Best Screwdriver Set for Pc Building in 2023

  • on September 4, 2022
Best Screwdriver Set for Pc Building

One of the prominent parts of PC building is that you solely need one tool, a screwdriver. A few of its uses include securing your motherboard inside a case, installing case fans, tightening up PCIe brackets, and mounting your hard drives to their phase. However, just because it is the foremost tool you need doesn’t mean that there aren’t other tools and items that can assist make your PC building experience a lot more comfortable and pleasing.

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Whether you’re building your first or 100th system, five items will make your PC building experience just more awesome. But the main lead of this article today is the best screwdriver set for PC building; let’s stick to that. As I mentioned, a screwdriver is the only critical tool needed for PC building, so if you’re going to need one, why don’t you finance the best one you can? Firstly obtaining a screwdriver with a magnetic tip makes it incredibly manageable to extract screws without dropping them into the black hole that is a computer chassis on top.

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A screwdriver with a ratcheting mechanism makes it less fatiguing on the wrist and allows a steadier hand for more delicate screw threats. Considering how much time you spend screwing in screws when building, it’s worth assuring you have the best screwdriver for the job.Time to go ahead with listing the best screwdriver sets for pc building.

1: Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Cordless Electric Screwdriver


The top product is the JAKEMY cordless electric screwdriver. It has exceptional speed, and if you have a lot of screws to draw, this is the ideal product. The tool head is consistent with all types of bits for mini screwdrivers. You can utilize up to 18 security bits on this screwdriver; this is a cordless screwdriver and is rechargeable. My ultimate pick from all the screwdrivers is the Jakemy cordless electric screwdriver. It is a unique set that stands out from the rest (in a positive way) and is devised with great speed to help build a pc or any low-torque work.


  • Flat, Pentalobe, Tri-Wing, Phillips, Hex, Torx (head style)
  • Tool Steel
  • Y01-Black color
  • 7.09 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches
  • Torque: 0.8N(
  • Speed: 175r/min
  • Battery capacity: 2000mah
  • Rated output voltage: 3.7 V
  • Duration: 3 H
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Charge time (from red to green light): 1.5 hours by 220V AC
  • or 4 hours by 5V USB
  • Electric Screwdriver *1
  • USB cable *1
  • Screwdriver Bits *20
  • Case *1
  • Instructions *1
  • 4 LED lights
  • Micro type counterclockwise rotate button
  • Continuous working time: 3-4H(no-loaded)
  • 1.5H(full-loaded)


  • Saves battery life
  • no need to change the battery
  • You can charge the battery with the included USB cable, or any USB plug will do
  • LED lights can illuminate in all directions without rotation
  • it becomes become bright and clear even when working in a dark place
  • wide variety of usages besides PC building as well
  • bits are of S2 material, which is strong and more sturdy than other bits
  • lightweight
  • comfortable to use
  • easy to stock or take with
  • Dual charging way
  • easy to grip
  • portable
  • Automatic and Manual operation modes
  • high working efficiency
  • Screwing, Drilling, and Threading multi-function
  • meets your different working demands


  • The body of the screwdriver is tough to grip at higher torque settings
  • no reserved on/off button

2: EZARC Precision Screwdriver Set

EZARC Precision Screwdriver Set


The second product is the EZARC screwdriver for pc building. This kit is very stable and built rigorously. It has a magnetic screwdriver handle and is swift and effortless to install; and also equips a mini magnetizer in this kit. It comes in an aluminum box compact design and is comfy to hold.


  • 56 precision screwdriver bits
  • Philips, Slotted, Security Torx, Hex, Pentalobe, Torx, Triangle, Y tri-wing, Fozidriv, Square, U-Type (of various sizes)
  • driver bit made of high-quality S2 steel
  • hardness up to 60 HRC
  • Ergonomic Design
  • mini magnetizer
  • Rotatable Aluminum Handle
  • Square, Tri-Angle, Flat, Tri-Wing, Pentalobe, Phillips, Hex, Torx (head style)
  • Alloy Steel
  • 57pcs color
  • 6.5 x 2.64 x 0.79 inches


  • Broad Applications
  • Multi Use Bits
  • durable
  • super easy to use
  • well made bits
  • strict quality control
  • high precision
  • reliable
  • provides magnetic for the bits at any time
  • the convenience level is top notch
  • Plenty of head options


  • You might find it somewhat tricky to work with the handle for bits (tightly fixed), but that’s rare.

4: GearWrench Dual Material Screwdriver

GearWrench Dual Material Screwdriver


The fourth product is the GearWrench dual material screwdriver. If you are a heavy machine mechanic, this 20-piece set is qualified enough to satisfy your needs. The handles are ideal for high torque, and the grip is flawless. It has a creative dual material handle for your best comfort. This kit is durable and so comes with a lifetime guarantee. Honestly, it was challenging to number the top 5 picks because every screwdriver set I am mentioning stands out in some way. I can’t resist but say each product is the best considering users and buyers of distinct types.


  • Phillips head style
  • Alloy steel
  • chrome color
  • Ergonomic tri-lobe dual material handle
  • Speed Zone handle design
  • Non-Slip black oxide tip
  • weighs 5 pounds
  • ‎19.9 x 16.2 x 1.4 inches
  • no batteries requirement


  • lifetime guarantee
  • optimal balance of resilience and efficiency
  • faster rotation in low-torque applications
  • more comfy grip and higher performance
  • enables a more secure fit in the fastener


  • The case is thin and flimsy.

5: Nanch Screwdriver for PC Building

Nanch Screwdriver for PC Building


Woah, we finally reached the end of this list, and allow me to kill the suspense. The conclusive product is the Nanch screwdriver set for pc building. The screwdriver’s bits fit perfectly and are tight enough so that you don’t have to round off the screws. The finishing of this screwdriver is top-notch, and the kit from Nanch is perfect for repairing phones and computers. Furthermore, the handle is solid enough to withstand your tantrums (when you feel like projecting your anger on a screwdriver or something). I do that too sometimes; that is a defense mechanism, in case you didn’t know.


  • Flat,Phillips,Torx,Pentalobe,Tri-wing,Triangle,SP2.0,Hex (head style)
  • Alloy Steel
  • Gray color
  • Ergonomic solid handle
  • alloy S2 steel small magnetic bits
  • 45mm long and slim bits
  • build-in extension shaft
  • free turning end
  • ‎5.71 x 2.56 x 1.18 inches
  • 268 Grams
  • comes with a mini screwdriver kit


  • Portable
  • anti-sweat
  • anti-corrosion
  • non-slip
  • extra long bits for those hard-to-reach jobs
  • Multi-functional
  • better control


  • The case might have no room for additional accessories.

And that concludes the list of the best screwdriver sets for pc building.

Thanks for bearing with me till the end if you did.

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