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  • on July 25, 2021
Lumi Mini LCD Projector Projector (1) (1)

Lumi projector reviews are a great way to learn more about Lumi projectors and the benefits of Lumi projectors. I’ll review three Lumi projectors in this article: Lumi pro, Lumi lightbox, and Lumi home+.

Lumi pro is one of the newest models on the market; it’s designed for business presentations with powerful 10lumen output and crisp 1080p resolution. The luminous LED light source is bright enough to use without an external power supply – perfect for when you need portability.

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We all dream once in a while of having a home theatre that allows us to watch movies at home. Today I’ll be talking about a newly launched projector, the Lum Mini Projector from YG. It claims to deliver quality at an affordable price. We have almost all the information you need about YG300 Lumi Projector Reviews.

The home theatre will not be complete without a high-quality projector. However, choosing the right one can be as tricky as buying candy for children. It can be challenging to find the right projector in a large market. Blog of Gadgets aims to simplify your purchase by reviewing these gadgets.

Lumi Projector Reviews
Lumi Mini LCD Projector Projector (1) (1)

Many brands sell projectors. But, how durable is it? They are not! Most of those cheap LCD projectors don’t even work for a month, and hence, choosing the right projector is very important.

The affordable pricing of the YG300 (also known as Lumi Projector) has made it so popular. YG wanted to create a premium compact projector at a low price. Is the Lumi Project worth it? Let’s find out.


  • Projections up to 220 inches in size
  • Bright and Vibrant: 400-600 Lumens & 800 to 1 contrast, which rival high-end LED TVs
  • Authentic Theater Experience: High native resolution allows for bright and clear images. It provides exceptional display quality that will make it possible to enjoy an authentic theater experience.
  • Compact & portable – 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and weighs in at 6 oz

Features of Lumi Projector (aka YG300)

Lumine Projector is not just a projector. Let’s take a look at the YG300 (Lumi.

Compact Size

Lumi is a small and portable body that can be set up in minimal space. Lumi measures 5×3.4×1.8inches and weighs in at 6oz. The YG300 projector will be an excellent fit for small spaces.

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You may have seen and forgotten about the million-dollar projectors that were selling because of their brand. The YG300 projector, unlike the rich and famous projectors, is very affordable. It is a great option, considering the Lumi projector’s specs.

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We want to highlight some of the Lumi Projector’s shortcomings to make this report more accurate. It isn’t the best projector on the market, but it is the most affordable. YG300 does not feature premium picture quality. It won’t give you a clear picture, but it is reasonable for the price.

Closer (Should you buy a Lumi Projector?

Many Lumi Projector reviews promote affiliated brands and defame Lumi. It is a terrible act that I vehemently condemn.

If you’re interested in their products, you can buy it off and return it if it doesn’t meet your requirements. YG, according to our experts, is a customer-oriented company that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Although I don’t think there is much to say about the Lumibee Projector at this time, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Don’t forget to share this budget projector with your friends.

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