How to Remove Old Aluminum Window Screens?

  • on January 24, 2023
How to Remove Old Aluminum Window Screens?

How to remove old aluminum window screens? Replacing an aluminum window screen is a relatively simple process. It is also a crucial talent to possess, particularly if you have children or pets. Although you will have to purchase the new aluminum screen from a home improvement center or hardware store, you will still save money if you can install the screen yourself.

Place the Frame on the Work Surface after Removing It.

The aluminum frame must be placed in your work area, with the screen inside. You can then get ready to remove the screening securely. Remove the screen’s spine by prying it off the framing’s back. To remove the spine of the screening from the back of the framing, use pliers or a carpenter’s awl. If the screening is inserted too tightly, you might need a screwdriver to help you. Check the aluminum frame here as well. You will need to return to the hardware store to buy a new frame if the old one appears brittle or damaged.

Clean the spline groove after removing the damaged screen.

You should have no trouble lifting out the damaged screen if you correctly prayed the spline. After removing the screen, clean out any grit lodged in the spline groove using the tip of a screwdriver or an awl. The new screen should be placed over the spline and 45 degrees angled over the corner.

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It would help if you were prepared to cover the spline with a fresh sheet of aluminum screen at this point. Make sure this sheet overlaps the groove on all four sides by at least 1/8 inch. Additionally, you should cut a 45-degree incision just outside the spline groove’s outer edge.

On the groove of the spline, roll the splining roller.

The aluminum screen must be tightly fastened to the aluminum frame, so this step is essential. First, roll the convex end of the roller at a 45-degree angle on the spline’s groove while firmly pressing down. Then, using the open end of the roller, repeat the process, bending the corners so the fabric can be installed in a single, smooth piece.

Cut Off Extra Screen

The final step is the finishing touch that will help your work look professional. The fabric between the groove and the frame’s outer edge should be cut with scissors. To avoid removing the fabric’s tightness, use the scissors slowly. The aluminum frame should appear as good as new if everything is done correctly.

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