How Do You Get 120 FPS On PS4 Slim?

  • on September 6, 2022
How Do You Get 120 FPS On PS4 Slim?

Is this article worth it? If you require the ultimate guide for boosting FPS on your PS4 slim and get like 120 FPS, how could it not be worth your time? I will give you an insight on how to get more stable frame rates, correct all FPS drops and consequently improve your entire PS4 slim system to a greater extent.

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Let’s do this!

Clearance of your capture gallery

FPS drop within games is just one of the multiple problems having an enormous capture gallery can cause. The need, then, is to figure a way out of this mess, hence my role here. You must have guessed by now but delete all the old clips and images you are sick of and often overlook (picture someone in your head while doing so, it helps). If, for instance, you want to keep any of them saved, move them to a USB device by clicking alternatives before you delete them.

Disable messages

Some console power gets utilized once notifications pop up and induce frame rate drops. It is pretty simple; go to the settings and disable pop-up notifications. If you nevertheless desire to see invites and messages, you can decide which of your friends you receive notifications for when they come online.

Restrain items on the home screen

On your PS4, head to settings and system, and you will notice an option. Once you enable it, your home screen will not solely be a lot tidier but less for your PS4 to process and load in. If games have left the home screen from you accomplishing this, you can load them up through your library.

Rebuilding the database

The PS4 runs on a hard disk drive, so files can scatter, be challenging to read, and delay other parts of the PS4 resulting in lower frame rates. To fix this, and secure the best potential performance, first, turn off your PS4. Then hold down the power button on the physical console until you hear a second beep, and the PS4 notifies you to plug in your controller. Plug your controller in and then go down to option 5, reconstruct the database. It is secure to do, and you won’t lose any data.

Cleanse your PS4 adequately, also substitute the thermal paste.

If you’ve possessed your PS4 for two years or more or kept it in a confined area, I highly suggest you properly clean it using some canned air to remove all the dust. If you have had it for over five years, or it just gets loud, I recommend substituting the thermal paste. Your console may be getting too hot; it is limiting its performance. Cleaning it and also replacing the thermal paste should contain this thermal throttling. You should see an evident performance boost once done.

Delete games you never play

More storage on your PS4 permits data to load swiftly and files to be located faster from the GPU and CPU, enabling better performance. Drive to the system, then storage, and delete the games you don’t play much. Some games, such as Modern Warfare, also permit you to delete particular modes through the in-game options. So, that can assist when you’re attempting to free up some storage space. Pause all your updates or game downloads while playing, especially if they are in the copying process.

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Downloading, copying, and installing files uses the PS4’s CPU a lot, so to pack some execution out of your console, go to your notifications and downloads and pause any updates or game downloads presently in progress.

Reduce your PS4’s resolution

If your PS4 is affecting everything at a lower resolution, that builds a lot more potential for adequate performance and increased frame rates. To lower the resolution, go to your sound and screen settings, then video output settings, and pick a lower resolution.

Stand your PS4 vertically in a cool, open area

The PS4 does appear to chill better when stood up using the official stand. Make sure wherever you have your PS4 is in a cool, neat area with a fair bit of space between it and any objects. If you want the faintest possible machine and the best implementation from your PlayStation 4, I suggest dusting it quite often to avoid any dust accumulating into the machine and inducing issues such as thermal throttling.

And that is all for ways to get 120 FPS on your Ps4 slim.

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