Does XboX Series X Come With Ethernet Cable

  • on July 15, 2022
Does XboX Series X Come With Ethernet Cable

Every generation of technology brings new ports and compatibilities. The charging ports on the latest smartphones have been upgraded. The headphone jack is almost extinct. Does xbox series x come with ethernet cable? There was a time when cables were trusted, but now wireless connections are taking over.Keeping up with the changing tides of technology is no different for home gaming consoles. 

Does The Xbox Series X and S Have An Ethernet LAN Port?

The Xbox Series X and Series S have Ethernet LAN ports and wireless internet capabilities. Xbox can be manually connected to your router, giving you faster Internet speeds and a better gaming experience. For a truly immersive gaming experience in 2023, Microsoft knows that a stable and fast internet connection is essential. Does xbox series x come with ethernet cable?

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If you want the wealthiest wireless experience, you’ll need more hardware than you can get with a wireless connection. There is no doubt that Ethernet cables provide reliable and consistent performance at a much lower cost. Wireless and wired internet connectivity are available on Series S and Series X to accommodate a wide range of home network configurations.

Therefore, the wireless module is more than capable. Your Xbox Series S or X can be set up anywhere in your house without worrying about signal strength when you use a dual-band or tri-band AC router. Gamers have long chosen to remain connected. It is essential to use a wired connection when playing games like CS: GO, Battlefield, CoD, PUBG, and Apex Legends because it provides the lowest latency possible. In-game advantages can be gained by boosting performance.

What Ports Do Xbox Series X and Series S Have?

As the newest console generation from Microsoft, the Xbox Series S is a brand new design that experiments heavily with the form factor. A refrigerator-like design has been noted for the Series X. The Series S is often overlooked in entertainment centers despite its smaller size. 

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Despite significant design changes, Microsoft managed to incorporate a limited number of ports into the consoles. Series S and X have the same I/O ports, despite the more powerful Series X having a more comprehensive selection.

The following ports are available on Microsoft’s Series S and X:

  • A total of three ports supporting USB 3.1 1st Generation
  • An HDMI 2.1 port is available
  • An Ethernet port with a speed of 1 Gbps
  • A slot for expansion of SSDs

Disk drives are likely to be missed by Series S owners who own the Series X. Using your physical disc library requires a Series X. I think it’s worth the higher price, even with the higher price. Twelve teraflops of peak performance make Series X an absolute powerhouse. In comparison with previous console generations, there are fewer ports. Does xbox series x come with ethernet cable?

What’s the long rectangle slot on the Series S and Series X?

Solid-state storage expansion slots have been added to Microsoft’s home gaming consoles. 

Specially designed SSD drives can be inserted into this rectangular port. SSDs revolutionize gaming and computers. Hard disk drives were previously used in computers and consoles. Discs were spun by physical movement and then read by lasers. Similar to flash memory, solid-state drives have no moving parts. Compared to HDDs, SSDs are physically more durable and can be up to a hundred times faster.

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As a result of its experience with SSDs, Microsoft is well versed in the differences they bring to the table. Super-speed storage drives are available in Microsoft-supported laptops and Surface devices. As a result of the performance difference, loading and booting of the computer are nearly instantaneous. The Series S and X enjoy the same read/write speed benefits as computers. These consoles already have an SSD as their internal drive. Rather than offer a port that supports storage devices with the same performance, Microsoft decided to provide a port that supports extra storage. 

SSD expansion slots are therefore available on Series S and X.512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB Seagate expansion cards are available from Microsoft. Their downside is that they aren’t cheap. 

The USB 3.1 ports can also be used to connect traditional external storage devices, so don’t worry. They won’t be as fast, but they’ll get the job done. Additionally, they are considerably less expensive. Does xbox series x come with ethernet cable?

Here’s a quick breakdown that might help you decide whether you should buy an SSD expansion card or use an external HDD:

  • The cost of SSDs is much higher than the cost of hard drives.
  • The speed of SSDs is 100 times faster than that of HDDs.
  • The cost of HDDs is low, and you can get capacities as high as 16 TB.

There are plenty of options for extra storage if you choose not to use internal storage.

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