How to Stretch a Projector Screen?

  • on January 27, 2023
How to Stretch a Projector Screen?

This article will walk you through the steps required to construct, stretch and staple a projector screen. To put it simply, it’s about building a fixed frame with raw materials.
Let us get to the steps and factors you need to consider if you wish to stretch a projector screen.

1 ) The screen size

You need to first select an ideal screen size or the viewable dimensions and then get ahead with the material size. Once you have chosen a viewable width, multiply that dimension by your preferred aspect ratio to decide the viewable height.

A suggestion ( read somewhere shared by a professional )

If you are stuck on how much material to order, you got to be mindful of your installation method.


If you would like to achieve a 105” viewable width, it would be a good idea to select material that is 110″ wide to allow 5″ of fabric to stretch over our wooden frame. If you intend to add a border to your screen, like black felt tape or back band trim, bear in mind that anything that overlaps the screen material will shrink the final viewable area.

2 ) Wood frame dimensions

Take the preferred viewable dimensions and add the width of any black felt tape or trim you might be utilizing.

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Zero-edge look

If you are targeting a zero-edge look and are not intending to end with tape or trim, your frame measurements will correspond to your viewable dimensions.

Pieces of pine

Cut two pieces of pine that are exactly as long as the frame. It is suggested to use 1×4’s.

Assemble the frame once done with cutting

Ultimately, cut three boards that are 7″ (twice the width of the 1×4’s : 3 ½”) shorter than the exact frame height – one piece will go in the center for solidity. Construct the frame utilizing your joinery technique of preference. 

Stretching and stapling 

Yep, we finally got to the part where you stretch the projector screen. Let us see how. 

The dos before stretching the screen

First, make sure to take all the precautionary measures to prevent tearing the screen material- for that, comprehensively sand the corners and edges of your frame before stretching the screen.

Time to place staples on the top and bottom 

Lay the screen material on the floor with the frame on top. Using heavy-duty pins, start on the top and place several staples in the center. Repeat the same on the bottom, the right, and the left side, stretching the fabric straight across. Make sure to stretch with even tension out from the middle. Repeat at the bottom, right, and left sides. You need to repeat the steps. 

A final suggestion

Do not staple in a circle around the frame- instead, rotate to the opposite side with even tension. And here you go; it is done. Frame finishing is optional, so I left that out. 

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