Chromebook VS Windows for Students: Which Is The Best Option ?

  • on September 22, 2022
Chromebook VS Windows for Students

It is staggering when you stop and think about how far along computers have come over the past two decades. A quality musical instrument from two decades ago is still a quality instrument. It may even hold more value. A quality car from two decades ago is an old car, but it can still be fully functional.

Chromebooks are something else.

But the most affordable and light laptops are technically something else; a subset of laptops called Chromebooks. Those of you browsing for a new laptop must have stumbled across this term without knowing what it means, so we’re here to clarify the distinction between Chromebooks and regular laptops and to weigh in on which device would be better for different users.

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What are Chromebooks?

So without any further ado, let’s begin. First things first, I will define a Chromebook. The term depicts not solely laptops but tablets and two-in-one devices operating on google’s chrome. Chromebooks first appeared on the market back in 2010 as a spiritual inheritor to netbooks.

Difference between Chromebooks and Windows.

A Chromebook can appear indiscernible from a traditional laptop. It still has the same flip-up layout with the screen plus the keyboard sandwiched together when the device is closed.


The main difference is in the software; there are some hardware differences, but it’s not like these are apparent without taking apart the device or scanning the spec sheet.

iPhones and androids

In that way, it may be worthwhile to compare Chromebooks and laptops to iPhones and androids; they’re both smartphones, and without logos, you’d have a hard time telling them apart, but they offer different user experiences.

Linux-based operating system

Only the distinctions between Chromebooks and laptops run more in-depth than that Chromebook is a Linux-based operating system that’s much more weightless than windows or mac os. It is also laboriously reliant on the internet and cloud storage when it reaches down to it; Chromebook is more of a mobile functioning system than a desktop one. It can also operate android apps from the google play store in addition to desktop Linux apps. It has its advantages, but it’s not without drawbacks either.

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So let’s look at how Chromebooks stack up against laptops and who would benefit the most from using one device over the other. It should come as no surprise that the answer to this question boils down to personal needs and preferences as a user.

Compatibility factor

The two devices excel at different things, and you should play to their advantages. So first, we need to consider compatibility. What kinds of applications do you intend to operate on your mobile computer? If you desire to play pc games or drive professional applications like adobe premiere or even just Microsoft office, then a windows or mac os powered laptop isn’t just a more suitable choice; it is the only choice.

After all, chrome os does not support Microsoft office, let alone anything more intricate. On the other hand, if you specifically require an appliance for web browsing, casual gaming, or work handled by productivity apps available on Chromebooks can become a strong contender.

Longer battery life

Another thing that Chromebooks have is longer battery life; since chrome os is such a light system, it does not require as much hardware power to function, which signifies it can go much more elongate on a single charge than any laptop.

More portable

It also makes Chromebooks more mobile as they are not merely more undersized but can also be moved around and utilized without the charging cable. In theory, laptops can achieve this as well but think of how many laptops you have seen or used that are essentially on life support by the same token.


In conclusion, Chromebooks are perfect if you require an inexpensive mobile device with excellent battery life and a straightforward working system that you can utilize for web browsing, simple gaming, and productivity jobs. That said, Chromebooks do not suit serious gaming and more demanding proficient applications due to their inflexible hardware. So if you require a device for pc gaming or video editing, gaming laptops and MacBooks are the way to go.

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