How to Hang Projector Screen Without Drilling?

  • on January 29, 2023
How to Hang Projector Screen Without Drilling?

How to hang projector screen without drilling? Even though we try to avoid drilling extra holes in the wall, drilling is necessary whenever we need to attach or fasten something to the wall. The projection screen is one of the few necessities that functions best when mounted on a wall.

Therefore, drilling would be required if you intended to place the projector screen permanently. However, countless alternatives exist to avoid drilling if the necessity is temporary. Fortunately, there are several non-drilling options for mounting a projection screen. Here are a few typical methods for mounting a projector screen without drilling; The forgiving ideas listed below allow for mounting the projection screen without drilling;

How can a projector screen be Hanged without using drilling?

  • stands for projector screens
  • hanging ribbons
  • masonry clamps
  • Wall of cork
  • a floor stand (legs or easel)
  • stand for a projector screen

A pre-made projector stand is the safest method for mounting a projector screen. These stands were designed to mount a projector screen without drilling explicitly in mind. No other mounting concept can therefore be more persuasive than this one.

Using a Projector Stand to Mount a Projector Screen

Well, there are many different types of projector screen stands available. The majority of projector screen supports, however, don’t require drilling or other technical skills. Read the user manual before installing the projector because every projector screen stand requires different mounting.

Hanging ribbons

One forgiving and inexpensive invention that may be used to hang or mount numerous items to the wall is hanging strips. The hanging strips can be a cost-effective temporary option for the projector screens, even though they work best for hanging photographs, paintings, and mirrors on walls. Install the projector screen by hanging the strip

You must locate a location that has yet to be cleaned with any home cleaner to hang the projector screen with hanging strips. After wiping down the area with rubbing alcohol, detach the strips from their packaging, fasten one to the wall, push for about 30 seconds, then wait an hour before mounting.

masonry clamps

Brick walls are ideally suited for use with brick clamps. Therefore, if mounting the projector screen to an exposed brick wall is necessary, this may be the only choice. The brick clamp is as quick, simple, and efficient a method of projector screen attachment as any other.

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Apply brick clamps to the projector screen’s mounting

You must measure the depth of the mortar and the brick clamps that will work with the plan to attach the projector utilizing them. Utilizing the instructions provided in the manual, carefully hang the brick clamps. Since no two brick clamps are precisely the same, no one method can be recommended.

Irish Wall

A touch more pricey than the majority of the suggestions offered is a cork wall. But it’s gratifying in every way. The Cork wall would bring warmth and elegance to the living area and provide your projector screen with a safe and secure resting place.

A Cork Wall on which to Mount a Projector Screen

To place a projector screen in this manner, the cork wall must first be put up using adhesive liquid. Measure your projector, mark the cork accordingly, put the screws and nails in place, and carefully mount your projector screen.

a floor stand (legs or easel) The projector screen must be floor-standing if you need more technical know-how or tools to hang it. A set of legs or an easel will suffice; all solutions are acceptable. The only drawback to employing this approach is that it takes up more room than any of the other ideas described above. On the other hand, floor-standing projectors are the most excellent choice for DIY projectors because they are secure and easy to transport.

Utilizing a Floor Standing Projector Screen

You need to modify the bolt to mount the projector screen to a location if legs are being considered. You will need to adjust the frame if you choose an easel, which is also an excellent option, so the projector screen has a secure place to live.


In summary, there are countless undrilled mounting options for projector screens. To avoid making holes in the wall, most projector users prefer to utilize projector screen stands, hanging strips, brick clamps, cork walls, or floor-standing (legs or easel).

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