How to Stream on a Laptop VIA Twitch

  • on September 30, 2021
how to stream on a laptop

Twitch. Tv has become the ultimate platform for gamers to share their gameplay with an audience who shares similar passions and interests in gaming. Live streaming also provides many individuals a means of making money from a home hobby, while others are just following suit, hoping that it’ll work out too.

There have been many successful streamers over time, including some well-known figures like Ninja or DrDisrespect. These guys started small but eventually made their mark on this industry, so many people want success themselves.

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A recent survey found that many gamers are interested in streaming games, but they want to know how it works.

While getting started has become easier with new tools and applications available online or through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets now offering live video chat functions as well, many Twitch users still ask. “What if I wanted my viewers not just at home watching me play game footage on their computer screen?” True enthusiasts will naturally want this, so here’s some information about what you can do.

Streaming is an incredible adventure, but it’s also a job. You need to take so many little things into account before embarking on this journey and turning it from just something fun or interesting into a real career success story for yourself- we’ll tell what they all were!

I recommend upgrading your equipment if streaming as well (and especially consider getting better hardware!). A high-quality webcam such Full HD/4K UHD camera plus a microphone will make sure people can see how expertly good-looking their gaming looks in motion. While giving them up close access without having any pesky hands blocking visibility like other amateur gamers might do when broadcasting themselves playing games online.

There are many queries on it that how to stream on a laptop?

How to Stream Twitch on a Laptop

Step 1: Getting a Twitch Account

First of all, you need to create an account on Twitch and go here: www.TwitchTV. You can sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” button for your streaming channel (or YouTube gaming videos) that are about video games or sports competitions.

Step 2: Downloading and Installing Streaming Software

You are about to start streaming your screen on Twitch.TV site! Follow these steps with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for an easy and hassle-free experience:

Install OBS onto your computer by following instructions available online or downloading it from their website. There should be no Installation Prompt required. Go through the Main window once installed, which looks like this image below. If you don’t know where/how to find a Stream Key, then click here. Enter whatever Data appears into the provided text field; when ready, enter the Start Streaming button at the bottom left corner of the main interface.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Webcam

Now that you’ve followed these steps to activate your webcam, it’s time for the next step:

Open OBS. Click on sources in order- left click and drag down until only one source is highlighted (video capture device). Checkmark Video Capture Device as shown below. From this point forward, any video captured through this device will show up as an option under its name when streaming content onto Twitch.

Step 4: Setting Up Your Microphone

To make sure the sound is coming through on your stream, follow these steps: 

Open up OBS software and go to settings. Click the Audio tab in front of you (it should be at the top). In “Microphone/Auxiliary audio device,” select your microphone from the list that pops up next time; enter its name – Green.

Would it be a good idea for you to Use One or Two Computers for Streaming?

When broadcasting on Twitch, the encoding of your stream is dealt with by your processor. It is hence a vital piece in developing a gaming/streaming-focused arrangement, which is why I would suggest a machine equipped for performing multiple tasks in an ideal manner.

With the appearance of new ages of AMD Ryzen processors, it is presently conceivable to outfit yourself with an 8-center CPU without burning through every last dollar. This will assist you with streaming appropriately while restricting the effect on your FPS. On the off chance that you have an Nvidia RTX card, you can likewise settle on encoding through NVENC innovation and, along these lines, let loose your processor assets.

To additional upgrade your design, I would encourage you to go for a double PC arrangement. The main PC will deal with showing your game, and you can utilize the subsequent one to deal with your stream and talk with your companions. Just the most genuine decorations by and large go for this arrangement. It is conceivable to isolate the gaming and streaming parts by partitioning the errands on two unique machines.

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When you have a double arrangement, every one of the assets of the gaming machine is apportioned to the game, which assists with getting an ideal presentation. If you are encoding with your processor, the subsequent device will benefit from not needing an incredible illustrations card (or possibly no designs card by any stretch of the imagination) or a beast arrangement. For this situation, you can utilize a modest PC as your second PC since all you need is a devoted screen (if you truly need to set aside some cash, a revamped PC might be a decent decision).

Other Hardware Requirements

Laptop Specifications( how to stream on a laptop )

Likewise, with each game you purchase, particular equipment necessities apply when you stream from your PC. I will feel free to list the base necessities underneath. You should have the accompanying details on your machine, assuming you need your stream to be of acceptable quality.

