How to Connect Auking Projector to Macbook?

  • on January 7, 2023
How to Connect Auking Projector to Macbook?

How to connect auking projector to macbook? The tiny portable projector is one of the most anticipated pieces of technology this year. This compact, lightweight device is ideal for business people and students who need to give presentations on the fly. But how do you link a tiny projector to your MacBook Air? We will take you step-by-step through the procedure in this comprehensive tutorial!

How Do I Connect A Portable Mini Projector To A MacBook Air?

How to connect auking projector to macbook? A portable, lightweight, portable projector can be readily transported for business people or students who need to give presentations while on the go; it can be a great tool. The fact that this projector operates without the need for any specialized software or drivers is its most vital feature. All you need is an HDMI cable to get started.

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Adhere to these guidelines to connect your MacBook Air to a small mobile projector:

  • The HDMI wire from your projector to your MacBook Air must first be connected. You will want an adaptor if you’re using a VGA projector.
  • Open the “System Preferences” menu on your MacBook Air after connecting the cable.
  • Press option/alt key mac connect projector + F1 to modify what is displayed on your laptop’s screen. On more recent Macs, you may click and hold to choose from modes like Mirror or Red Vajra that project exactly where you’re looking at it!
  • A more recent invention for using many displays is to connect them all with a USB cable so that when one goes out, they all go out. This eliminates the need for additional batteries, which was a problem with earlier models (e.g., Anker PowerHouse).
  • Select “Detect Displays” after clicking the “Displays” icon. Now, one of the choices should be your projector. After choosing it, select “Optimize” from the menu.
  • You might have noticed that the image quality could be better now that your Macbook Air is linked to your projector. This is because 1024 x 768 is the typical projector resolution by default. Return to “System Preferences” and click the “Displays” icon to correct this. Choose the “Scaled” option, then pick the appropriate resolution for your projector. We advise 1440 x 900 or 1280 x 800.

How to Use Your Mac to Connect to a Projector

The only thing left is to link the two devices together once you have the necessary cables and adapters. Connect your projector and computer and turn them on so they can “see” each other. Slide open the lens cover on your projector if one is present. Your Mac should identify the projector and output its display to it once you’ve connected the two.

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