Best HDMI Cable For 4K Gaming (Our top Picks)

  • on December 11, 2021
Best HDMI Cable For 4K Gaming To Buy

It seems like the 4K TV craze is finally over, but it’s still essential to have a reliable HDMI cable for your gaming needs. If you’re looking for the best HDMI cable option to get you hooked up with all of your new 4K TVs, then I recommend checking out this article. We’ll go through all of the different available cables on the market and help you decide which one will work best for your home theatre setup.

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The best HDMI cable for 4K gaming is the Ultra High-Speed, which delivers flawless video and 120Hz refresh rates. If you want higher frame rates like 60 Hz or lower bandwidth requirements (which support HDR content), look into Premium High-Speed Cables instead; they’re perfect in any situation where top-notch picture quality matters most.

Belkin HDMI 2.1 Ultra High Speed (Best HDMI Cable For 4K Gaming):
Belkin HDMI 2.1 Ultra High Speed (Best HDMI Cable For 4K Gaming):


The Belkin HDMI 2.1 Ultra High Speed offers the best performance you can get for your buck and will last longer than other cables on average. It’s also affordable, with its price tag undercutting competitors by $10-20 per foot! With 48Gbps transfer speeds (and even faster refresh rates), this is one investment that’ll have all of us happy in no time at all – so go ahead: buy yours today before it sells out!”

Worth the cash? You bet. It’s ready to serve up 10K resolution for when it matters most, and even now, you’ll be able to play games at 8k or high refresh rates (HRR) 4K without any issue whatsoever.

Would you trust your life with Belkin? We don’t think so. But, if the answer is no, please do not read any further! That being said – are they a trustworthy brand when it comes to connecting our graphics card and monitor? Yes, indeed; their cables are guaranteed future-proof for those looking into upgrading or need something durable that won’t break on its first day in use like many other cheaper alternatives might do.


+Reliable brand
+Supports 10K


Only pay more if you need it

 Vivify Arquus W73 (Best HDMI Cable For 4K Gaming To Buy):


So, you’re not a cable snob and don’t need this? It’s an HDMI lead that costs as much as some graphics cards. The fact is: With its fancy RGB strip down one side of the length (sort of like what happens with cables), who can resist it?! And if we want less signal loss over distance or potential electrical interference, then worry no more because these types aren’t only2.0b fibre optic, which will be great for all your needs.

But, let’s be honest; the only reason you would try to sell me fibre optics is because of their magical lights. You know they can change colours at your command and make any room in my house look like Christmas morning.

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I might have been more interested a few years ago, but now all that matters are these cool RGB LED strips down here (points below). So what if it takes up inputting time or has an unnecessary extra wire. They’re just pretty lights, after all, right.

Imagine what would happen if you could transfer 18 gigabytes of data in just seconds! This is possible because the cable has a speed rating of 945mbps. With this kind of bandwidth, only high-bandwidth applications like video conferencing or recording concerts will be slow enough for people who use these cables between their computer and display device (such as TVs).

The best part about them? They’re cheap; costing less than $100 per foot – making it easier than ever before on our wallets too 🙂


+Frickin’ RGB
+Frickin’ laser beams


Frickin’ expensive

 Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI (Best HDMI Cable For 4K Gaming To Buy From Amazon):
 Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI (Best HDMI Cable For 4K Gaming To Buy From Amazon):


It’s a shame that Amazon has one of the lowest prices for HDMI cables on this side of town. They’re only $6 and come with gold-plated terminals, so you can’t mistake them as something from High Street Retailer X! This 1.8m black plastic cable isn’t certified to Premium standards but will do just fine at 18Gbps bandwidth, which is what we need in our home cinema setups anyway.

The Amazon Basics HDMI cable is an excellent choice for those looking to extend their video and audio signal. It comes in lengths up to 10.6m, but it’s still easy enough if you need something longer than they provide with this product.

For example, the most extended version available on amazon has CL3 certification, which means that these cables can handle higher voltages In custom installations or classrooms where there may not always be an outlet nearby for power outlets.

The highly versatile design of The AMAZON BASICS High-Density Polyethylene (“PE”) Fiberoptic Cable Selection Kit will allow one user to accommodate most home theatre applications without having any difficulty differentiating between digital signals.

Whether you’re looking for a cable to deliver a 4K video or need one that can handle the higher resolution of 1440p gaming, this cable has what it takes. There isn’t anything else like them on offer for such a low price and in various sizes.


+Low price
+Lots of length options


-Not HDMI Premium certified

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