Best Budget Lga 1151 Cpu _ Reviews & Buying Guide

  • on July 8, 2022
Best Budget Lga 1151 Cpu

If you didn’t want to spend much money on an Intel Skylake or Coffee Lake CPU, you probably settled for a lower-end model to afford a new motherboard with an LGA 1151 socket. As Intel prepares to release Lunar Lake, the LGA 1151 board still needs work, seemingly a million mobo later.

We rated and reviewed the top 6 LGA 1151 CPUs available on the market to prove our point. There are high-powered options, middle-of-the-pack options, and budget-friendly options. Although they’re all different, they’re capable of giving your Best Budget lga 1151 cpu or motherboard new life. Let’s get started!

What to Consider Before Buying The Best Budget LGA 1151 CPU

The top LGA 1151 CPUs have been reviewed, but how can you ensure you are buying a high-quality processor? Consider these factors before buying a processor to help you make the right choice. 

Number of Cores of a Processor 

A CPU’s number of cores determines whether it will deliver high performance and speed. The CPU cores on your computer assist you with running applications, and many cores allow you to multi-task as much as you want. 

If you have 70 tabs open on Google Chrome while working on Adobe After Effects on a computer with many processor cores, your computer will function smoothly. 

Quality of IGP

Integrated Graphics Processors are also known as IGPs. LGA 1151 processors need an IGP, which is a highly critical consideration. Intel’s UHD 610 integrated or HD 630 graphics are commonly found in notebooks. There are a few high-quality IGPs available for LGA processors; you should see which one your processor supports. 

With a reliable IGP, you can view high-resolution pictures and videos on your computer screen and process content with superior graphic quality. Thor would look better swinging Mjolnir at the dark elves with a high IGP.  

Maximum CPU Speed

It’s no secret that we all want our computers to run smoothly without lagging or overheating throughout the day. The CPU speed or frequency determines this. Make sure you get a processor with a higher frequency, even if it’s a low-budget processor. 

The average CPU speed is 3.60 GHz, but if your budget allows, look for processors that have even higher rates. There’s nothing wrong with more, after all, is there?


This feature is often overlooked, but it has a significant impact on how well your CPU performs with graphics software. It may seem insignificant, but cache memory plays an influential role in smooth performance. 

A high-speed cache memory will ensure that your computer does not lag and instead responds to information transfers at a very high speed. Choosing processors with a cache memory of 3-5 MB should be enough. 

Heating Up 

There’s no doubt about this one! Too much heat from a computer isn’t helpful for anyone, right? While it’s unrealistic to expect your CPU not to heat up at all, you can get one that either heats up less than most or comes with a quality cooling system. 

A cooling fan is included with some CPUs. They are usually pretty high quality and built specifically for that processor. We recommend purchasing one separately for computers that don’t have a cooling fan. 

6 Best Budget lga 1151 cpu

Intel Core i9-9900K 95W Processor

Our first processor is the Intel Core i9 LGA 1151. With eight cores and 12 threads and a maximum turbo frequency of 5 GHz, this 9th generation Intel processor is optimized for workstations. Intel UHD 630 graphics are included with this core i9 processor, which also has Intel Optane Memory support. Only motherboards based on Intel 300-series chipsets are compatible with the processor.

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It also supports up to 64 GBs of RAM (DDR4 SDRAM), making it a performance powerhouse. Those looking to build a PC with ultra-high performance should check this processor out!


  • The number of cores is high
  • The speed and frequency of the CPU are high 
  • Intel UHD graphics are included
  • Cache memory is high
  • 64 GB RAM compatibility.


  • Compatible only with motherboards with Intel 300-series chipsets

 Intel Core i9-9900 65W Processor 

Is an LGA 1151 CPU that delivers a similar performance to the previous one at a slightly lower price? It’s the one you’re looking for. In addition to being more potent than the first Intel Core i9 processor, it is also more affordable. 

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They are essentially identical in terms of specifications. This is the only difference between them. Moreover, the current model has a TDP of 65 W compared to 95 W for the previous model. Despite its lower number, it does not significantly impact compared to its counterpart. 

The beast core i9 processor should be one of your top choices if you’re looking for high performance. 


  • There are a lot of cores
  • CPU speed/frequency is very impressive 
  • The Intel UHD graphics are integrated
  • Cache memory is remarkable
  • Supports DDR4 SDRAM up to 64GB


  • Compatible only with Intel 300-series chipsets

 Intel Core i7-9700K 95W Processor 

You don’t need a core i9 processor and think a core i7 would be more appropriate? For this purpose, the Core i7-9700K is undoubtedly an ideal choice. In terms of a Core i7, it is the premier CPU for the LGA 1151 socket. 

