Best Gaming Mouse – Wired and Wireless gaming mice 2023

  • on January 13, 2021
Best Gaming Mouse - Wired and Wireless gaming mice 2021

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This best gaming mouse brings benefits that offer you a strategic edge over your competitors while playing, of course, more than just fitting in the RGB lighting.  Such a controller, specially developed for gaming, can offer the power, precision, and versatility you would want to win.

Best Gaming Combo:

The best gaming mouse, combined with the best gaming keyboard, would also allow you to get the most out of every best gaming Laptop and the best graphics cards you have spent a fortune on. And, since it usually provides outstanding ergonomic principles, that can relieve the wrist and arms from needless severe pain.

5 Best Gaming Mouse:

For the new addition to your setup check out the list of handpicked high quality gaming mouse;

“So, without further due, Let’s take a look one by one

With more than just 99 percent resolution validity, the latest, the upgraded sensor does have a market-leading 20,000 DPI, meaning that even the absolute finest motion from such an ergonomic Bluetooth gaming mouse is monitored with accuracy. The sensor, packed with smart features, becomes much more precise, making for an acute degree of accuracy for game-winning headshots. When our hands are smooth and comfortable over the controller or angled whenever We have to use quick reflexes, the Death Adder V2’s architecture offers our palm a lot of support. We tend to use our left-click for the index finger and the right-click middle finger; this arrangement gives us enough space on the right hand, unlike many other mice, to prevent my ring and pinky fingers from hanging off of the side and dragging on the flat surface.

This ergonomic wireless gaming mouse provides 3 link modes to match your requirements: up to 120 hours for full usage via Bluetooth, and up to 70 hours for low power gaming through Razer Hyper Speed Cordless, or wired in through its Razer Speed flex cord so that you can keep on playing even while charging.

To experience the luxurious gaming get yourself your own Razer Death Adder V2 Pro in


  • Same excellent form of the Death Adder
  • Optical mouse flips by Razer
  • Strong Sensor
  • Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz


  • Optional dock docking involves cordless charging.
  • High priced

Hero, with succeeding accuracy and a levelled-up construction, is one of our most powerful and accurate gaming sensors yet. Hero is worthy of 400+ IPS in the 100 – 16,000 DPI spectrum with minimal layering, filtering or stabilization with the quickest aspect ratio encoding yet. Hero gains accuracy at the competition stage and the most reliable reactivity ever. Use the mouse to configure and adjust the DPI settings. The Logitech G502 Hero does have the poll rate of 1,000Hz and 1ms responding speed as anticipated from a decent gaming mouse, and in this unit, we barely detect any weaknesses.

But which makes the mouse glow is this Hero sensor. The Hero sensor, from our understanding of it, provides perfect monitoring. A DPI range of 100 to 16,000 is affirmed, but we find the average increase relatively insignificant. It’s good to use.

We award it a strong thumbs up for the stunning output and efficiency this mouse provides, and the amazing versatility offered by all its controls and weight versatility, it’s hard for anyone to miss any availability of opportunity like this so get your own Logitech G502 in


  • Cordless with practically no latency.
  • Magnificent battery life. 
  • Cordless charging with the mousepad for a power play.


  • Costly.
  • During usage, lights aren’t obvious.

The Rival 310 has a basic interface that is tidy. And, like any other gaming mouse, it has everything and anything you can expect: two main keys, a clickable scroll wheel, two thumb buttons, and a CPI turn. Simple, neat, and pretty.

The architecture here is sturdy. The plastic seems light, but we’re sure it’s a strong tiny mouse after giving it a few rough pulls and stern grips. As we can’t simply rip them out or scrape them with our nails, also the silicone side grips feel solid. And, irrespective of grip type, a massive help is the silicone siding of this mouse.

The SteelSeries Rival 310 offers up to 12,000 counts-per-inch (CPI), precision at a rate of over 350 inches-per-second, and up to 50Gs of rapid acceleration also with a poll rate of 1ms whenever it comes to actual specifications. Such incredible precise numbers are capped off at up to 3,500 CPI with one-to-one monitoring.

Is this 310 Rival the best mouse? Probably. If the expenditure is a consideration, then in this price bracket, it is definitely a top choice. The aesthetic appearance will not be loved by everybody, of course, but gaming efficiency is as good as you can get for around


  • Outstanding optical sensor and Omron switches with soft contact.
  • Appealing, light style and sturdy craftsmanship.
  • Acceleration, deceleration, angle snapping is assisted.


  • Two DPI adjustments only.
  • No power over lift-distance.
  • For regular hands, the mouse wheel is an additional element.
  • rather than being braided, it has a rubber-coated thread.
  • The macro editor is plain.

ASUS elevated mouse design, which has some pretty intense and advanced features, is the ROG Gladius II. For added desk appeal, it incorporates RGB light decoration that produces an underflow impact and can be personalized to fit personal preferences. The Asus ROG Gladius II retains the prestige of the Republic of Gamers brand for making gaming peripheral devices that are appealing and beautifully built. You should know that you have the absolute finest peripherals that will provide you with the strategic edge because PC gaming is a crucial concern for you.

Asus, and the people in its ROG division, in particular, understand this really clearly, and that is why the Asus ROG Gladius II is filled with amazing specs, such as an integrated optical 12000 DPI sensor, 50g acceleration, and a USB poll rate of 1000Hz.

An outstanding all-round game mouse, the Asus ROG Gladius II is one of the best pointers we’ve mostly used gaming. It has a great level of design, feels easy to use, and works beautifully throughout a multitude of genres. So, don’t miss out on any of this good stuff for the gaming sequence you are looking for and get your own Gladius the first thing now in


  • Removeable wire.
  • Appealing architecture, ergonomic.
  • Outstanding optical sensor.
  • Key for Shooting.
  • Wizard for Lift-distance.
  • An additional pair of switches.


  • Expensive; not executable-specific, just three saved profiles.
  • 2 DPI adjustments only.
  • No independent controls for an X/Y axis.
  • Primitive Macro editor, Buggy.
  • Soft rubber grips; thrilling lighting patterns cannot be slowed down.

There are many explanations why we like this mouse, but the value to output ratio is the most important. In comparison to any other items in the industry, you get the highest value at this price range. The Pictek gaming mouse driver and software will provide you with an edge that any gamer searches for, and will boost your total gameplay experience.

The enormous DPI output of this mouse is 7,200.  And you will see how reactive this mouse will be owing to this amount of DPI, but luckily this is also customizable in particular instances you are not searching for that. You can conveniently set the responsiveness of your mouse to the degree you want.

To minimize any lagging condition, this mouse also comes with several polling speeds. There are 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz options open, but if the big hertz level is modified, the mouse would not lag. Many individuals choose a wireless gaming mouse; however, the fact is that relative to a mobile one, a wired mouse has a really low degree of lagging.

This mouse looks fantastic, with RGB lighting, keys, height, and shape that make it a perfect mouse specified for gaming. We think this mouse is a big deal at this price point. Get your gaming setup complete and appealing by adding this one right now for


  • Deliver quality output at high levels
  • The price is incredibly affordable.
  • The structure is aesthetically appealing
  • Robust and efficient architecture
  • Come with DPI 7,200
  • Lowering Lags


  • The mouse cable appears inexpensive.

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