Best Ultra Short Throw Projector For Gaming

  • on August 11, 2021
Best Ultra Short Throw Projector For Gaming

Here is the Best Ultra Short Throw Projector For Gaming. Projectors are a great alternative to TVs in some situations. If you have a small space, or even one with an irregular shape, then projectors will give you the best viewing experience possible. What’s more, is that they can be used for gaming too!

The best ultra-short-throw projector for gaming will ensure that your gameplay feels like it’s happening just inches from your eyes. It means no more straining to make out details on-screen and being able to focus on what matters – beating those last few enemies and claiming victory.

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When it comes to gaming, one of the most important features is the distance from which you can see your screen. The closer you are to the screen, the better your reflexes will be, which means more points for you! But how do we get as close as possible without being so close that our faces touch? This blog post will discuss some of the best ultra-short throw projectors on Amazon for gaming.

We all want to have the best experience possible when gaming, and for some people, that means a great sound system with surround sound. For others, though, it’s about playing on a large screen in front of you. In this blog post, I will be going over what I believe are the top 5 best ultra-short-throw projectors for gaming.

Best Ultra Short Throw Projector For Gaming

OMMC 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector
OMMC 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector


The OMMC 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector is the best, brightest projector on the market. This home theatre projector has 2500 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 10000:1 which means that it delivers crystal clear, crisp images with deep blacks so you can enjoy your favorite movies in style.

The OMMC 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector is available for sale now on Amazon and ships free within 2-3 business days. I have been waiting a long time for an affordable 4K UHD TV projector to come out. I finally found it with the OMMC 4K UHD projector.

The 2500 ANSI Lumens projection is 2x brighter than most projectors on the market, and the contrast ratio of 2000:1 helps bring movies to life with true-to-life colors that are vibrant and accurate. It also has a built-in speaker system, so you don’t need to spend more money on a sound system.

“OMMC 4K Ultra Short Throw Ratio projector has a Wide Range of Viewing Angles. The OMMC 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector is designed to provide a bright and clear image for your home theatre needs. It has an ultra short throw ratio, so you can place the projector anywhere in the room without being confined to a specific distance from the screen.

A wide range of viewing angles means that everyone will be able to see what’s happening on-screen!”
The OMMC 4K UHD projector is perfect for those looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price point. It is among the Best Ultra Short Throw Projector For Gaming.


  • Model Name 4K UHD Laser TV
  • Hardware Interface VGA, USB 2.0
  • Mounting Type Table Mount, Ceiling, back table, back ceiling
  • Brand OMMC
  • Brightness 2500 Lumen


  • 4K resolution delivers incredible color accuracy and stunning, razor-sharp images.
  • Ultra short throw ratio means you can place it on your home entertainment stand, just inches away from a wall or screen.
  • Enjoy movies with realistic sound effects.
  • Get lost in the game without any lag time between actions and reactions.
  • Watch sports, concerts, and more with a crisp image.
  • Get the best home theater experience
  • Enjoy a cinematic experience in your home.
  • Watch TV from anywhere in the room.
  • Be captivated by stunning images and sound effects.


High Price/ little costly

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 3-chip 3LCD Smart Laser Projector
Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 3-chip 3LCD Smart Laser Projector


The Epson EpiqVisionProjector, 3600 Lumens Colo, has a brightness of 3600 lumens and is the brightest projector in its class. It can project an image up to 300 inches across bright enough for audiences with ambient light.

The LS300 also boasts terrific color accuracy with 4K Enhancement Technology, which means you’ll get near-perfect colors when projecting on a screen or wall. And it’s not just about watching movies – this projector doubles as a business tool too! With features like wireless presentation capabilities and data projection, the LS300 will make your work life easier by helping you save time and energy.

It has a resolution of 1920×1200, and it boasts 3600 lumens. It is also 3-chip with 3LCD technology to offer the best image quality. This projector uses SmartEco for lower power consumption, as well as the ability to set timers on standby mode so that your electricity bill does not increase too much while you are away from home or working on other projects.