The Intel Core i7 9th Generation processor comes with 8 cores, a turbo frequency of 4.90 GHz, and 12 MB of cache memory. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a full-throttle activity. This beast can handle everything.

Furthermore, it keeps your computer so smooth that you might think it won’t burn out. It is undoubtedly mighty for its price, even though it is not as powerful as a Core i9. A cooling fan is not included in the package. 

This CPU is otherwise highly recommended. 


  • Cores in abundance
  • The memory cache is impressive
  • Fast CPUs
  • UHD graphics integrated into Intel
  • There is a maximum RAM capacity of 64 GB (very high).


  • No cooling device is included

Intel Core i7-8700 65W Processor 

On this LGA 1151 CPU list, we have another Intel core i7 processor if you don’t like the previous one. Anyone looking for a high-quality processor should consider the Intel Core i7-8700. 

It is not as feature-rich as the previous one we reviewed, but it offers high performance. In addition to six cores and 12 threads, as well as a maximum frequency of 4.60 GHz, this processor certainly packs a punch. 

Compared to the previous one, this one has a slightly lower TDP, but it doesn’t make much difference. As a result, we recommend considering this processor. 


  • A large number of cores
  • Turbo frequency at its highest 
  • The memory cache is amazing
  • Performs smoothly
  • Intel UHD Graphics 630 integrated


  • The price is a bit high

Intel Core i5-9600K 95W Processor 

Perhaps you’d prefer a mid-range option. It would be ideal to use Core i5 processors in that situation. Therefore, the Intel Core i5-9600K is the most competitive processor within this price range. 

Considering this mid-range processor, you shouldn’t expect excessive features and specifications. Despite this, it is not a disappointment at all. With a Turbo frequency of 4.60 GHz and a 9 MB cache memory, you get a Hexa-core processor. 

This is enough to keep your computer screen from freezing while multi-task. Additionally, it is equipped with Intel UHD graphics for a better user experience. Our recommendation for an Intel Core i5 processor is the one listed below. 


  • High performance with 6 cores 
  • Smooth implementation is ensured by 9 MB cache memory
  • UHD graphics 630 integrated with Intel 
  • Turbo frequency is impressive 
  • Affordable. 


  • The cooling device is not included
  • This product is not suitable for workstations.

Intel Core i5-8600K 95W Processor 

If you liked the previous one, you would surely enjoy this Intel Core i5 processor. There is a slight price difference between the Intel Core i5-8600K LGA 1151 processor and the Core i9600K processor, even though they may appear identical. 

The processor features 6 cores and 12 threads, as well as a 9MB cache memory for smooth performance. Compared to the 9600K processor, this CPU can use turbo to 4.30 GHz. 

Additionally, this processor features Intel UHD graphics 630 and Intel Optane Memory for a better user experience. Our recommendation for the most efficient mid-range processor would be to go for this one. 


  • The core count is moderate
  • Maximum turbo frequency is good 
  • Intel UHD graphics are included
  • Cache memory is sufficient for smooth performance 
  • You get a lot for a reasonable price.


  • Compatible only with Intel 300 series chipset motherboards
  • In terms of gaming on a computer, it’s not the most efficient

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question-Is it possible to install LGA 1151 processors on any socket?

Ans-It is not possible. It’s pertinent to note that LGA 1be is used with LGA sockets, which are only available on Intel 300 series motherboards.  

Question-What is the difference between LGA 1151 sockets and Socket H4 sockets?

Ans-There is no difference between them. All LGA 1151 processors are compatible with socket H4, another name for the LGA 1151 sockets. 

Question-What is the most effective way to install LGA processors?

Ans-Using the pin, open the LGA socket cover. Once the processor is in the grid, carefully place it there. Place the processor firmly and without any bumps. Lastly, secure the pin in place by closing the cover. To install LGA processors, you only need to follow these steps. 

Question-LGA 1151 processors: why should you choose them? 

Ans-LGA 1151 processors are easy to upgrade and re-attach, which is why we recommend them. Moreover, the LGA processors are the fastest in speed, performance, and quality. Therefore, these are the suitable options for you.  

Question-How hot are LGA processors? 

Ans-That’s right; they get frozen. No, really! Computer parts (and other pieces of technology and machinery, for that matter) do wear out over time.  

Final Words 

This review of the leading LGA 1151 CPUs will help you identify the most suitable model for your computer. We hope you enjoyed reading it. The Intel Core i7-9700K 95W Processor would be the right choice, as it is not as expensive as the Core i9 processors but also provides enough power for high-performance activities.

Ultimately, it’s up to you!

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