7 Best Wireless Earbuds for Audiobooks in 2023

  • on June 29, 2022
Best Wireless Earbuds for Audiobooks

The audiobook has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years for the right reasons. Don’t sit down and read a book – even though it can be pretty relaxing. You can now play a book wherever you are – whether doing dishes, cleaning the house, or riding the train. You can listen to your favorite book wherever you are. 

 So we gathered some of the most popular earbuds and headphones for you.

Unless you are at home alone in a quiet environment, headphones are a must for listening to audiobooks. Although all headphones will work, avid readers want the right headphones for audiobooks. To hear every word clearly, you need a crisp and precise experience, hence the need for some research.


Buying Guide Best Wireless Earbuds for Audiobooks

Choosing the right headphones for audiobooks requires research on what to look for. Below are a few considerations.


An audiobook takes, on average, 10 hours to listen to. You should be able to wear a headset comfortably for 10 hours if you buy an actual headset with a band and cups.

 Make sure your earbuds fit comfortably in the ear and are not too large if you opt for earbuds.

Active noise cancellation

Although active noise cancellation is not mandatory, it can enhance the experience. When listening to an audiobook, an avid listener will appreciate being immersed in the story, so the ambient noise should be removed.

Sound range

Typically, an audiobook will feature only the reader’s voice. Therefore, choose a set that can reproduce most human voice ranges. If you are concerned about the volume, check the driver size. The book is more accurate for headphones when the drivers are more significant, around 10mm for earbuds.


Connectivity is just as significant. Wires can tangle and cause headaches. It is convenient to have wireless connectivity. Whether you listen to audiobooks while you jog, clean the house or do the dishes, you want convenience and comfort.


Apple AirPods Pro

Apple has finally released its most recent wireless earbuds, the AirPods Pro. According to many, these earbuds are the most effective on the market. Active noise cancellation blocks out surrounding noise, and three silicone tips provide a customizable fit.

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AirPods Pro also features a transparency mode that allows you to hear your environment when necessary. These earbuds are water-resistant, so you can use them while working out or swimming. Anyway, have you ever tried listening to it underwater? That sounds fascinating.


  • Waterproof
  • with active noise cancellation
  • and automatic sound volume adjustment
  • Transparency mode, when you are waiting for a call


  • Hefty price tag

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

You can take your passion for audiobooks to new levels with the Galaxy Buds 2. As a result of the booming sound they produce, you’ll feel as though you’re right in the middle of the action. The snug fit guarantees that you’ll never lose that feeling. In addition, the Buds 2 are designed to be comfortable for all-day use, so you can lose yourself in your favorite story without worrying about your ears getting tired.Three microphones provide immersive audio and reduce background noise with these earbuds. 

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Even in noisy environments, you’ll be able to hear every word, and you’ll feel confident speaking in public. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 features up to 8 hours of battery life so that you can stay connected all day.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • that is affordable
  • Audio that is clear and crisp
  • The wireless charger
  • A long-lasting battery
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Controlled by touch
  • Available in multiple colors


  • No natural water, only IPX4-rated resistance

Beats Studio Buds

Audiobook lovers will enjoy these Beats earbuds, which are a wise choice for everyday use. Usually, listening to an audiobook takes hours, but these earbuds have a long battery life of up to eight hours – which is perfect for keeping us relaxed and not having to worry about charging all the time.

By blocking out ambient sounds, the active noise canceling feature shapes the soundscape to your liking. In the Transparency mode, you can hear your surroundings, but with less external noise.

We offer three soft ear tips to provide a stable, comfortable fit while maintaining an optimal acoustic seal.


  • Long-range Bluetooth technology based on state-of-the-art technology
  • with an 8-hour battery life
  • with touch controls
  • Excellent call quality
  • Color options
  • Compatibility with Apple devices


  • IP4-rated water resistance

Belkin SoundForm Rise Wireless Earbuds

When you sweat, the most reliable earbuds stay in your ears. Belkin Wireless Earbuds are ideal for workouts with a snug fit and water and sweat resistance. These earphones offer an immersive sound experience with deep bass. Additionally, the earbuds come with a wireless charging case that provides up to seven hours of battery life.

In recent years, Bluetooth earbuds have significantly improved. Previously, they were bulky and uncomfortable, but now they are sleek and lightweight. The most significant part is that there is minimal audio lag now because of the low latency. Streaming audio means you want the most enjoyable listening experience possible.

A wireless charging case is included that fits comfortably in a pocket or purse and has an LED indicator to monitor your battery status.


