Can You Use a Bluetooth Transmitter with a Projector?

  • on March 7, 2023
Can You Use a Bluetooth Transmitter with a Projector?

Can you use a Bluetooth transmitter with a projector? Your projector’s speaker connections can be a significant hassle. While there are perfect wireless video solutions available (such as wireless HDMI kits and just using streaming sticks like Roku or Fire Sticks), audio still needs to be improved. One technology, Bluetooth, has found a new use in home theater projectors despite being created initially for cell phones.

A projector can be linked to a Bluetooth speaker. However, not all projectors come with Bluetooth audio as standard, so you must confirm that the projector you currently own or are considering purchasing has Bluetooth audio support. The challenging part will be confirming that the projector model you intend to use has Bluetooth. Although it’s starting to happen more frequently, this is optional for all projectors. The good news is that there are solutions if you own a projector without Bluetooth. Let’s start now.

When Can a Bluetooth Speaker Be Connected to a Projector?

Can you use a Bluetooth transmitter with a projector? The quick response to this question is when your projector has Bluetooth built-in. How do you, however? The product page for the company that makes your projector would be the first and simplest place to check.

Any Bluetooth capabilities should be noted alongside the projector’s other technical specifications and information on all of its audio hardware (input/output ports). There’s no guarantee, but you might see the Bluetooth logo on the projector. Check the product description for it.

Using Bluetooth to Connect a Speaker to a Projector

Once you confirm your projector has built-in Bluetooth, the procedure should be similar to pairing a Bluetooth speaker with your phone or another device. The only challenge might be the special menus and controls on your projector.

This is one of those times when having the user manual on hand is helpful because it will undoubtedly contain instructions on navigating to the screen where the projector’s Bluetooth system is located. Go for the user handbook in one of your junk drawers or quickly search Google for it.

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What if the projector is Bluetooth-less?

Excellent inquiry. You’ll be glad to know that just because your projector doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in doesn’t mean you can’t use a wireless Bluetooth speaker, as many readers will already have their projector in hand. Adapters are available that connect to the projector’s 3.5mm jack and convert the audio signal to Bluetooth. One example is the TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver.

These devices will transmit the left and right speaker signals (at least) into the wireless spectrum, where your Bluetooth speaker can connect. They may not be strong enough to handle a 7.1 channel of Dolby Atmos, but they will do so. Can you use a Bluetooth transmitter with a projector? Your experience may differ when it comes to connecting devices like these. Even though the lack of a screen or other controls can make the process challenging, you can still set up your speaker after reading a few pages of the instruction manual.


Can you use a Bluetooth transmitter with a projector? You now likely have the information you need to move on. If you want your current Bluetooth speaker to work with the projector you’re considering buying, consider one with Bluetooth if you haven’t already.

Because you won’t need to manage another speaker system, you can save time and money. And no worries if your projector currently exists but lacks an integrated Bluetooth chip. About Bluetooth transmitters, there are many aftermarket options available.

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