Vivimage Projector How to Use

  • on February 6, 2023
Vivimage Projector How to Use

You get a quick start guide and a user’s manual with any Vivimage projector, so you are all covered. Still, because you trusted me with your question, it is my job to relay any information I have regarding the usage of this projector. The info shared in this article won’t be different as the answer will be the same anywhere, but at least you clicked on this site to get the answer. All I am saying is that I take your questions very seriously, so you will hopefully be satisfied by the end of this article. 

Quick Start

1 ) Plug the power cable into a portal.

2 ) Take off the lens cover.

3 ) Link your device to the projector precisely.

4 ) Push the power button to turn on the projector.

5 ) Choose the correct input source to project your device.

6 ) Modify the kickstand accordingly.

7 ) Adjust the keystone and focus ring if you wish to get the finest image performance.

8 ) click the power button twice to turn off the projector.

What to expect when unboxing?

You will get the following;

1 ) a remote

2 ) instructions

3 ) C3

4 ) an AV cable

5 ) an HDMI cable

6 ) a power cable

7 ) a VGA cable

The remote intro

The buttons which require some introduction are;

1 ) mute 

2 ) power

3 ) backward

4 ) next

5 ) previous

6 ) forward

7 ) play/pause

8 ) Volume –

9 ) volume +

10 ) flip

11 ) signal source

12 ) menu

13 ) image scaling

14 ) ESC

Volume adjustment via the Bluetooth connection

Once the Vivimage projector is connected to your bluetooth devices, you can change the volume of the projected content through the external Bluetooth device as required.

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How to enable the projector’s Bluetooth?

You have to go to Menu> Sound> Bluetooth, then push the OK button to enable the projector’s Bluetooth.

BT device for an automated tracking

Choose BT Device by pressing an OK button; the projector will search the nearby Bluetooth devices automatically.

How to connect?

Select the name of your Bluetooth device from the search results to connect. 

And it is done!

The audio of the projected content will be played from your Bluetooth device after a successful connection. This one was a rather brief but hopefully helpful article covering the basics for you to get started with your Vivimage projector. Wish you luck, people!

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