Computer processor: At least an Intel i5 or an AMD Ryzen 5 ought to be utilized here. Despite the maker, the CPU should have at least four centers. Six centers are great, as the processor must both keep the game running and do the encoding. If the CPU is over-burden, your crowd will encounter slack.

Designs card (GPU): Buying the right illustrations card should principally be founded on the prerequisites of the games you are playing. Regardless, notwithstanding, ensure that you have an internal memory of somewhere around 4 GB. If you have a thin center CPU with, for instance, four centers, you ought to put resources into a more grounded designs card, as this would then be able to assume control over the encoding and hence soothe the CPU. Besides, an all the more impressive model can likewise forestall drops in the edge rate. Suggested models for this situation are Nvidia GTX 1650 Super (AMD partner: Radeon RX 5600) or RTX 2060 Super (AMD partner: RX 5700), each with 8 GB of RAM.

RAM is significant! Without enough RAM, all that will go to squander! In this way, put resources into somewhere around 8 GB of RAM; assuming it is workable for you to contribute more, I firmly suggest 16 GB. In any case, eight would likewise do the trick.

Receiver, Condenser, or Dynamic?

The mouthpiece is the primary port of call regarding building a connection between the watcher and the decoration. Before going after the most readily accessible receiver, you ought to ask yourself the accompanying question: condenser or dynamic? Both have their qualities and shortcomings.

Dynamic mics are well known with artists since they are more hearty and less helpless to criticism. You infrequently discover anything over a moving loop and a defensive bushel in powerful mics, which makes them unquestionably versatile. Be that as it may, they are most appropriate for shows or accounts. Assuming you need to overcome Twitch with your singing ability, you are presumably best presented with such a recording gadget ????

Then again, Condenser mics are known for better solid designs and are appropriate for having discussions. In case you will be gabbing, a decent condenser receiver is the best approach. Nonetheless, in contrast to the unique adaptation, you will require a ghost power supply to interface the mic to your PC. Likewise, you will need an intensifier with an XLR port in the middle, which you can associate with your PC through USB. You can get the Razer Seiren X, which is substantial and highly modest. If you need to loosen up somewhat further, you will see that the ASUS Strix Magnus is an excellent elective you can work with for quite a while.

Headset(how to stream on a laptop)

For genuine decorations, a decent headset is non-debatable! with the rise of games like PUBG and Fortnite, this has become significantly more significant. The inquiry here is Wireless or Wired?

Wireless models enjoy the extraordinary benefit of adaptability. You needn’t bother with a link. However, you need to charge your gadget routinely. Gadgets that utilize Bluetooth and not exclusive innovation, such as Logitech or SteelSeries, are generally viable with cell phones. Remote is prudent for the people who like to stroll around a great deal.

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Wired models are generally more all-inclusive and not as vulnerable to obstruction. However, the link can, here and there, disrupt everything. Numerous expert players depend on wired gadgets because each PC has USB and jack associations.

So each has its upsides and negatives. However, genuinely they’re both fine. Go with the wired one if you don’t move around a ton and need to set aside some cash. In any case, a remote headset would be great.

Webcam(how to stream on a laptop)

Hearing the loud voices of our number one decorations is one of the incredible benefits of live streaming. In any case, the visual substance has turned into a solid concentration lately. It’s tied in with getting individual bits of knowledge into the existences of Twitch characters or basically about catching responses to uncommon game circumstances. A webcam with a tangible goal is a significant device, particularly for the individuals who need to win over their appearance or be near their watchers.

While picking your streaming cam, three variables assume a significant part: goal, arrangement, and edge rate. Along these lines, attempt to get a PC with a 720p webcam. If not, you additionally have the alternative to purchase an outside one efficiently. If you are moving toward streaming expertly, you ought not to overlook a Full HD cam. The equivalent applies to the edge rate. Luckily, the times of uneven webcams with a small 15 edges each second are finished. Most gamers currently utilize one with somewhere around 60 FPS.


You are presently prepared to stream your ongoing interaction to jerk on your channel. I wish you extraordinary accomplishments with your streaming venture. Hope all the queries about how to stream on a laptop are now clear.

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