How to Save Battery While Using Mobile Data?

  • on November 28, 2022
How to Save Battery While Using Mobile Data?

You can save battery while using mobile data by following and contemplating several alternatives I will get to in a while. But before that, I need to tell you of some ways (more like myths) that help save battery, according to some people, when in reality, they don’t.

Switching off Wi-Fi

If you aren’t using Wi-Fi, switch it off, and you’ll save your battery. But is it so? Wi-Fi is far less battery-hungry than a cellular connection. If there is a Wi-Fi network somewhere nearby, your phone will indeed try to connect to it. If not, your gadget will keep searching for a suitable Wi-Fi network, but it will sip only a bit of battery power.

Turning off your Wi-Fi also means that your gadget will use cellular data. It won’t only drain the battery faster, but it will also cost you quite a lot if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. Switching off Wi-Fi on your smartphone only makes sense if you’re going on a long trip with no Wi-Fi networks along the way. And if you just travel between home and work or run some errands, there’s no problem with leaving Wi-Fi on.

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The Wi-Fi positioning system

Another valid reason for not switching off your phone’s Wi-Fi is the Wi-Fi Positioning System. If your GPS uses Wi-Fi, not a cellular connection, your battery will last longer! In some places, such as big shopping malls, GPS signals may get blocked or become confused. While trying to get back on track, GPS navigation will empty your battery in no time. But if you connect to a safe local Wi-Fi network (with the keyword being “safe”), it will help you to navigate your way through the mall.

Switching the device off

If you need to save your phone’s battery, switching the device off won’t do the trick, especially if you are planning to use it again in an hour or so. The whole switching on/switching off thing takes too much battery power. At some point, your phone’s screen just won’t light up anymore because trying to save energy, you have drained the battery completely.

Turning on Airplane Mode

If your phone is running low, turning on Airplane Mode will indeed help to make the battery last longer. This function shuts off cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections, which saves a lot of energy. It is especially effective when you are in an area without a proper cell signal. If you don’t turn on Airplane Mode, your phone won’t stop looking for a signal, and it will drain the battery shockingly fast.

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Turning off location services

Turning off location services can prolong your almost-empty battery life. The worst thing is that you may not even realize that some of your apps are using this feature behind your back. But anything that needs GPS navigation, for example, taxi services, particular games, or even social media apps, will effectively wear your smartphone’s battery out.

Turning off the vibration on your gadget

Turning off the vibration on your gadget can help you to save a bit of battery charge. Both Silent Mode and an audible signal need far less power than vibrations. I hope this article was enough to help you figure out ways to save battery while using mobile data.

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