  • Water-resistant to IPX5
  • 7-hour battery life
  • Fast response time
  • Cost-effective
  • touch-screen


  • The headset doesn’t fit perfectly in every ear

Huawei 4i Wireless Earbuds

In terms of electronic devices, Huawei has become a leader due to its high value for money, and these earbuds are no exception. They may cost a bit more than similar buds, but their quality and durability will not disappoint you.

Two compact earbuds are included and an oval-shaped charging case – store them in the case to keep them constantly charged. Smooth touch and streamlined curves combine with quality polish for a unique appearance. There are three colors to choose from – red, black, and white.

In terms of performance, the audio is crisp and pure. There are 10mm dynamic coil drivers, as well as polymer diaphragms. Additionally, you will be able to listen to your audiobook while enjoying your favorite music with clear vocals and a balanced sound.

In terms of performance, Huawei’s excellent audiobook headphones also boast a superior active noise cancellation feature. High-tech sensors detect and obliterate ambient noise. Dual microphones are also handy for telephone conversations.

Bluetooth allows the earbuds to connect wirelessly. They can play your audiobooks continuously for up to 10 hours when fully charged. The headphones charge pretty quickly, too – 10 minutes in the charging case gives you about four hours of listening pleasure.

Huawei’s earbuds deliver precisely what they promise, with pure technology and efficiency. In terms of bells and whistles, one convenient feature allows you to switch to the awareness mode – you don’t have to remove the earbuds, just press and hold down.


  • Fast charging and long battery life
  • Multiple colors and designs to choose from
  • Noise-canceling technology and awareness mode
  • Affordable
  • Crisp and clear audio


  • The glossy, slippery surface can have them fall out of your ears

Apekx True Earbuds

Because these earbuds are IPX7 waterproof, you can enjoy your favorite audiobooks for hours. You might as well listen to audiobooks in the gym – no risks involved.

It is possible to charge the lithium battery over the charging case. You can play audiobooks or music for 22 hours on a single charge. There is a magnetic charging case. It automatically charges the earbuds.

The sound is clear and crisp. You can hear every word. Three colors are available: black, pink, and green. The earbuds are supported by each design so that they won’t fall out of your ear.

Wireless connectivity is available. Bluetooth connects your earbuds to your device in practice. Transmission is stable, and the range is easily 30 feet.

The earbuds come with a built-in microphone for noise cancellation. Making calls outside without worrying that wind or other noises will interfere with the transmission is possible. Noise reduction technology is used in the earbuds to block out ambient noise.


  • Value for money
  • self-charging magnetic case
  • more colors available
  • Excellent connectivity range
  • and long battery life


  • It would help if you pressed quite firmly on the earbuds to get them to respond to soft touches

Tozo T6 True Earbuds

With Tozo’s premium headphones for audiobooks, you can expect high-quality technology, a smooth design, and excellent value. There are many different earbuds colors, including blue, pink, green, and black.

The controls are soft-touch. With the device, you can take calls without looking at it, skip forward or backward, adjust the volume or play and pause music. The device will handle all these functions.

Connectivity is provided by Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, AVRCP, A2DP, HFP, and HSP are supported. There is hardly any latency, and transmission is flawless. Pairing takes less than a second. It will automatically pair when it is convenient.

These earbuds are water-resistant up to one meter deep, thanks to the IPX8 waterproof profile. Fully charged, they will last about six hours – the charging case will last about 30 hours more. They will last about six hours fully recharged.


  • A good time playing
  • with wireless connectivity
  • and waterproofing
  • A sleek design
  • Soft controls


  • The charging case only opens up to 90 degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

Question-Do audiobooks require noise cancellation technology?

Ans-Noise cancellation technology can help reduce ambient noise in audiobooks since the reader’s voice is usually all you will hear. In addition, it is not a mandatory feature, as loud environmental noise can still get through sometimes.

Question-For audiobooks, are earbuds better than headphones?

Ans-As they are discreet and portable, earbuds are more convenient and comfortable. In addition to providing a more immersive experience, headphones are suitable for other activities, such as gaming and music. However, many people prefer earbuds for convenience – listening to audiobooks while doing something else, such as cleaning or running, makes sense.

Question-What is the ideal driver size for headphones?

Ans-A 30mm and 50mm driver size would be ideal for headphones. Generally, more significant drivers sound better and provide more volume. Typically, earbuds range from 7mm to 15mm in size. The larger the driver, the better the experience.


In conclusion, deciding on the most appropriate audiobook headphones requires some research. You can play an audiobook using any audio device. Despite this, you must consider your expectations and needs when making this decision.

Earbuds are convenient (discreet and easy to wear anywhere, anytime), but headphones reduce ambient noise and can be helpful for other activities, such as gaming or listening to music. Examine each option’s features after assessing your needs to ensure you gain the most from this experience.

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