last wireless earbud on our list! You would be able to isolate outside noise using the unique expandable foam ear-tips, so you could concentrate on what’s important. There is also a noise-isolating function, which would protect the eardrums. 

These great wireless, Bluetooth in-ear headphones can enjoy excellent sports performance. 

Thanks to the CD-like sound quality of these great wireless, Bluetooth in-ear headphones, they are also offered as the best sports headphones. 

In addition to the sweatproof and waterproof coating, it has a secure ear-hook design. 


  • A consistent and reliable connection to your computer, TV, or smartphone is even more critical. 
  • In just 5 seconds, you can pair the wireless earbuds wirelessly with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. 

JBL 110BT In-Ear Headphones 

We like the JBL 110BT earbuds because they are among the best affordable wireless earbuds. 

With JBL’s thick bass sound quality, you will not be disappointed. The audio is crisp and clear across the board, with well-defined mids and lows. 

These earbuds are designed behind the neck and have a tangle-free wire. They have a significant bass boost thanks to the 9mm drivers. The 9mm drivers deliver a powerful bass boost and are comfortable and light. 

The earphones are perfectly sized and fit comfortably in the ear. Furthermore, it does not cause any discomfort to the daith. 


  • Fitting comfortably 
  • earbuds with magnets 
  • Durable and sweatproof 


  • No cons 

BNCHI Wireless Earbuds 

This pair of earbuds produce an accurate sound with decent noise reduction thanks to good noise cancellation. 

The Bluetooth range is quite long with these headphones. You can listen to the music for up to 42 hours on the charging case. Other than that, a 6-hour charge will give you enough time to listen. 

The bass is exceptional on these headphones. They are virtually soundproof. They are of excellent audio quality. 


  • The magnetic headphone 
  • Comfortable 
  • with a wide range of connectivity 


  • No cons to mention 


We offer long-lasting headphones for people who have listened to music for a long time. There is a long battery life of 23 hours on the Bang and Olufsen headphones. Bang and Olufsen have a playtime of seven hours. 

Bang & Olufsen headphones, however, have a unique wireless connection. This set of headphones from Bang & Olufsen includes a carrying case. Bang and Olufsen’s carrying case is a leather case, not a simple one. 

Meanwhile, Olufsen headphones are known for their sound quality. You’ll be amazed at the bass. Also included is a transparent mode, which is unique to Bang & Olufsen. 

In addition, You can use Bang and Olufsen headphones with all android and iOS devices. 


  • Sound signature 
  • shaped like a box 
  • 35 hours of playtime 


  • No cons


Finally, we have Skullcandy headphones, which feature the most portability. The Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds are lightweight and deliver the best fit for people with sensitive ears after piercing. 

You can work happily and listen to music for longer when using the Skullcandy headphones. Skullcandy has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably on all ears. 

On the other hand, you can play with the skull candy earbuds for 12 hours. Furthermore, the Skullcandy earbuds have a talk time of 3 hours. Skullcandy’s earbuds have intuitive controls and can be used with iOS or Android devices. 

Skullcandy also comes with a portable carrying case and a wide connection. Whether on the go or at home, the skull candy earbuds are easy to carry in their case. 


  • Durable quality 
  • Punchier bass 
  • Comfortable ear tips 


  • Bit pricey 


Do all the headphones work well when pierced?

Daith piercing is not suitable for all types of headphones. If you want to listen comfortably, we recommend buying wireless headphones. Additionally, the wired headphones might cause discomfort or get caught in the piercing. 

Why are headphones comfortable to wear with Daith piercing?

Carson USB C Earphones are among the most comfortable headphones to wear with Daith piercings. Wearing these headphones for long periods is comfortable, thanks to their design. The Carson headphones feature impressive sound quality in addition to a comfortable fit. 

What is the best headphone to wear during Daith piercing?

You can wear the following headphones while wearing a Daith piercing: 

  • Push True Wireless Earbuds from Skullcandy – Most Portable 
  • The Bio play E8 3rd generation headphone from Bang & Olufsen has the most extended battery life 
  • and is the most comfortable of all the Zartzon USB C earphones 
  • Best Seller – ZWS Tech Bluetooth Headphones 
  • Overall Winner: Eon Concepts Wireless Headphones 

Do I have to wear earbuds or headphones with a Daith piercing? 

Wearing earbuds with Daith piercing is comfortable. In addition, you won’t get fatigued from the earbuds. It is best to purchase lightweight and comfortable earbuds that do not hurt your daith piercing, even if it is new. It is essential to buy earbuds that don’t interfere with your daith piercing. 

Is piercing the Daith painful with headphones?

Headphones that are not portable may indeed cause pain in the Daith piercing. Once the piercing area has healed completely, you should wear headphones. The piercing wound must heal entirely for a few weeks before wearing headphones. 


We’ve compiled the finest headphones for daith piercings that won’t hurt. Furthermore, the finesses headphones for daith piercing we reviewed have a compact shape and are lightweight. 

We’ve also included the latest features in our list of headphones for pierced ears. Additionally, the sound quality is superior, and the headphones are portable. In addition to that, we picked headphones that fit in the ear for piercings because they are more comfortable than over-ear ones. 

In conclusion, the headphones we reviewed have a broad price range. Thus, you can rest assured that you will find something within your budget. 

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