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  • on March 9, 2021
Best Projector for Conference Room

There is a vast range of projectors on the market that can boost your meeting or presentation in conference rooms. They will make that procedure attractive and memorable. Projectors with different innovative features are introduced in the market. Buying a good quality projector at a reasonable price can surely make your presentations more professional by using various visual skills. They allow you to give a presentation in various manners with the help of audio and video ability you don’t have to speak much and your presentation will be attractive too.

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Projectors in the conference room are a basic need. Why? Because they are a great way to connect with your client or with your employee. With crystal clear bright images you can convey your presentation even when they can’t attend a meeting physically. Now we know the importance of a projector. The next step is to buy a fast and portable projector with multiple features. We have a list of the best projectors to ease up your choice of buying one.

Best Projector for Conference Room:

BenQ projector streams a higher quality video with a resolution of 1280×800. This projector delivers a bright image thanks to its 3200 lumens and a best native contrast ratio of 13000:1.

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Because this projector shows a great HD picture this will surely make your presentation memorable and catchy. But why the bright screen is important for presentation? For a spacious conference room where everyone is noticing your performance, the point you are talking about must get delivered to them visually too with bright colors.

With its advanced cooling system, its lamp’s life is up to 10,000 hours and also has a 10W speaker for better audio quality during the presentation. This projector will work perfectly even if the presentation goes for 2 hours. You can be tension-free because this projector has got all the features to make your presentation remarkable.  Another feature is that it has a 0.9 short-throw lens design which helps you to not get distracted, by the light from the projector when you are giving a presentation. This projector is truly worth spending money on. Easy to buy.


  • It projects bright colored screen with excellent image quality 1080p resolution.
  • This projector perfectly focuses on the image.
  • Best audio quality.


  • BenQ projector shuts down if it gets overheated.
  • The screen flickers and gets stuck several times.

Its style and quality are the reason that this projector stands first on our list.

Huge presentations require a strong compatible projector to give a visible image to your ideas. Optoma EH460ST is meant to be in your conference room with its 1920×1080 resolution.

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For conference rooms and classrooms, the Optoma EH460ST projector performs multiple tasks while you deliver a superb presentation. This projector does not shut down in between and the screen quality is sharp. But how will this projector make my presentation unique? Optoma EH460ST projector has powerful show throw 1080p resolution for sharp image and for the bright image it has 42000 lumens. 

Optoma EH460ST projector has a contrast ratio of 20,000:1 for crystal clear images. The whole room will be able to see your presentation on a large screen of 152 inches. Another amazing feature of Optoma EH460ST is that it still gives vivid results whether you have operated with a PC, Mac, or other video devices. Optoma EH460ST projector has an aspect ratio of 16:9 HD. Optoma EH460ST projector is equipped with a USB display manner for quick screen display when it is connected with and Android devices.


  • It works perfectly well even when connected with other devices. Optoma EH460ST projects a vivid image.
  • This projector has the best quality speaker for clear audio.
  • It has horizontal and vertical keystone corrector.


  • Optoma EH460ST is not easy to operate.
  • Cords don’t work on these projectors.

Epson’s VS250 is the best brand for projectors that always stands out. Epson VS250 is a portable projector for a presentation regarding business projects or in classrooms.

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This projector is brighter and projects vivid results thanks to its 32000 lumens brightness mode. It has a contrast ratio of 15000:1. This projector surely fulfills the everyday need for presentation in conferences and is easy to carry.

They have remarkable color accuracy with a resolution of 800×600. But ‘how buying this projector will ease up my work?’ Well, this projector is lightweight and is easy to carry. Moreover, because of its smart technology, it is easy to set up and operate. Even in the daytime, this projector will give you the same result as in the dark. Ithas a lamp life of 10,000 hours. This projector has got everything to make your presence remarkable and make a memorable impression on people’s minds. Epson VS250 supports HDMI cable to allow you to connect your laptops and other media players.


  • Epson VS250 projects a rich-colored bright screen with a native resolution of 800×600.
  • Audible on all corners of the room.
  • Easy to operate and does not gets heat up.
  • Works well for more than an hour.


  • This projector projects blurry images after some time.
  • External speakers cannot be operated on this projector.
  • This projector does not focus enough to make the text readable.

Sony VPL will surely stand out in the conference room with its amazing brightness of 5000 lumens. This projector projects high picture quality which is crystal clear. But does this projector provides a consistent bright image?

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This projector does because of its resolution of 1920×1200 this projector surely delivers long-lasting color stability with crisp image result. Sony VPL will be best for your conference room because of the unique design which will match with your room’s décor.

There a lot of options to fix this projector’s lens according to your need. This one has a zooming ability and image correction feature which helps you to correctly fit any image on the screen. It has a contrast ratio of 2500:1 and 8-bit of color processing. With its energy-saving feature. Also, this projector is designed for maximum energy-saving ability thanks to its energy-saving features. This will be your partner for long hours of presentation. This one surely has a long-list of amazing features. Sony VPL-CH370 is equipped with auto picture mode which will adjust the image. This projector belongs in your conference room for better interaction with clients or colleagues.


  • Keystone works well for adjusting an image on the screen.
  • Crisp, clear image result even in a slightly bright room.
  • Durable, portable with bright image and best audio quality.


  • Low video modes

This mini projector comes with multiple reasons for you to buy it. It’s portable, compatible, and versatile in its way.

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This projector has a wireless internet connection function which allows you to connect it with smartphones and tablets. This feature makes it easier for you to share videos with others. This projector was designed to be lightweight for casual meetings or playing video games. Despite its small size, you can use this projector for up to 2 hours without getting shutdown. Its LED lights provide service up to 30,000 hours.

Can this small projector give crystal clear results? Well, of course. This mini projector has 50 lumens LED light bulb to project a crisp, vivid and colorful image. It also has a rechargeable battery and innovative keystone correction. AKASO mini projector provides a 480p resolution image with a contrast ratio of 2500:1. AKASO projector has built-in speakers with new technology that delivers a clear sound without any interruption. This projector is best for small office meetings or classrooms lecture. It projects accurately clear and vivid images because of its amazing DLP technology. This mini projector is easy to carry and provides you with the best projection.


  • It can be used anywhere because of its wireless feature and no need for adapters.
  • Crystal clear image with best audio results.
  • Suitable for video games for more than 2 hours.


  • Its remote is not of good quality and is hard to use.
  • This projector is quite noisy.


Projectors with the touch of entertainment make projects or presentations more creative and your client will be able to absorb the message you want to deliver. Why projectors are better than simply writing on board? Writing on a board is not a good option because you can’t focus on what you are saying and your handwriting will be messy. The results won’t be as much polished as with projectors. Moreover, you will be able to not only explain how something works in an office or class you will be able to show them through videos.

Projectors like Epson and Sony are portable and work well for longer hours. They are designed for longer presentations or other use. While other projectors like Optoma and BenQ are best for their video and audio quality. Some small-sized projectors like AKASO are easy to carry and are wireless. They are perfect for playing video games or for lectures/meetings/presentations in conference rooms.

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