How Do I Choose An External Flash For My Camera?

  • on August 23, 2022
How Do I Choose An External Flash For My Camera ?

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This time I will introduce external flash to you in a way not many do. As you are here, it is evident that you are conscious of what external flash has to offer. The intro is not just limited to the uses; it has more to do with how your choice justifies the plotted usage. Response to your question of how you should choose an external flash for your camera revolves around how you intend to use it.

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People passionate about photography can relate. You do not just click, and there you have a photograph. The kind of image in your mind asks for various techniques when using a camera with an external flash. You will have to decide what fits your requirement. So, brace yourself; whatever I am going to write can transform your photographs.

Types of external flashes

If you want to get creative and prefer dynamic-looking images, you have to turn towards an external flash, either a manual or a fully automatic one. Before proceeding further, I want to say it’s not as complicated as it looks (for people who are just getting started with photography).

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People tend to exaggerate sometimes. There is a catch with external flashes (I just mentioned) in how there are two main types of external flashes. You can have a fully automatic type that can talk to the camera, and between them, they can work out the correct exposure for a particular photograph. Or you can have the cheaper option, the manual flash. In the case of this one, the camera can tell the external flash to fire, and it’s up to you to sort all the settings out.

Manual Flash

Ok, so I will start with the cheap manual flash. First, remember that all a camera can do is let the flash fire. It can’t control the power; you have to do that, but manual flashes are easier to use than you think. Again, the question was how to choose. To help you with that, I’ll differentiate between the two types. Letting you know the information sufficient to help you decide on an external flash for your camera requires highlighting what stands out between the two types.

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The magic with manual flashes is that we use the camera’s aperture to control the ambient light of a situation. So, the manual flash does not contribute to this light. Let’s say you are outside and you have got subject to something against a sunset, but you want the sunset view to show up. You then take a picture to see how it looks. You notice that the subject came out nice, but everything else is black.

What can you do to let more light in when using a manual external flash?

You could open up your aperture and go to F 5.6 or F 3.5; that will let in more ambient light. Then, you decrease the power of the flash. If you are going down from F8 to F5.6, it implies that you are doubling the light. Then, the flash power goes from half to quarter or quarter to eighth. The light lighting your subject will stay the same, but you will get more background light coming in.

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Well, that was the goal. The fact that you can control the ambient light over the situation with the aperture on your lens and you can control the light on your subject with the power of your flash is impressive.

What’s the point of an automatic flash?

For me, it’s the speed factor. Imagine yourself in a situation where you are running after kids from room to room and trying to take flash pictures while doing all of that. The distance between you and your subject is changing, and in this situation, only an automatic external flash can help you take good pictures even when running.

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Each type has its strengths, but if you have the budget, I suggest you go for the manual flash because even when bouncing off the ceilings and the walls, you will get lovely-looking portraits, family photos, and whatnot. And that’s not it. If you want to set multiple flashes for your intended purpose, automatic flash is best for you. In the end, it all depends on you. I have done my part. I hope it helped.

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