Best Laptops For Solidworks in 2023

  • on October 3, 2021
Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop

As one of the most popular computer-aided design (CAD) programs in use, SolidWorks is a hardball play for laptop configurations. With an extensive range and versatility to its applications such as planning, visualizing models/prototypes etc. It becomes imperative that you invest time into getting this software adequately configured on your system or else.

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During the design process, there will be errors that waste both money spent by buyers who buy faulty products then expect them fixed free at their own cost without refund despite not working correctly even before starting any work with said product. Here are the top five Best laptops for SolidWorks.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 
Microsoft Surface Book 2


Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a laptop that can be used for the design industry. The long battery life (17 hours) and sleek detachable screen make this device perfect for graphic designers or architects who need uninterrupted work sessions in their field of expertise.

If you need a laptop that will last, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is your best option. With 17 hours of battery life and versatile design for diverse programs like SolidWorks – this product should not be overlooked by any means.

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a sleek, powerful and versatile device used for work or play. The screen has been designed to easily switch between typing on the keyboard with its standard keys and drawing shapes in 3D models with the included stylus pen (or any other similar tools).

One such advantage over traditional notebooks is faster editing times thanks to its iCore7 8650U processor, which integrates 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics memory. Technical malfunctions shouldn’t stand too much of an issue either, considering how quickly this computer runs, thanks at least partly by turbo speedier performance from your chosen laptop battery charger combo pack.

The powerful 8GB of RAM, combined with the 6 GB dedicated to CAD software like SolidWorks and 3D modelling applications. If you need a little help when it comes to gaming but still plan on doing some work at your computer, this is perfect for you.

The GTX 1060 GPU from NVIDIA GeForce will provide all the horsepower needed by demanding gamers who don’t want any interruptions during intense game sessions due in part because there’s VRAM built right into these cards which can be accessed without having an issue if something goes wrong thanks again 4 GB Video Memory available should anything unexpected happen while playing games online or offline.

The Microsoft Surface Pro has a powerful processor and integrated GTX 1050, making it popular among gamers. The four modes are laptop, tablet (for people who want to use the stylus), studio mode if you’re drawing on another application like SolidWorks or CAD software for industrial designers.

Who prefer precision work with their fingertips instead of using an input device such as mouse/keyboard combo (Studio uses finger tracking interface). For browsing anything online when your screen is too cluttered by ads – view mode.


  • Best model from the house of Microsoft till now.
  • Upgraded i7 8650U processor and integrated GTX GeForce 1050 GPU for gaming and 3D design.
  • It comes with a Surface Precision wireless Mouse, Surface Dial Pad to get accurate image size and appearance when it comes to structural design.
  • An added benefit for those who’re into advanced applications of SolidWorks and AUTOCAD designing.
  • Smartpen for editing the tablet/smart touch digital notebook while framing a blueprint.
  • Stunning 15†pixel sense display and Xbox compatible.


  • Upgrading your RAM memory is difficult.

ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop(Best Laptops For Solidworks)
ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop


Asus’s FX505 DT series is a gamer’s laptop that has earned its respect from graphics designing professionals. The laptop is relatively cheaper than other models in terms of budget you need to maintain for buying Dell or HP laptops, and it fits easily under 1000 USD$. Moreover, the Asus TUF Gaming Laptop comes equipped with an added GPU memory (4GB) along with 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage capacity.

So your productivity can be maximized while working on projects related to games development, like 3D modelling software, which also requires high-performance CPUs. This device doesn’t disappoint by offering up a dual-core Intel Core i5 7300HQ processor clocked at 2GHz + turbo boost max speed 4%.

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For those who need a powerful machine for work and play, the Asus Tug Gaming FX505 DT is worth consideration. With an AMD Ryzen5 quad-core processor with an integrated graphics card plus 4GB RAM dedicated to running CAD/SolidWorks based applications like computer-aided design (CAD), this laptop will be able to run anything your heart; desires. But don’t take my word for it; check out some customer reviews online before making any purchases: “I would recommend anyone in search on buying laptops which can perform multiple tasks without being too heavy.”

The processor is your best option for building single-threaded mechanical and electrical components. From downloading those heavy .exe files, installing them with ease on the computer you have chosen, running smoothly to achieve optimal performance from both coding or other processes such as gaming; this makes up everything else needed – including graphics cards if necessary (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650). There are no worries about storage space either since 256GB PCIe solid-state drive flash memory should be enough.


  • Comes with 2 USB 3.0 port and 1 USB 2.0 port each with 1sst and 2nd generation speed.
  • RGB backlit keyboard that comes with a guarantee of 20 million strokes.
  • Dual fans for cooling the processor and weigh less than 5 pounds.
  • Best Laptops For Solidworks
  • Nano edge IPS type display for wide viewing angles.
  • Powerful GTX 1650 GPU memory for gaming and basic 2D / 3D graphics modeling.
  • Durable thermal fins assure a durable lifespan.


  • Demands up-gradations for advanced 3D modeling and graphics designing

Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop
Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop


If you’ve been looking for the perfect laptop with a powerful processor, then we have just what your wishlist needs. This system comes equipped with inbuilt graphics memory and an integrated GPU. There won’t be any problems when it’s time to edit or 3D model something visual outside of SolidWorks software! And if all this weren’t enough already, such laptops are also super thin and lightweight, making them easy on your back during long hours spent at workstation duty.

