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Today, I have a real treat, fellow music lovers. I will show you some of the most popular Moving Coil cartridges for under 1000 dollars. Since I’ve been collecting vinyl for some time, I’ve had the chance to test out some of the high-end moving coil cartridges on the market today. I have also selected a few that are slightly more expensive for those who have a bit more money to spend! Check out my review of the seven hottest moving coil cartridges below 1000 dollars!


I just wanted to give you a brief overview of what we are discussing today. Moving coil cartridges are typically smaller than other cartridge types (MM) on the market. It is because they are engineered differently that they tend to cost more. Many audiophiles consider them the most efficient way to get the highest quality sound from your records. Therefore, moving coil cartridges are the ultimate way to enjoy vinyl records.

NAGAOKA MM (MP) Cartridge MP-110

A cartridge such as the Nagaoka MP-110, which is lightweight and features a bright tone, will bring out the midrange qualities of your audio sources. A cartridge with more bass might appeal to you more if you prefer the Sumiko Bluebird or ZYX Airy 3. This will complement the light-weighted sound quality produced.

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A budget-friendly and cheerful cartridge, the Nagaoka MP110 fits the bill perfectly. Cartridges like this one compete well with other mid-range products like Ortofon and have an excellent sound quality at a relatively low price. This cartridge is ideal for listening to rock or jazz; however, it can also handle classical music and sound effects quite nicely. As the cartridge can be changed relatively easily, users are not required to send the entire device for maintenance. Changing the needle yourself is fine if you don’t apply excessive pressure!


✓ It’s a light, breezy sound

✓ A great deal of detail and insight

✓ It is easy to adjust

✓ Listen to the sound for hours

✓ A dry and rounded sound


✗ Affected by VTA

✗ There is a lack of dynamics

✗ An edgy treble

Audio-Technica AT-OC9XEB Dual Moving Coil Cartridge

You can listen to vinyl music with the Audio-Technica AT-OC9XEB without experiencing any of its annoyances, such as crackling and popping.

It’s a moving coil cartridge, and while it’s not as popular as moving magnet MM cartridges, there’s no doubt that the AT-OC9XEB has some impressive features.

The cartridge provides a rich and excellent sound. The formulation’s transparency and frequency response are unrivaled. As a result, it delivers superb vocals and offers excellent acoustics and precise stereo imaging.

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With its 0.07 mm stainless immersion wire, the AT-OC9XEB cartridge provides a higher level of quality than cheaper products due to its use in moving coil cartridges. Moving coil cartridges use the suspension wire as a pivot point and measure its precise length, resulting in better playback quality than most other stylus options.


✓ The Audio Technica AT-OC9XEB offers an incredible amount of detail

✓ The Audio Technica AT-OC9XEB delivers immersive midrange

✓ Exceptional dynamic contrast

✓ An elliptical stylus for exceptional clarity

✓ Magnet made of neodymium


✗ Time doesn’t flow as well.

Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge

Compared to the 2M Red model, the Ortofon 2M Blue with a Nude Elliptical stylus creates a broader contact patch with the groove; the diamond stylus is directly attached to the cantilever without any mounting block or shank, resulting in a more accurate and forgiving output. The Ortofon 2m Blue is the newest addition to the legendary Ortofon range of professional turntables. Exclusive to 2m, this stylus features an elliptical diamond stylus that delivers a comprehensive, natural sound from any vinyl record source.

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The 2m Blue phono cartridge from Pfanstiehl is 5.5 millivolts and offers 1.8 grams of tracking force, making it compatible with most turntables and tonearms today. This unique design will fit into most design preferences for modern homes and offices.


✓ A dynamic that is honorable

✓ Provides appropriate timing

✓ Installation is easy

✓ Suitable for most turntables

✓ Replace Ortofon 2M Red with Ortofon 2M Red

✓ Replaceable stylus

✓ Elliptical diamonds with nude features


✗ Insight is lacking

Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge

I love the 2m red cartridges in the Ortofon 2m and use them on my basses. The cartridge has a pleasant sound, a lovely textured bass, and lots of punch and clarity. Additionally, the 2m red treble is exceptionally crisp and clear, adding an excellent sense of air and space to the sound. The cartridge mid-band is also clear and transparent.

With a broad, open midrange, the 2m Blue treble is a 2m driver. A sense of air and space is given to the sound by doing this. There has been a noticeable increase in the usage of 2m Red cartridges in low mass cartridges in the past few years. A low-mass arm is primarily used in high-quality audio recordings, dubbing, and vinyl record production. The Ortofon 2m red cartridge weighs 7.2g, a bit heavier than the typical MM cartridge, but it can still be used.


✓ The resolution is amazing

✓ A midrange that is demonstrative

✓ There’s a lot to learn

✓ Open, dynamic sound

✓ Contains an elliptical diamond

✓ The best cartridge for all purposes

✓ Adding a touch of warmth


✗ Adding a touch of warmth

Goldring E3 The Blue Cartridge MM

Each E3 cartridge’s body design has a unique violet color. This design was shared with different model types, which were differentiated by the color of the bottom edge. Plastic molding creates the body’s massive stocky form. Cartridges in the M2 / OM series by Ortofon have the same shape.

Goldring was founded in 1906 and is the oldest cartridge manufacturer on the planet. Their moving iron models are their most well-known models.

An aluminum cantilever, an elliptical tip, a 0.6 mil circular profile, and an aluminum tip make up this phono cartridge. The dual magnet MM engine offers the excellent stereo sound quality, almost identical to the AT95E series.

The E3 cartridge is equipped with captive nuts, making mounting Allen-key bolts easy. The straight edge on the cartridge itself facilitates alignment. Users of Turntable Expert report that once the E3 cartridge is aligned on the Rega Planar 2, installation takes less than ten minutes. Some users may use longer screws for assembly if they use a thicker headshell.


✓ Aluminum cantilever of the highest quality

✓ Goldring cartridge with real gold

✓ Instrumentalist with proportion and precision

✓ Clarity and grace

✓ Defining dynamics

✓ Installation is simple

✓ Uncomplicated nature

✓ Cantilever suitable for aluminum


✗ Goldring’s E3 cantilever is unacceptable.


Testing these phono cartridges on my two turntables was a worthwhile experience. My favorite cartridge was the Goldring E3.

 My favorites are the Type Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge and the Rega Ania MC hand-made Moving-Coil Phono-Cartridge. The sound is excellent on both of them, regardless of the age of the vinyl I tested them with.

You have to give a phono cartridge a fair amount of time to prove its worth at this price range. In addition to my review, I recommend reading as many other reviews as possible to help you determine which MC cartridge will be correct for you. You should look for ones that will work not just with newer vinyl presses but with older ones. A phono cartridge under $1500 or even under $2000 might also be worth checking out.

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