Auking Mini Projector Connect to Speaker

  • on February 5, 2023
Auking Mini Projector Connect to Speaker

The info shared in this article applies to every projector you wish to connect to a speaker. It is not just limited to Auking mini projector and I have talked about this one before as well. The option I will be talking about, to set your system and get sound from projector to speakers is a creative one, and that is to use an amazon fire tv stick. 

What this allows you to do is connect directly to the back of your projector and turn it into a Bluetooth transmitting device. Then all you need is a Bluetooth-enabled speaker at the front of your room, and you are ready to go. 

The final look of your system

Now I understand that these tiny Bluetooth speakers might not be ideal. That is why the final form will look something like the Amazon Fire TV plugged into the projector, transmitting audio while simultaneously giving the video to the projector and transmitting its Bluetooth to a Bluetooth receiver connected by a dual RCA to your stereo system. 

The cleanest setup I know of

In this way, you will have no cables running from the back of the room to the front and you will still get perfectly in sync with clean audio through the big speakers to the front of my room. I think this is the cleanest setup.


I also wanted to share one highly recommended tip the minute anybody gets a projector and is hooking up external speakers. So most projectors nowadays even on that budget end around a hundred dollars, unless you have an audio out port it is usually marked by a little headphone logo but essentially all you have to do is hook up an aux cable to that and then you can do a line out to an external audio source. 

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Options you can consider

So you can keep it simple using a portable option like a little pool speaker or a little Bluetooth one that you are just gonna use the line in function for. If you want something a little bit more permanent or say you are using this all the time then you can use a sound bar or some dedicated computer speakers that have maybe two speakers and a subwoofer to boost your audio quality. 

An external set of speakers works even on budget projectors.

The thing is this works even on projectors in like the six hundred, eight hundred dollar range. So that is why it is highly recommended to always hook up an external set of speakers. Even in the very budget range on a $90 projector, you can improve your audio quality and get some pretty good audio out of a budget setup like that. 

Bluetooth transmitter

The other thing you can do is if you do have that audio out down there just like you would hook up an aux cable there you can get a Bluetooth transmitter. If you have two of those Bluetooth transmitters you can hook up one to a projector that’s not Bluetooth, and the other ones set speakers that are not Bluetooth, and then those will communicate and you can have some Bluetooth audio. So I hope this article helped you guys figure out how you are gonna get better audio in your current or future home theater system once you are done connecting your projector to the speaker.

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