How to Connect Phone to RCA Projector Using USB?

  • on January 3, 2023
How to Connect Phone to RCA Projector Using USB?

There are countless ways to display content on a large screen using a projector. How to connect phone to rca projector using usb? We need more professional alternatives when using a projector for business-related applications. However, we use our phones and RCA projectors for some home theatre. That matches economically perfectly. The majority of projector users need help connecting their phones to RCA projectors. The procedure is pretty straightforward and essentially the same for different projectors.

How can I connect a phone to an RCA home theatre projector?

Both wireless and wired connections can be made in two different methods.

  • wirelessly linking a phone and a projector
  • Phone and wire connection to the projector
  • Wirelessly linking a phone and a projector

A fully charged phone, Chromecast, and an excellent RCA home theatre projector are required to establish a wireless connection for uninterrupted streaming.

1. Verify whether the projector is compatible

You must first ensure that your RCA home theatre projector has all the necessary characteristics to connect to a phone. Most RCA home theatre projectors contain all the necessary features; however, double-check.

2. Activate the WiFi

A link can only be made with a strong WIFI connection; it must be remembered. Therefore, turn on a reliable WIFI connection and get one step closer to realizing your dream of watching your favorite movies on a massive screen while lounging in your home.

3. Turn off the power-saving mode.

We keep our phones in power-saving mode to extend the battery life. You must first turn off the power-saving mode to allow the projector and phone connection to work as intended. You can switch it on later, so don’t worry.

4. Save and install the Google Home application.

It is reasonable to assume that you already have a Google Home app if you’re used to connecting your phone to various gadgets. Install the Google Home app if you don’t already have it; you’ll need it to complete the process.

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5. Launch the application and link the phone to the WiFi

The projector and phone could be connected using WIFI as the conduit. Connect the projector’s power cord to a power source, then turn on your phone’s WIFI.

6. Purchase a Chromecast.

The quickest and most straightforward way to wirelessly link a phone and a projector are via Chromecast. The RCA home theatre projector must have HDMI connectors to connect to a phone.

7. Install the Chromecast.

Don’t spend any more timeā€”plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port on the projector as soon as you get it.

8. Permit the material to load

The content or streaming option will become available as soon as the RCA home theatre projector detects the Chromecast. So, hold off for a few seconds.

9. Launch Google Home.

Open the Google Home app and select the Accounts tab in the bottom right corner to complete the last few steps. Select “Mirror Device” by scrolling the list of choices and tapping it.

10. Permit the device to do something

A warning would appear as soon as you chose the “Mirror Device” option. Click okay after selecting “Do not show me the notice again.” As soon as you click “okay,” you must complete the last step. Allow the Chromecast to link your phone to a projector by selecting “Cast Screen/Audio” in the menu. The mission is completed there.

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