Best Mini Projector Under 300

  • on January 20, 2022
Au King Mini Projector (Best mini projector under 300):

If you’re looking for the best mini projector under 300, this isn’t the review for you. Our top picks offer incredible picture quality, are easy to use, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. But if you’re looking for the best mini projector in that price range, keep reading! We’ve got a great list of options to choose from. 

If you’re looking for a mini projector that can show images on a screen but don’t want to break the bank, you’re in luck. Some great mini projectors under 300 can display images on a screen in a darkened room. Some even can connect to your TV to display images on a larger screen. These projectors are an excellent choice for small rooms, apartments, dorm rooms, or anywhere else where space is limited.

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Mini projectors are often small enough to fit on a bookshelf or hang on the wall and deliver high-quality images that would befit a large-sized screen.

They are great for use in bedrooms, dens, or other small spaces and won’t take up a lot of space. Most mini projectors under 300 similar offer performance to their larger counterparts; some surpass them with better audio quality and shorter lamp life. Let’s have a look at the best mini projectors under 300;

NEBULA Anker Capsule (Best mini projector under 300):
NEBULA Anker Capsule (Best mini projector under 300)

This is one of the best mini projectors in the list of mini projectors under 300; You may significantly improve the features of your portable projector by raising the price of the projector. This is proven by the Anker Nebula Capsule, which possesses several extraordinary characteristics.

The Anker Nebula Capsule is similar to the Amazon Alexa tower speakers in aesthetics. Because it is a cylinder, it may be used on virtually any surface.

In addition, because Android 7.1 is pre-installed on the projector, you can stream video from apps like Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube, and other services over a Wi-Fi connection without needing any extra devices.

This projector capsule from Anker has a lumen output of 100 – not the highest in the world, but it is sufficient for the size of projector bulb it is intended to replace.

The Anker Nebula Capsule has a four-hour battery life, making it a perfect choice for movie night. Additionally, it can print a picture that is 100 inches long.

The Nebula Capsule’s whole base comprises a single colossal speaker, guaranteeing that audio is apparent no matter which way you are positioned around the projector. Because of its 30 hours of audio playback life, the Anker Nebula Capsule may be used as a stand-alone speaker, according to the manufacturer.

Whenever you’re hunting for a high-definition projector, remember that the maximum resolution is 854 by 480 pixels at the time of writing.


  • Weighs 15 ounces
  • About the size of a soda can
  • 4-hour playback time
  • HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, screen mirroring, and Bluetooth connective features
  • Runs Android 7.1
  • Official Amazon Choice selection

ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector:
ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector

ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projectors is one of the other best mini projectors under 300; Let’s read briefly about it; In case you’re seeking a projector that offers both power and portability, the ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector may be the correct solution for your needs.

With an inbuilt swivel base, installing and altering the projection angle is a primary and straightforward task. According to your needs and specifications, it is helpful if you want to project the image either vertically or horizontally.

The standard definition resolution of the projector is only 854 by 480 pixels, which is relatively low for such a tiny device. It’s possible to get HD for approximately $400 in an ideal environment, but you’ll be paying for extra features rather than higher resolution quality.

Two Harman Kardon speakers built inside the vehicle produce excellent sound without extra speakers. The ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector has a six-hour battery life, one of its most notable characteristics. Additionally, while the gadget is in use, the USB Type-C port can be used to charge it while it is still in use.

ViewSonic’s M1 Portable Projector comes complete with remote control, a projector casing, and a USB Type-C connector, allowing you to get started right away.


  • Connections including HDMI, USB type-A and type-C, plus microSD card slot
  • 30 000 hours of operational life, which is about 10 000 more than most other projectors in the category
  • 6-hour battery life
  • Available 16 GB of internal storage, which allows you to store media locally
  • 360-degree projector stand
  • 250 lumens for solid brightness in a device of its size
  • Dual Harman Kardon speakers
  • 1.52 pounds

Au King Mini Projector (Best mini projector under 300):

The Au King Mini Projector is an excellent example of obtaining value without breaking the bank.

Featuring 1080p resolution and ports for connecting laptops and smartphones (such as HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB), it is a versatile projector. In addition to watching movies and listening to business presentations, it is also suitable for gaming and other activities that need a high level of visual stimulation.

The built-in speakers are loud enough for everyone in a prominent place to hear what is being spoken. If you need additional sound, you can effortlessly connect it to an external speaker using the included cable.

Even though the Au King does not fit in your pocket, it is comfortable to carry around. The keystone adjustments and focus wheel make it simple to use and customize to your viewing needs. It is also lightweight and portable.

With a contrast ratio of 2 000:1 and a lumen output of nearly 7 000, this is a fantastic value for the money television set. Ensure that you are projecting in an entirely dark location to achieve the most satisfactory visual results. The image quality and sharpness of this camera will wow you.


  • Two 000:1 contrast ratio
  • 7 500 lumens
  • VGA, USB, HDMI, and AV connectors
  • 2.87 pounds
  • 55 000 hours LED lamp life

AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector (Best mini projector under 300):
AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector

A light projector that fits in your palm is the AAXA K-201-01 Pico Micro Video Projector, which is an excellent option if you want something small and portable.

It’s a true pocket projector with a screen about the size of most smartphones. You may bring it around with you wherever you go and use it to deliver a presentation whenever you want.

You are using this mobile device for presentations, movies, and watching tutorial videos in low-light conditions. The darker the environment is, the higher the image’s quality. You will not be able to detect any pixels on your monitor unless you actively search for them.

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In addition to mini-HDMI, 3.5mm Aux, micro-SD, and USB readers, the AAXA KP-101-01 projector has a USB reader. These connectors can be used with various media kinds, including photos, films, and video games, among others. Keep in mind that you will need to make some additional connections to connect your phone and laptop to this projector.

Nonetheless, when it comes to image quality and sound, a tiny projector cannot compete with larger projectors in terms of size. It is a simple device to operate, multifunctional, and small in size. If you require a projector with a tiny footprint, this model should be carefully considered.


  • Weighs under 7 ounces
  • Display resolution of 1280×720 (HD 720p)
  • 25 lumens of ambient light
  • Built-in speakers
  • 80 minutes battery life
  • Up to 60 inches projected image
  • Contrast ratio of 1 000:1

Optoma ML750 WXGA (Best mini projector under 300):
Optoma ML750 WXGA (Best mini projector under 300)

The point has been reached at which you should expect higher-end specifications to be available at this pricing point. The Optoma ML750, on the other hand, is an exception.

Although this projector is portable, it is not a portable pocket projector. If you intend to take it with you on your trip, it will take up additional space in your carry-on luggage.

Although this projector is small, it has an impressive brightness of 700 lumens, which is exceptional for its size and makes it acceptable for use in natural light situations.

Because the Optoma ML750 is only a few millimeters larger than your palm, it packs a powerful punch despite its small stature. There are three USB ports and a microSD card slot on this device.

The video resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels, and the contrast ratio of 10 000:1 makes it one of the highest on the list of video contrast ratios available. You are theoretically viewing high definition because the resolution (1280 by 720) is at the low end of high definition.


  • 1280 by 800 resolution
  • Ten 000:1 contrast ratio
  • 20 000 lamp life
  • 700 lumens brightness
  • HDMI, USB, and microSD card reader
  • Throw distance of 1.8 feet to 10.6 feet
  • The produced image size of 17 inches to 100 inches
  • It weighs just 0.8 pounds

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