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The design is sleek and streamlined, making this an excellent choice for anyone who needs a large screen in their office. The EPQVLS300 is the world’s brightest projector, with 3LCD technology and 3600 lumens. It produces high-quality video projection in stunning color and light detail, perfect for presentations or watching sports games.

The projector also has advanced features like a speaker system, USB input, HDMI input, VGA input port. This projector can project up to 300″ diagonal images with a 16:10 aspect ratio and an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees vertical/178 degrees horizontal.


  • Model Name EpiqVision Ultra LS300
  • Mounting Type Table Mount
  • Brand Epson
  • Brightness 3600 Lumen
  • Controller Type Remote Control


  • Get the best sound quality for a fraction of the price.
  • Experience an immersive, bright viewing experience with a 120″ screen size.
  • Enjoy watching TV without hurting your ears from loudspeakers or wires.
  • 4K HDR picture quality.
  • Immersive viewing experience.
  • Enjoy a powerful and emotional performance that rivals soundbars.
  • Simple to use remote with voice search.
  • Enjoy a clearer picture with up to 120″ of the viewing area.
  • Hear every detail in your favorite movies, TV shows, and games.
  • Feel like you’re right in the action.
  • Get lost in your favorite show without any distractions.


Its throw distance requires some improvements.

Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Projector
Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Projector for Home Theater


The Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Projector is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a theater-like experience in their own home. With the ability to produce vivid colors and sharp images, this projector has everything you need for an immersive viewing experience.

It also features a variety of connection options that will allow you to connect with your favorite devices and media players. The Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Projector offers many great benefits, including:
-Vivid color reproduction -4K ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160) -Sharp and crisp images from up to 120 inches away.

The Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Projector is the perfect projector for those living in small apartments or with a limited amount of space. It has a short-throw ratio that allows you to project images up to 100 inches, even when you’re only 12 feet away from the screen! The projector also comes with built-in speakers and can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or tripod.

The Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Projector is a game-changer for home theater. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and delivers fantastic picture quality in any environment. With its 30,000-hour life span, it will be the last projector you’ll ever need.


  • Model Name CinemaX P2
  • Hardware Interface USB
  • Mounting Type Table top
  • Brand Optoma
  • Wattage 360 watts


  • Enjoy a high-quality, cinematic home theater experience.
  • Experience richer colors and enhanced brightness.
  • Relish in the vibrant colors of your favorite movie or TV show.
  • You’ll get a bigger TV with better quality.
  • You’ll be able to see colors more vividly than ever before.
  • Enjoy the latest movies and TV shows in stunning detail.
  • Get the most out of your 4K UHD TV with this projector
  • Watch movies like never before.


The color of the wheel are not good.

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector
Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 3-chip 3LCD Smart Laser Projector


The Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector is perfect for an office or classroom. It features a 4000-lumen laser and 4K resolution, delivering crisp, clear images up to 12x larger than standard projectors.

The short-throw distance of just 1.2 meters means it can be mounted directly on a wall with no need for additional space behind it or in front of it, making this projector ideal for any small-scale installation such as conference rooms, classrooms, and offices.

Plus, with its energy-efficient LED light source, you’ll save money on your electricity bill. Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector is the world’s brightest and most compact laser projector with 4000 lumens of brightness, 4K resolution, and a short-throw ratio.

This new technology provides a much wider range of installation options than traditional projectors. The LS500 packs an incredible punch in such a small form factor by combining laser projection with Epson’s latest UHD DLP chip to create crisp images at any size up to 300 inches from only 2 feet away. It is among the Best Ultra Short Throw Projector For Gaming.

Epson has been in the projector business for over 30 years and is a market leader. They have never been about just making projectors, but rather they are always looking to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with projection technology.

This year’s most recent product release takes this idea one step further by delivering an incredible 4K laser ultra-short-throw projector that provides 4000 lumens of brightness, perfect for those large-screen home theaters you’ve always wanted.


  • Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, HDMI
  • Brand Epson
  • Display Technology 3-Chip 3LCD
  • Refresh Rate 60 Hz
  • Mounting Type Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount


  • Get an amazing picture for a fraction of the price.
  • Save space with our ultra-short throw laser projection technology.
  • Bring a movie theater experience to your home without breaking the bank
  • The perfect viewing experience for TV shows, sporting events, gaming, and movies.
  • Brighter images with a more natural contrast ratio.
  • Get the best possible picture quality for your TV show or movie night to feel like you’re in action.
  • Watch your favorite sports team win big without having to pay a fortune for cable.
  • Ideal for large TV screens and home cinema.
  • Great for watching your favorite shows, movies, or sporting events.
  • The best way to enjoy the latest entertainment in stunning quality.
  • Experience a whole new level of realism with an immersive viewing experience.


  • Intelligent features are limited
  • Lacks in image alignment and adjustment features

Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD Ultra Short-throw Projector
Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD Ultra Short-throw Projector


The Epson Projector is the most recent addition to the company’s lineup of home theater projectors. It has an improved design with a sleek and sharp shape that integrates seamlessly into any living room or entertainment space.

The projector offers 1080p Full HD resolution, 10W speaker output for sound quality you can enjoy in your own home, and an impressive 20,000:1 contrast ratio for vibrant colors no matter what type of content you’re watching.

This new model also features video enhancement technology with four preset modes optimized for different media types to enhance your viewing experience even further.

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Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD Ultra Short-throw Projector, Digital Laser Display is a must-have for movie lovers. It has an impressive 1080p resolution and great colors. The projector can be used to display images on any surface that is 8 feet or larger.

Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD Ultra Short-throw Projector, Digital Laser Display. It is among the Best Ultra Short Throw Projector For Gaming. It is the best projector on the market! It’s a 3LCD ultra-short-throw projector that produces brilliant colors and exceptional image quality thanks to its high contrast ratio and resolution. You will not regret this purchase.


  • Hardware Interface HDMI
  • Mounting Type Wall Mount
  • Brand Epson
  • Display resolution 1920 x 1200
  • Item Weight 24.3 Pounds


  • Be entertained by an immersive experience.
  • Experience a new level of entertainment and convenience.
  • Get a crisp, clear picture on the wall.
  • No more worrying about cables or shadows.
  • Bring your living room to life with this new technology.
  • Enjoy a sharper image, no glare, and less light pollution.
  • Projectors are portable so that you can take them with you anywhere.


  • A bit noisy in the whole light.


At what far distance does a short-throw projector work?

A short-throw projector can work from anywhere from 3 feet to 250 inches. Factors that affect the projector’s power are the size and brightness of an image on a projection screen, ambient light in a room, and whether you’re aiming the projector at your face or up towards a wall.

When considering any distance affecting how powerful it is, one should always consider what they need their project for, what it will be projected onto, and how much technology is being used. As far as viewing goes, people typically sit from 2-2 1/2 meters back when watching presentations given by a short-throw projector. So it is generally safe to base distances off of this point.

How can you quickly reduce the throw distance on a projector?

The projector’s throw distance is about 81 inches when the screen is 61 inches, so you could try using a smaller-sized screen and moving it closer to the projector. You can also use “keystone correction” to adjust the image on one side of the projection (good for reducing height and stretching width). Finally, you can use a short throw lens (downward angle) or install mirrors to change direction in front of the projector.

How can you calculate the projector throw distance?

If you want a high-quality image, it’s important to understand the throw ratio of your projector. A standard throw distance for this type is 2 feet per 1 foot in width or 5/2 = 2 Ê»-throws’. If we were using an 8 ft widescreen and had our projector at 10ft away from that point (D), then D will be equal to 7.077e+03 meters because there are 30000 inches in a meter, so 48600*72 divided by 12000=30000

A typical projection has around two throws: one measured horizontally on each side of the screen according to its width; i.e., if your large display were 20′ x 40′, you would have about 60.

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