The 5th generation Intel Core i5-7400 processor is an excellent choice for gamers to run CAD, Fusion 360 and other applications. The laptop’s dual-fan cools down this powerful processing unit quickly with heavy game files downloaded in it. At the same time, the 4GB graphics memory ensures smooth running even if you’re downloading large file sizes or creating complex designs using programs such as Civil 3D.

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Which require more than just basic visuals and optimum performance when editing features like floors/roof, etc.; excellent support of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 lets designers render their creations smoothly without lag time.

The DELL 435 is a laptop that excels in performance and comes with the power to do whatever you need. The 16GB DDR4 RAM ensures your system can handle heavy file applications like never before while still being able to boot up and be right at home in just seconds.

And don’t forget about all those extra storage options; this version of Dell has 256 GB SSD for fast loading times or 1TB HDD if speed isn’t what matters most – though its large capacity will ensure plenty of room left over no matter which option catches our eye first when browsing through specs.


  • Hard Drive Rotation Speed is 1TB 5400 RPM: quite faster than other laptops.
  • Powerful core streaming multiprocessor for maximum graphics resolution.
  • Dual fan cooling system to keep the processors cool always.
  • Power-efficient LED-backlit technology.
  • Best Laptops For Solidworks
  • 1920*1080 pixels with 5GHz radio frequency for connecting wireless devices.
  • Hexa-core processor with smart gadget control and dual storage module.


  • Not very portable one: weighs 3.79 pounds (approx.)

ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop(Best Laptops For Solidworks)
ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop


A gaming laptop that also performs well in SolidWorks? Yes, you can get the best of both worlds with Asus. The Rog Zephyrus S is known for its enhanced technical features and a high-performance processor, making it the perfect choice when running out of RAM isn’t an option.

In addition to featuring an iCore 7 8750 H Hex Core processor, the HP Pavilion 17-bp060ng is also equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU graphics memory. It not only ensures that your system will operate smoothly during use in SolidWorks but can also make sure calculations happen quickly without crashing or freezing up. The 1305 MHz turbo booster helps you get maximum speeds when working on any project, making this laptop perfect for designers.

The 512 GB flash memory with decent 16GB RAM is sufficient for running applications that users of other laptop brands always complain about. It means you can play some heavy-duty games, like GTA Vice City or Call Of Duty online, without any problems whatsoever and still get the best graphics resolution effect possible on your GPU.

This laptop is the perfect balance of performance, price and size. With a 178 wide-angle display (144Hz), you can use your computer for more than just productivity tasks like working on Excel spreadsheets or reading emails – it’s also great as a gaming screen! The audio comes from dual speakers in front that gives just enough bass without overdoing it, so listening to tunes doesn’t become uncomfortable after an hour or two.

Plus, this model has a built-in microphone too. If Skype calls are part of what makes life worth living, then get ready because these Lumia phones will make them ten times better thanks to their high-quality mic pickup capabilities tested against headsets costing 3X.


  • Revolutionary NVIDIA RTX GeForce graphics memory for smooth gaming and graphics-based workstation application.
  • Aesthetic design and durable military-grade portable aluminum alloy.
  • Backlit keyboard for premium metal cover.
  • Best Laptops For Solidworks
  • 8GB dedicated Graphics GPU memory+ 16GB DDR4 SD RAM memory + inbuilt 512GB hard disk.
  • Huge space to save and store heavy .exe application files.
  • 10000 RPM hard drive rotation speed fetches files within seconds.


  • Batteries may drain quickly on heavy usage of GPU graphics memory.

Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop(Best Laptops For Solidworks)
Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop


The Razer Blade 15 is the perfect choice for gamers who want an even more powerful laptop with a 6 core processor. The faster speeds and higher performance make it worth buying, especially since you can get all of this in just one incredible package.

You’ll be able to do whatever your heart desires without worrying about any lag or slowdowns when playing games thanks to its 8GB GeForce RTX 2070 GPU memory which operates at up to 1TB_s bandwidth- enough power needed. If intense graphics are what matter, most games out there today require some extreme horsepower but not too much sophistication, either way. We have everything covered here, so order now before supplies run dry.

A laptop that comes with an ultra-fast processor is the best choice for those who work in mechatronics and CAD program applications. The graphics level tunes up for 3D designing, so this kind of device must be on your preference list if you want a heavily loaded application like Solidworks or CATIA V5+.

With its 144Hz full display maintaining sRGB colour 100%, ordinary laptops usually crash multiple times while loading such programs, making them unresponsive during use. Still, thanks to ASUS ROG GL552VW’s powerful hardware components designed by Intel Core i7 6500U + Nvidia GTX 950M GPUs Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), these aren’t problems anymore because they can handle even complex tasks without any problem.

The laptop is perfect for those looking to upgrade their workspace. Enhance your space with the 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD storage unit, giving you a faster rendering rate that also boots up Windows 10 OS in no time at all! The sleek aluminum unibody construction makes this lightweight device portable enough to be taken anywhere without weighing down on anyone’s shoulders too much – just like its big brother (the desktop).


  • Ultra smart modern Wi-Fi internet 6, Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Comes with 3 Thunderbolt USB Type-A along with an HDMI cable port.
  • It makes it look like a desktop experience.
  • Best Laptops For Solidworks
  • Customize backlight color of keyboard with Razer Chroma.
  • Battery life up to 7 hrs and 16GB flash memory.
  • 8GB inbuilt NVIDIA RTX 2070 GPU for enhanced gaming and graphics-based applications.


  • Sound quality and effect may vary depending on the audio.exe files running on it.

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